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Bead artist Anria Opperman
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Anria Opperman lives in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Her beading career doesn't count many years but Anria's submission to Fashion Colorworks 2012 made great success! Her Love Takes Flight Suspenders won the Second Place in Beaded Objects category. We wish Anria best of luck in her future challenges!

Anria Opperman answers the questions of Elena Golovchenko

1. How long have you been working with beads and designing beaded jewelry and what inspired you for that?

I am self taught beader and still an amateur, I found my love for working with beads little over a year ago. I was walking through a fabric shop when my eye caught a piece of luggage strap, and because of my love of cuff bracelets, I thought that this would be perfect to create my own beaded design on it. Since then I have been hooked on beading!

Bead artwork by Anria Opperman
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2. How does your inspiration come to you and where is your Muse at this time? Is it quietly watching from around the corner or is always with you and ready to help?

Inspiration hits at any time. During any spare moment in a day, I will be sketching ideas for a new beading project, or rummaging through my bead collection trying to find new color combinations to use.

3. Did you have a desire to invent a new beading technique?

It would be wonderful to create a new technique, but I still have many techniques to master and start incorporating in my work.

4. How do your country features influence on you in the selection of colors and shapes of your items?

Bead artwork by Anria Opperman
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I am not influenced much by the features of my country, rather by my personal preferences. I love watching Bollywood movies - their use of bright colors and all things shiny, the beautifully embroidered saris has definitely influenced my choice of beads.

5. Do you prefer to create a collection or a line of items, or to design a single piece?

A single piece. I like no two pieces to be similar. I've found that once I've finished a piece I already have an idea for a new piece and want to start working on it as soon as possible. I made an earring about a year ago, and I still haven't got around to making the other one (oops!)

6. Is creating new jewelry associated with renewing your outfit or do you present jewelry to your loved ones and friends? Maybe the goal is commercial?

I initially started making bead embroidered cuff bracelets for personal use and birthday presents for friends, but I would love to turn my hobby into a business and start selling some of my pieces.

7. Do you participate in competitions? Do they contribute to the development of your skills?

Bead artwork by Anria Opperman
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The Fashion Colorworks 2012 competition was the first beading competition I have entered. Participating in a competition is a wonderful way of exploring one's creativity, as there might be certain criteria that needs to be met and one then needs to find the best use for each. Looking at the wonderful pieces from previous competitions gives one the challenge to create something that has not been seen before.

8. What techniques do you prefer and if you work with gemstones which ones are your favorite?

I really enjoy bead embroidery, but I would like to try my hand at some different techniques in the near future.

9. What does it mean in your understanding - contemporary beaded jewelry?

New, trendy, incorporation of new techniques, and mostly EXCITING - pieces that when you see them for the first time, causes your fingers to start itching to pick up a needle and start beading!

10. What do you think, can we all with our beading creativity together make women more beautiful?

Absolutely, accessories is key to any outfit, by changing accessories one can create numerous looks while using the same garments.

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Anria Opperman, Bloemfontein, South Africa

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