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Bead artist Hiromi Takemura

My name is Hiromi Takemura; I live in Kashihara, Nara, Japan. In 2002 I saw a flower bouquet made from beads and got interested in that technique. So I started learning the western style of making beaded flowers in Japan. I was excited by new creative possibilities and in 2005 I received a teacher certificate in this technique in the Tomato Studio; soon after in 2006 I started my own workshop "Sachi" in Osaka and website. I was fascinated with the beadwork by Maiko Kage Felton, and in 2008 began learning off-loom techniques from her. I try to combine both techniques into one.

Recently I've entered several bead contests. In 2010 my beadwork "The Cosmos Field" won the Second Place in the Japanese bead magazine "Beads Friend" contest, and "Forever Love" became the finalist there. I've created beadworks that have been juried into the Bead Dreams finals ("Purple Majesty" in Beaded Objects or Accessories category in 2011 and "Sunflower" and "Sakura" in the same category in 2012). "Blue Rose Bouquet" was the finalist in the Fashion Colorworks in 2011, and "Gerbera Bouquet Stand" won the Third Place in that contest this year in Beaded Objects or Accessories category.

Hiromi Takemura answers the questions of Tatiana Fedorikhina

1. Most of your designs are flowers, that is why I wanted to ask you if you have a home garden, and if so, which flowers do you grow?

I have a garden, but I don't grow flowers there. I deal with flowers mostly when working. After learning the bead flower technique, I started to teach it. I make pieces as teaching materials for students or when I participate in competitions.

Bead artwork by Hiromi Takemura
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2. Do you visit public gardens in Japan and abroad? If so, which gardens have inspired your designs?

I'd like to confess that I have never been to any big garden! But I often visit flower shops and I think about my designs there.

3. You have participated in Fashion Colorworks for at least two years. If you were asked to make suggestions for improving the contest, which changes would you suggest?

I think the contest should have strict rules on photo quality.

4. You have been a finalist of the Bead Dreams competition for several years. What advice would you give to someone who wants to enter the contest, but does not know which designs have a better chance to make it to the final round?

You never know... I am sorry, I have no idea!

Bead artwork by Hiromi Takemura
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5. Do you view beading as the means of self-expression? If so, what traits of your character do you think your work reflects?

I like making detailed work step by step in a quiet place. I find it relaxing. So, I am very happy to learn bead flower techniques that require me to create many elements of flowers.

6. What other types of art, crafts or hobbies do you practice?

I also learn beading off-loom techniques from Maiko Kage Felton.

7. What inspires you to create beaded designs?

I am inspired by certain flowers and beadworks of several bead artists.

8. Which fashion trends of the coming winter/spring season do you find noteworthy?

Bead artwork by Hiromi Takemura
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I am not sure what fashion trends are coming next season. I am interested in anything with pastel colors.

9. Where do you buy beads, online or in the store? Which is your favorite bead maker?

I purchase beads at the Miyuki company stores. I like Miyuki beads.

10. Do you plan on publishing instructions for your designs in English or Russian in any magazines or other media?

For the time being I have no plans to publish instructions in English or Russian.

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Hiromi Takemura, Kashihara, Nara, Japan

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