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The fourth International Fashion Colorworks 2013 Beading Contest is hosted by My Lovely Beads. Entries should be made using one of the color combinations made up of three colors announced by the Pantone Color Institute, the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems, as top 10 fashion colors for spring 2013  ( fashion colors spring 2013 ) :

    RGB: 0-165-141
    HTML: #00A58D
    RGB: 246-142-80
    HTML: #F68E50
    RGB: 247-223-200
    HTML: #F7DFC8
Poppy Red
    RGB: 238-52-48
    HTML: #EE3430
Grayed Jade
    RGB: 152-204-183
    HTML: #98CCB7
Monaco Blue
    RGB: 20-68-119
    HTML: #144477
Tender Shoots
    RGB: 189-215-76
    HTML: #BDD74C
African Violet
    RGB: 184-149-197
    HTML: #B895C5
Lemon Zest
    RGB: 255-223-93

Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2013
New York Fashion Week, September 6 - 13, 2O12
Fashion Colorworks 2013 Color Combinations


  • Entries for the contest will be accepted since April 1 until June 15.
  • 10 best beadworks in each category will be selected for the final.
  • Finalists will be announced on June 25.
  • People's Choice Award voting will be since June 25 until July 5.
  • Main prize winners will be selected until July 5.
  • Special prize winners will be selected since July 6 until July 9.
  • All winners will be announced on July 10.


  • The competition is open to professional and amateur beaders from around the world, it's free.
  • A contestant may submit one entry in each color combination in each category, total up to 9 entries.
  • Entry may be the work of a single person or collaboration by several people (up to 4). If entry is designed by an artist and made by his assistants it should be submitted as a "collective work" with all names listed.


  • Seed Bead Jewelry. Entries include jewelry and jewelry-related objects. Each entry must be not less than 50 percent seed beads.
  • Finished Jewelry. Each entry must be less than 50 percent seed beads; and other materials such as, but not limited to, glass beads, crystals, semi-precious stones, wire, metal clay, found objects, etc.
  • Seed Bead Objects. Entries include any not jewelry-related objects, accessories and sculptural objects. Each entry must be not less than 50 percent seed beads.


  • A participant has to create a piece with the predominant colors of one of the suggested triads (any shades of those colors).
  • Entry can be a single piece or an ensemble.
  • Entry must be a new creation made after May, 2012.
  • Entry might be moved to another category if we feel it will be better represented in that category.
  • Entry should not be currently entered in another contest, have won any contest in the past, or published in print.
  • Entry must be an original work for which a participant retains all rights, and which he has the legal right to submit.
  • Incomplete entries and entries that do not follow these guidelines and our photo requirements will be disqualified from judging.


  • An entrant may submit three images of each entry, the first one showcases an entire piece including a closure, and two more are close-ups of an entry (optional).
  • Fill as much of the frame as possible with your piece.
  • Avoid using props or models. No text or other identifiers in the image (to accommodate anonymity during judging).
  • Avoid loud or distracting backgrounds (neutral solid backgrounds, such as gray or white, are best).
  • Images must be not less than 1000 pixels in each dimension.
  • Save images in JPG file format with resolution 72 dots per inch (dpi) or more, a file size should not exceed 2 Mb.


  • Photos make the preliminary and final judgment by the panel of five independent jurors.
  • Entries are presented with no entrants' personal data to provide anonymity during judging.
  • Each juror rates an entry according criteria:
         - use of colors;
         - composition, originality;
         - use of techniques;
         - use of materials;
         - overall impression.
  • All 30 beadwork finalists are open for online voting to determine People's Choice Award Winner.
  • Best Use of Color and Best Use of Materials Award Winners will be determined among all 30 beadwork finalists.
  • Nominees for Best Newbie, Best Mini, Most Original and Perlen Poesie Pick prizes are selected out from entries not selected for the main contest awards.
  • Fofinhas Perlenshtuebchen and Perlen Poesie Magazine will determine winners of the special prizes.
  • The Best in Contest Winner and Runner-up are chosen from the first-prize winners.


  • Application with attachments is sent trough provided online form.
  • Applicants will send information:
         - first and last name;
         - city, state/province, country;
         - email address, website;
         - contest category (here and later for each entry);
         - beadwork title;
         - used techniques;
         - used materials;
         - brief beadwork description (optional).
  • Your personal data is confidential and may be processed exclusively for our own statistical, marketing purposes in relation to advertising and /or promotional activities. We will not sell, trade, or rent your personal data.


  • Main contest awards are:
         - Best in Contest Winner and Runner-up Awards;
         - 1, 2 and 3 Place Awards in each category;
         - People's Choice Award;
         - Best Use of Color Award;
         - Best Use of Materials Award.
  • is sponsoring Best in Contest Winner and Runner-up Awards:
         - Best in Contest Winner - gift certificate by $200;
         - Runner-up Best in Contest - gift certificate by $100.
  • MIYUKI Co.,Ltd. is sponsoring Seed Bead Jewelry category:
         - 1 Place Winner - a prize worth $150;
         - 2 Place Winner - a prize worth $100;
         - 3 Place Winner - a prize worth $50.
  • is sponsoring Finished Jewelry category:
         - 1 Place Winner - gift certificate by $150;
         - 2 Place Winner - gift certificate by $100;
         - 3 Place Winner - gift certificate by $50.
  • is sponsoring Seed Bead Objects category:
         - 1 Place Winner - gift certificate by £100;
         - 2 Place Winner - gift certificate by £50;
         - 3 Place Winner - gift certificate by £25.
  • People's Choice Award Winner receives SoftFlex Company gift certificate by $100.
  • Best Use of Color Award Winner receives Beads Direct UK prize "Mystery Bead Hamper" worth £70.
  • Best Use of Materials Award Winner receives $100 in cash from York Novelty Company.
  • Fofinhas Perlenshtuebchen is sponsoring three special prizes 50 euros each:
         - Best Newbie;
         - Best Mini;
         - Most Original.
  • Perlen Poesie Magazine is sponsoring two "Perlen Poesie Pick" prizes - free annual subscriptions to Perlen Poesie Magazine.
  • All category winners, People's Choice, Best Use of Color and Best Use of Materials Award Winners will be featured in the monthly e-Newsletter. The winners of special prizes may also be featured in the newsletter.


  • Thumbnails of the entries will be showcased on the website in random order with no entrants' names when entered.
  • Beadwork finalists' pictures can be zoomed for online voting.
  • When the contest is over full size pictures will be showcased with artists' credits.


By submitting an entry, an artist gives My Lovely Beads, Inc. permission to use the entry photos in any lawful way, including but not limited to publicity, publications, electronic media, etc., with full credit to the artist and the photographer. Please send any questions at with subject FASHION COLORWORKS 2013.

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