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The earliest known examples of jewelry are thought to be a pair of beads made from Nassarius shells, and is estimated to be around 100,000 years old. Using beads as jewelry to adorn the human form clearly has a long and illustrious history.

One of the benefits of gem stones is that each gem stone is unique, with distinctive visual features captured inside each stone. Combine numerous gem stones into a piece of beaded jewelry and you have a spectacular item that is truly unique.

The most popular form of gem stone beaded jewelry is probably the necklace. With all the different gem stone colors that one gets, it is very easy to find a beaded necklace that perfectly matches every single outfit that you have.

It is almost a favorite pastime of mine, to watch for and admire tasteful selections of gem stone jewelry at social events. A carefully selected item says a lot about the woman who wears it. Not only does it demonstrate her sense of style, selection, and taste, it also accentuates her natural beauty and pride of being a gorgeous woman.

The beaded gem stone necklace that I love most is the one with smaller and larger gem stones carefully arranged, with a few silver beads strung in amongst the gem stones.

Be careful with colors when you select such a necklace. More than two colors could make your expensive gem stone piece of jewelry look like a cheap necklace. One color is preferable, mixed in with a natural color such as silver or gold.

Another lovely item is a set of beaded gem stone earrings. They can both shorten a longer facial structure and lengthen the shorter facial structure.

Just one request, girls, when you wear an expensive set of beaded gem stone jewelry earrings, please do not hide them underneath loose hanging hair. That set of earrings begs to be out in the open, it pleads to be seen and admired, and it yearns to complement your good looks.

If you dare to be distinctive and wear something eye-catching and stunning, then you definitely need to acquire for yourself a few select beaded gem stone jewelry items.

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