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Bead artist Ksenia Krutikova
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1. How did you know about Fashion Colorworks contest? Why did you decide to participate?

I found information about the contest on one of the Russian-speaking forums. I decided to participate because I wanted to try my hands at something serious and widespread. The idea with color triads seemed to me a very interesting.

2. What was the contest color combination you found most difficult to execute?

It was most difficult to combine the colors harmoniously for the second triad because the colors included in the triad were not my favorites. But I let my imagination run wild in the first and third combinations!

Bead artwork by Ksenia Krutikova
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3. What result of the competition did you expect?

I felt that my works would be competitive, but did not expect such a success. It seemed to me that some of my work is very specific, and my beadworks are not understood by a wide range of people (this includes, first of all, jewelry).

4. What did you feel when you learned about your double win?

A feeling of complete fulfillment of dreams and fortune. The joy and delight, because I proved first of all to myself that I can make something special. The desire to create and a flight of fancy.

Bead artwork by Ksenia Krutikova
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5. Your works have unusual selection of materials, why?

I'm an experimentalist by nature; I always want to try something new. I want to break stereotypes and show people things from other unusual sides. I want to inspire others to new inventions.

6. Have you ever tried other types of crafting?

Oh, yes, I have tried many different types of craftwork in my life. I was engaged in knitting and embroidery, molded from clay, made straw weaving and felting. I didn't make any success only in sewing.

Bead artwork by Ksenia Krutikova
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7. What was the impetus for your bead passion and who has influenced you in your choice?

I started beading as a child. First I have made adornments for dolls, and then wanted to make jewelry for myself, and I began to learn from books. Why beadwork? I do not even know! No one has ever influenced me in this choice, it worked itself out. Just at some point I realized that it's mine because it brings me pleasure and satisfaction. And I began to work, to develop and improve my skills.

8. What do your family members and friends think about your hobby?

My friends think my hobby is very interesting, and they support it. I am pleased to share with them my success and see their sincere joy.

Bead artwork by Ksenia Krutikova
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9. Are you going to turn your beadwork hobby into your profession?

I can say that this is one of my professions because sometimes I sell my jewelry. But for me, it's always difficult to part with my beadworks, because I put a bit of my soul into each item, they become my children to me. I have no desire to make simple mass products for a wide range of people (just for the sake of making money).

10. What do you think about entering Fashion Colorworks next year? What would you wish to future participants?

I'm pleased to take part in the Fashion Colorworks next year! This is a great incentive to work on the skills improvement. I would wish future participants to have the courage, self-confidence and inspiration. Get creative and make happy yourself and others!

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Ksenia Krutikova, St. Petersburg, Russia

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