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Bead artist Elena Golovchenko
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My name is Elena Golovchenko, I live in Lugansk, Ukraine. I've been "talking" with beads for a little more than four years and since then beads have become more diverse, and I've also changed. Experience comes with every competition and with each new work. When there are so many great artists around from whom you can learn it's easier to develop your skills; you only need the will and tenacity, and any technique is mastered.

Beading for me is, above all, boundless imagination and the freedom to choose any material to work with. Maybe that's why beadwork is still a hobby for me. I do not like to make jewelry on commission basis, do not like to replicate my pieces and work only if I'm in good mood. Communicating with people who share your thoughts is priceless. This is a special world where we learn from each other. I'm glad I discovered this world.

Elena Golovchenko answers the questions of Maria Konoshenko

1. What place in your life does making jewelry take?

Bead artwork by Elena Golovchenko
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I used to write that making beaded jewelry is my parallel life. On the one hand I have a main job and the family that mean a lot to me, but the beads are always somewhere close to me. Beading is my hobby. At first I did not have enough time to bead because of my main work. Now there is no time to work because of beads; that is a joke of course. I look at every situation in my life through "bead glasses".

2. What is the source of your inspiration, do you stimulate it, and if so, how?

The inspiration can come from anything: a random movie, a magazine about architecture or other bead artists' designs. Any theme can be implemented, it requires only more attention and focus.

3. What are three words you could describe your creative work?

My work is my favorite hobby, freedom of imagination, a continuous challenge.

Bead artwork by Elena Golovchenko
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4. What do you first think about when creating jewelry: the entire idea, shape, color, or something else?

I did a conclusion for myself: beadworks is success if it's based on the semantic concept, and then you select shape and materials. But it is not always like that. When you use gemstones they can dictate the rules. I like either symmetry or asymmetry. It calms me down. I do not understand artistic dogmas about "right" color combinations. In nature, everything is beautiful: warm colors next to the cold, bright colors next to cool. It all depends on your vision and how you will design your work.

5. What attracts you to work with beads and what other materials do you like to work with?

Many artists are experimenting with other materials except beads and create very interesting artworks. I do not have that desire, but I will not say that this desire will never appear. Never say never. I've said I wouldn't work with very small beads because of my poor vision, but I work - with watchmaker magnifier. I stopped making bead embroidery. I like when a gem is shining and "breathes" and weaving is the most suitable technique for that. Beads is beautiful media for jewelry, there are so many types and colors of them now! Artists have tremendous opportunities to implementat their fantasy!

Bead artwork by Elena Golovchenko
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6. Do you follow fashion trends to create your beadworks?

Of course, I try to follow the fashion trends, I regularly review the fashion shows of famous and Ukrainian designers. My main goal is to implement modern design in beads. Each artist has his own understanding of the word "modern". In my view, this is something unusual, new and bold, that can cause admiration and... misunderstanding!

7. What themed collection would you like to design and create and why?

Beadwork is my passion and creating a collection is too serious for me. The collection not only commits to do everything in the same style and deeply consider the idea, but those things don't give me enough room for creativity. So I immediately want to get out from the frames room. Therefore, I create just single items.

8. What is your primary creative purpose, what would you like to achieve in terms of creativity the most?

Bead artwork by Elena Golovchenko
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Sometime in my youth, I've sewed some clothes for myself, I always wanted to stand out some way. Now I dream that my past and and today's passions meet each other. When and how it happens, I do not know, but I would really like that.

9. In your opinion, what place does the use of beads take in modern fashion, what is its future?

How nice to see beaded jewelry at fashion shows and on television! Many thanks to all the amazing women who knew how to wear original jewelry! Of course, bead jewelry and beading has future and it all depends on us.

10. What does taking part in competitions in general and in Fashion Colorworks in particular mean for you?

Any competition promotes progress in creativity. When competing with each other we are developing our skills, and Fashion Colorworks opens another world of colors.

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Elena Golovchenko, Lugansk, Ukraine

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