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Belomorite cabochon

Winter as well as the other seasons tirelessly inspire all artists, no matter how they create their artworks whether with a brush and paint or using a needle and beads. The severe northern land where winter reigns for a long time also gives scope for creativity to poets, writers, artists and even scientists. In honor of the icy waters of the White Sea the Soviet academician A. Fersman named the gem found in this area. Belomorite is a variety and the trade name for adularia (moonstone) from the White Sea (Beloe More) area, in the Northern Karelia in northern Russia. Belomorite is milky white pearl color, sometimes with blue and purple tints.

It is believed that belomorite has a calming effect on the nervous system, helps to cope with insomnia, nightmares, and drives off improves the cardiovascular system. It's said that belomorite has the ability to amplify man's connection with the past and help predict the future, increasing the gift of clairvoyance. Belomorite can take a negative energy and negative emotions from a person, but it must be periodically cleaned from the negative in the usual way by keeping it in running water for some time.

Belomorite cabochon in a piece of beaded jewelry
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The indigenous people of the Northern Karelia where belomorite was discovered found this gem a talisman, able to guard its wearer from evil forces trying to capture the soul of man. Belief of this gem magical property was so strong in Northern Russia, that unmarried girls very often put a piece of gem under the pillow before going to bed to dream of their future husband.

Belomorite belongs to inexpensive semiprecious stones. Because of its rarity it is used in jewelry much less than usual moonstone though jewelry items with belomorite are beautiful. This gem is often cut as balls, pyramids, drop-shaped beads and cabochons; the collectors like it. The lovers of beads can successfully use belomorite in their works: if you take a closer look into "gem heart" you will feel discreet beauty of the gem, so reminiscent of brilliance severe beauty of the White Sea cold waters.

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