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Bead artist Irina Sidina
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Irina Sidina - the author of Spring Freshness Necklace
Third Place Winner in Seed Bead Jewelry category

I was born and raised in Balakovo, Saratov region, a small town on the Volga river. Since I can remember, my friends and I have created something all the time: we've embroidered, sculpted, drew, glued something, made "jewelry" from postcards. Then I was an art school, college and university where I unfinished my major "Folk Art". I've worked for a while for the advertising company, and for already 16 years I have been doing things I love - I do puppets in our city puppet theater.

1. How did you start beading ?

Once, when a friend of mine and I set up an exhibition of dolls we decided to invite for participation our friend, which, as we knew, has been beading. And then there was a shock with me! How? Where have my eyes been all that time? Why didn't I take beads seriously? In general, I fell in love with beads once and for all. After "discoveries" that I made on the Internet, I realized that I know nothing about beading and I have to start from scratch. It didn't scare me, but rather the contrary, spurred to action. The desire to learn was so strong that at first even in my dreams I've studied the patterns and drawn sketches.

Bead artwork by Irina Sidina
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2. How much time do you devote to the hobby? What's your work schedule?

For some reason I work from home and schedule my working day myself. My main work is seasonal, household chores are distributed and tweaked and don't take a lot of time. My son grew up and is quite independent, so I can afford to give away all my free time to beads with light heart. The average is about 6-7 hours and sometimes, when it's difficult to break away, I grab night hours, approximately five more.

3. What is beadweaving for you?

I get so much pleasure from beading that it would be probably enough for ten people. Mood improves, I smile more often, and it seems to me that the people around me smile more often too. My passion became a sort of another dimension, where I can forget about the current issues, completely shut down and go with the flow after a needle, not thinking about anything other than implementing my ideas. All this gives a positive energy and it's easier to find solutions to resolve problems; and some hard moments I begin to perceive with great optimism. Generally, I think I'm very lucky in life: a lovely work, lovely hobbies, lovely and understanding people around - what else is necessary for happiness, perhaps a little more time in the day?

Bead artwork by Irina Sidina
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4. Which bead technique do you like most?

The use of techniques depends largely on my plans. And given that I'm still learning, also on my skills at the moment. I try myself in embroidery, I haven't made success in soutache embroidery, but I think a great desire will help me. I like combinations of different techniques in one item, for me vivid example is Miriam Shimon's creativity.

5. What is the source for your inspiration?

This can be anything you want. The view from the window, reading poetry, hearing the songs, there are so many interesting things around us! For example, today there is rain. It seems to be a boring topic and damp gloom, but... Thinking that the rain would end sometime, I remember the rainbow and drops of rain on the petals of roses - isn't that a beautiful picture and a subject to beadwork?

7. Does your sketch always coincide with the end result?

I haven't drawn sketches to the beads, leaving room just for inspiration, which can invade in the process. I draw the main lines and shape and already during the process I can change something or add. Yes, and sometimes materials just did dictate its wish and I don't resist change.

Bead artwork by Irina Sidina
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8. Does it ever happen that you are working on several things at once?

Yes, it happens. Unfortunately, the hands are always behind my thoughts, I draw sketches in my head much more quickly than my hands can weave, and some of sketches require immediate implementation! But this doesn't make me nervous. "Changing the theme" is only good. Returning to the left unfinished necklace after a short break, I'd rather see flaws and I have the opportunity to correct them still in process.

9. Is there colors which you don't like to work with? Does it interfere with participation in the Fashion Colorworks?

I cannot say that I don't like certain colors and I don't want to work with them. There is an image and the colors are chosen accordingly to it, well, sometimes to my mood... In this sense, I was very interested to participate in the contest where the colors have already been set and we had to pick up the image for a certain triad. That process is not less interesting. I'm very glad I was able to take part in a contest with many well-known artists, and even take a prize!

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About author:

Irina Sidina, Balakovo, Saratov region, Russia

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