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The art of self-adornment is as old as man. Beadwork is among the most ancient types of jewelry. Through the ages, beads have changed and improved, giving rise to improvements in beadwork techniques. Today beadwork is enjoying a renaissance, and continues to increase in popularity.

Necklace - Neptune Kingdom Any modern woman should have in her jewelry collection fine objects made from beads and different combinations of beads and semi-precious stones. Such jewelry will compliment a woman of any age, as well as children, teens, and men. They are the perfect accessory to clothing of any style, modern or vintage. Our impressive selection of beadwork can help every woman choose her own unique style, and highlight her eccentricity, originality, and individuality. Our jewelry can transform a Cinderella into a charming Princess. Bead jewelry can also be a beautiful gift for your loved ones, perfect for anyone on any occasion.

Zoya Gutina - jewelry designer Our online store is a gallery-store; all jewelry and other items are designed and created by Zoya Gutina. Zoya lives in Alexandria, VA, a city rich in history, art, and culture. She exhibits her fine objects in her own studio 318 and in the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery (studio 29) at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, you can find her beaded jewelry in some art and jewelry stores in Washington Metropolitan Area. Of her creative inspiration, Zoya says, "Inspiration for my designs come to me night and day. At night, when I close my eyes, fantastic colors and forms appear before me. Often, I cannot even find beads or stones equal to these glorious visions. During the day, my inspiration comes from the trees and flowers of spring, frozen geometry of winter, and the beautiful rise and set of the sun."

Necklace - Tender Love We are proud to serve you and can help you create what you desire - for any occasion. We offer you classic and rope necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings, rings, and beaded sets. Many of our fine objects are made from high quality Japanese, Italian, and Czech beads. Others are created from Swarovski crystal, pearl, mother of pearl, amber, and a rainbow of semi-precious stones. All materials used are reliable, strong and completely harmless to your health. When placing an order with us, you will become an owner of the unique, handcrafted fine object. You will not see another like it! While we do offer some standard designs, they will always differ somewhat in shape, size or color beads.

Every woman wants her own, unique look. We are ready to either match or enhance your individuality!

Zoya Gutina at work in Studio 5 in the Torpedo Factory Art Center

Zoya Gutina in Studio 5 at Torpedo Factory Art Center in 2008

Zoya Gutina at work in Studio 319 in the Torpedo Factory Art Center

Zoya Gutina in Studio 319 at Torpedo Factory Art Center in 2010

Find beaded jewelry from Zoya Gutina here:
Torpedo Factory Art Center
Studio 318, 3rd floor
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
From 10-11.00 am to 6.00 pm
105 North Union Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Torpedo Factory Art Center
Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery
Studio 29, 1st floor
105 North Union Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
The Bead Society of Greater New York
P.O.Box 6219, FDR Station
New York, NY 10150

Best regards, Team

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