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Green Eyes

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. They can be the most attractive and telling of all our features. Women have accented their eyes since ancient times to enhance their beauty. Gemstones are another way to enhance and complement the eyes with their rich variety of colors, patterns and depth. The following is a short guide for choosing the best stones to suit your eyes color.

  • Blue eyes: they are best matched with not so much as blue stones as with complementary colors such as orange and gold. Opal, moonstone, mandarin (orange) garnet, coral, citrine, rose quartz, and aventurine - they are all excellent for blue eyes.
  • Dark eyes: gemstones of more intense tones are suitable for them: bright-blue turquoise, coral, amethyst, amazonite, azurite, lapis lazuli, and garnet.
  • Flickering eyes: they are best emphasized with sparkling stones, such as tigereye, goldstone, opal, aragonite, obsidian, hematite, and labradorite (spectrolite).
  • Goldish eyes: goldstone, bronzite, aragonite, jasper and carnelian go well with gold eyes.
  • Gray eyes: the best match for gray eyes are bluish and grayish stones: smoky quartz, labradorite, phantom quartz, aquamarine, smoky carnelian, moonstone, opal, clear rock crystal.
  • Greenish-gray eyes: the expressiveness of the eyes is strongly emphasized by the green tones of these stones: agate, green turquoise, malachite, serpentine, green aventurine, nephrite, peridot, and unakite.
  • Green eyes: jade, serpentine, yellow turquoise, rhyolite, and aquamarine especially suit green eyes.
  • Hazel eyes: they harmonize wonderfully with cornelian, bronzite, rhodonite, jasper, onyx, rhyolite, and with dark amber.
  • Ice blue eyes: such eyes gain radiance and luster when compared with stones like the purest ice. The following stones and gems are also highly recommended for this type of eyes: clear quartz, aquamarine, lilac-pale amethyst, moonstone, and opal.
  • Dark, black stones, and white and clear stones like clear quartz (clear rock crystal), white pearl, lavastone, black onyx, obsidian (volcanic glass), hematite will match all eyes colors.

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