Le Jardin De La Jeune
Lune Necklace

Author:  Olga Kryzhanivska, Kiev, Ukraine

Beaded Jewelry
Technique:  bead embroidery, bead weaving, paper clay sculpture
Materials:  Czech beads, agatized coral, glass stones and crystals, carnelian cabochons, agathe dragon veins cabochons, aragonite druze, carnelian druze, ammonite, freshwater pearls, plastic beads, bull?s eye cabochon, clay painted with acrylic paint
Description:  ?In a world beyond ours there lives a beautiful lady. Young moon they call her, slender, filled with harmony and elegance. Her serenity is enchanting and the dreams she brings to mortal men are mesmerizing. Every night she gazes upon Earth from her dwelling, surrounded with the lush beauty of the garden that she tends. Everyone can admire her from afar. Few can boast to have seen her face. And when summer nights are warm and young girls dance in the light that she sends to the world below the legend is born?
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