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Bead artist Luba Dragun

From my early childhood I have had tendencies to crafts: I was always sewing, knitting, making flowers from fabric, that were an excellent complement to a dress or a suit. Three years ago passing by the newly opened shop, I noticed there jewelry from beads and crystal elements on display, and they blinded me! And it was just beads, not diamonds!

I went in to the store and held some pieces in my hands - bead works seemed to be excellent, and the crazy idea pierced me. This luxury is affordable to everyone! Various jewelry changes the look and mood of women, emphasizes their originality in the right selection of the appropriate clothes. And I decided for myself that I surely had to learn beading!

I began to search for information on the Internet in various forums and met many dedicated and talented artists working with beads whose works delighted me. I made a lot of friends in the bead world who are pleasant to communicate and share knowledge; it was a real pleasure to travel in this wonderful world! I like the process of creating jewelry, and often inspiration and mood influence the end result. I'm constantly learning techniques - this leads to an increase in my bead skills.

Beadweaving has become an integral part of my life; I cannot imagine myself without beads! This year, I first decided to participate in a remarkable Fashion Colorworks contest, two my beadworks were among the finalists and one of them was awarded first place. The competition was great; it was a big step forward in my creativity!

Luba Dragun answers the questions of Varvara Efimova

Bead artwork by Luba Dragun
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1. Why did you decide to take part in the Fashion Colorworks?

I consider myself a beginner in beading and have always watched with curiously debates between participants. This year I decided to try my hands because competition with other craftswomen always gives an incentive for further development.

2. What was your first impression of the contest color triads?

I took quietly the first two combinations, only to find the right blue color was somewhat problematic, but now I collected a sufficient number of different shades. The third triad has caused confusion; I'd never combine these colors in my works. The competition served as a stimulus and attempt to create work in this triad, too, but my piece didn't come out in the final.

Bead artwork by Luba Dragun
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3. Whom did you share the first news of your victory with?

With my husband. He was a witness of my doubts and feelings of the process of creating contest jewelry and always supported me.

4. Was the victory a surprise for you or did you initially believe in it?

Even before the victory I was surprised and excited that two of my works reached the final, so I wanted to believe in victory!

5. How long have you been doing beadwork, and how did your passion for beads start?

Three years ago, I accidentally witnessed the opening of the new for handmakers. Beadworks displayed there struck me deeply, and then I immediately decided that I would certainly have to learn beading!

Bead artwork by Luba Dragun
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6. Could you tell us about any funny case in your life that is associated with beads?

Nothing like this has happened with me yet except cases of collecting spilled beads from the floor in my studio - and spilling beads again after wrong movement!

7. How do you find your creative ideas?

Differently. I browse fashion magazines, "trying" imaginary suitable jewelry with the dress on a model. Beadworks of other artists are pushing me to new ideas. Nature and the world around us inspire me too and can affect my creative ideas.

Bead artwork by Luba Dragun
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8. What place in your life does creativity take now?

All the free time I devote to beadwork, so I would like to have it much more!

9. Have you ever experienced a sort of block in creativity? How do you overcome it?

There are times when I have dissatisfied with the result, and then I start looking for other options. If I have difficulties I put my work aside and take over another, occasionally still looking at the postponed one. In some time the brilliant idea must come!

10. What is your biggest dream in terms of creativity?

I'd like to become a highly skilled beadworker. But this path is long.

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Luba Dragun, Petah Tikva, Israel

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