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Bead artist Julia Turova
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My name is Julia Turova, and it looks like we are old friends. It's the great honor for me to write here about my "novel" with beads for the third year in a row.

1. What is the beads for you? How do you manage your stocks?

Let me say a joke please? Beads is a mysterious substance which, I believe, obey the laws of quantum physics. That is, there is only the probability of finding a particular point in space at a given time. Its feature is superfluidity and the ability to leak everywhere and take all the horizontal surface in the house as well as the ability to bend time and space. I think my colleagues will understand.

Bead artwork by Julia Turova
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I allocate an amount equal to ten percent of the current income - non-reducible amount to maintain stocks. To fulfill my orders, I get the materials regardless of price and their inaccessibility, but the size of my reserves do not go out of control. I've got a computer database to find the necessary material in my existing stockpiles. So that the external chaos in my studio is a designed system! I guess...

2. What is your balance between the response to the attacks of inspiration and a way of life?

It's simple: I dedicate two hours in the morning to my chores with maximum involvement of home appliances, which ruined almost all of my first large incomes. Over time, two hours is even a lot. Now my working day lasts from ten in the morning until after midnight.

3. Tell me please how you can work on commissions and perform numerous repetitions of works - hits of your sales, which are the basis of financial stability?

Bead artwork by Julia Turova
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The answer is the same - time management. From 10.00 am to 18.00 pm I work on the orders, from 18.00 until late night I implement my own dreams and improve my skills. I learn to work with stone, continue to experiment with polymer clay. suddenly I discovered wool sculpturing and portrait dolls. I'm thinking of opening a second direction in my handmaking. My felted toys find new owners before photographing. Now I give them as presents to my friends, but they want to buy dolls. Let's see!

4. How to make 5-10 incoming orders at the same time?

There is a trick. I divide my time into segments and keep materials and works I've already started in separate boxes. In an average week, I can manage about 5-10 work without getting tired and not wasting time on a long cleaning job. Accordingly, the price of work turns out not high, not exceeding the psychologically adequate level.

Bead artwork by Julia Turova
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5. Where do you get ideas that you wouldn't only like to implement, but also people would like to purchase?

Alas, this is the result of tracking fashion trends. I myself have never been interested in fashion and our industry doesn't favor people of my build. So, here is my style: minimalism in color, good fit dress, classic or casual, accessories - one or two at the most.

This style turned out very much in demand, so I shifted my focus on small and versatile palette of actual colors and intricate textures. And yet I often hear from my clients that they purchase a piece of estate jewelry to be passed by inheritance. It is very nice to hear, because I put in the work not only particle of my soul, as they say, and even a hefty work, a detailed calculation, the long negotiation, often very rare and expensive materials.

Or conversely, I rework a simple ornamental stone into something interesting or covering it with a thin thread painting. People like when they are listened to and their desires are guessed. I am pleased to do it, and I haven't come across ungrateful customers yet. I had difficult orders, but this is a valuable experience.

Bead artwork by Julia Turova
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6. Where and how do you find clients living far from the capital cities in the region with not the highest standard of living?

A mystery to myself. I am not in social networks and don't pay attention at marketing and advertising. I suspect Fashion Colorworks played not the last role, it gave me a powerful impetus to the development. Information about me in one of the most respected and influential specialized editions - this newsletter - also gives me a great promotion. So my shop is not without visitors!

7. We haven't asked you about your plans yet...

If I want to make God laugh, I'll tell him about my plans! I have not figured out what to do with the plans that I had built a year ago...

8. What do you feel taking the second place after two wins in a row?

Frankly, I misunderstand my previous victory! I was very surprised when much more complex and thoughtful works didn't win and even make the finals. I've been a juror in five contests and I know myself how hard is to judge. Hell of a job!

Bead artwork by Julia Turova
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9. Once you said about the publication of your book when does it come out?

All my talks about the strict time accounting are worthless, since I've got more commissions than I can manage. To dedicate a month or two to summarize my experience is still my dream...

10. And the last question, with a fair amount of humor: how to work less and make more money?

Alas, I personally haven't find the answer yet!

In conclusion, I would like once again to thank the organizers and sponsors for their inhumane labor and patience. This competition is the most democratic of the most prestigious and most prestigious of the democratic. It's not a competition by the number of friends in the network. For me, the most important thing is objective evidence of my qualification. I think I passed the exam for the title of Craftsman!

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About author:

Julia Turova, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

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