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Several Dinosaurs

Have you ever noticed how beautiful and attractive is jewelry with a petrified fossil, mammoth bones, petrified wood and other such venerable age of antiquities in the tens or hundreds of millions of years? Funny question, isn't it? These ancient gems excite the imagination and attract with its unusual appearance and inconceivable age. So that certainly is not only noticed, but they themselves make or buy decorations with these rarities. And have you ever heard about jewelry with dinobones, gems of dinosaurs?

Yes, it's fossilized dinosaur bones - the fossil, which arose as a result of saturation of the remains of ancient dinosaurs with minerals from aqueous solutions, which gradually filled the pores, while maintaining bone structure. Dinobone (from DINOSAUR and BONE) is a raw material for lapidary works of art, because many of the dinosaur bones found are of no value to paleontologists, as they are in poor condition, often fragmented and broken into pieces. Therefore usually finds of fossil bones in the nature are not remarkable. Decorative appearance dinobone acquires only after final polishing.

Dinobone cabochons
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Substance dinosaur bones is replaced by different minerals. Most often it is limestone or calcium, giving the fossil sand color, as well as quartz, filling voids of bones. There are dinobones with hematite, pyrite or marcasite. Colors and shades of dinobone vary, but most common are red, yellow and blue-gray, and one of the rarest dinobone species contain cells filled with agate in different colors.

Dinobones are the most beautiful when they are cut, so often they are treated as cabochons of different shapes, which means that they are quite fertile material for beadworkers. In the U.S., where the remains of ancient reptiles are found most often, dinobone is considered stone for men and used for the design of men's jewelry. Due to the fact that the nature of dinobone was opened relatively recently, this gem has not yet had time to acquire and legends. But dinobone, by virtue of its origin, is petrified legend itself that has come down to us through the hundreds of millions of years.

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