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My Lovely Beads - custom design fine beaded jewelry

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Beverly Ash Gilbert
Beverly Ash Gilbert. Beverly Ash Gilbert is a free-form bead artist who loves playing with color and pushing the boundaries of her creativity. She thrives on sharing what she has learned and helping students' blast through their own creative boundaries. She teaches workshops across the US and shares her beadwork and photography on her website and blog. She created Beverly's Bead Soup Collection and has written two very colorful books: Eye For Color: Interchangeable templates & Color Wheel System, and Beaded Colorways: Creating Freeform Beadweaving Projects and Palettes. She is a contributing artist in the upcoming book Beading Across America.

Interview: Eye For Color

Albina Polyanskaya
Albina Polyanskaya. Albina Polyanskaya is one of the most talented professional beaded jewelry designers we have come across. She has been creating jewelry for much of her life. Albina, who lives in Kharkov, North-East of Ukraine, has said that jewelry design is her way to express herself. For many years she has developed her skills in beading techniques learning peyote stitch, square stitch, cross stitch, etc. Albina likes working with beads and gemstones, pearls and shells, creating impressive free-from designs. She is a very cheerful and life-loving person and feels that surroundings are great influencers our emotions and behavior. She is a winner of many local and international jewelry design contests, a permanent participant of bead exhibitions. Albina is also an experienced teacher and a writer: last year Albina published a book "Beadwork: 100 patterns" (in Russian).


Kerrie Slade
Kerrie Slade. Kerrie Slade lives in Mansfield, England, and has been beading for about eight years. Kerrie is a great believer in pushing both herself and the boundaries in beadwork in order to create interesting and unusual designs. The inspiration for her work comes mainly from her garden, and she recreates her favorite flowers in beadwork. Her favorite stitches are brick, herringbone, and peyote, and she is increasingly trying to combine several stitches in one finished piece. She says, "The only real limitation is my own imagination!" Kerrie's articles and tutorials on bead designs are often published by leading bead craft magazines: Bead&Button, Beadwork, Bead, etc.

Article: Beadwoven Jewelry


Spring 2010 Color Report for Bead & Jewelry
Spring 2010 Color Report for Bead & Jewelry
If developing your color artistry is more your goal than fashion- forward thinking, download the Spring 2010 Color Report for Bead & Jewelry Designers and get inspired by color harmonies you've never seen. You'll have 10 new ideas by page 5! And your work will take an exponential leap in creativity and originality.
23-page PDF pages of palettes, descriptions, photos, and color suggestions based on Pantone's fashion color report of the season. And revel in a gallery of jewelry inspired by the colors themselves. This would inspire and help those entering the contest.
FASHION  COLORWORKS  2010  contest  sponsors
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