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Karelian shungite

Mother Nature created the gem which is the only one that makes scientists wonder even now, it is called shungite. Shungite is found at the only place in the world - near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia. This leads many to believe that shungite will someday cost more than gold. It is thought that it was formed around two billion years ago and the fact that this mineral is composed of nearly every element of the Periodic Table is quite unusual. Although it is widely known that not every one of these elements is good for your health, only the health beneficial components in shungite are absorbed by water. Not only that but the natural structures and complexes of the water found in shungite deposits are thought by many experts to be on a par with that of a living cell.

There are a few theories as to where shungite actually came from. Some believe that it is part of a huge meteorite which fell to earth, bringing with it part of a planet called Phaeton which had decomposed. Many scientists believe that Phaeton actually had life forms which were carbon based. Another theory says that sea scurf rich in organic remains of primitive microscopic organisms existed in shallow bays of the ancient sea formed a material that produced shungite. Some researchers assert that shungite came from volcanic deposits which were expelled. The volcanic ejection of the shungite substance would have played the same role as the hypothetical Phaeton fragment. Whichever of these theories may hold the truth, it cannot be disputed that shungite with its unique healing qualities and abundance of remarkable characteristics, is a mineral like nothing else on earth.

Shungite tumbled stones
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Shungite is the only natural material that contains fullerenes. Only recently discovered, fullerenes were among the scientific sensations of the 20th century, and the importance of this discovery is highlighted by the fact that the three scientists who discovered fullerenes were awarded the Nobel Prize. Named after the great architect, Buckminster Fuller, this closed, hollow cage of 60 or more carbon atoms that form a fullerene molecule, resembles the geodesic domes popularized in his work; the shape of the fullerene molecule is similar to that of a soccer ball. Fullerenes are found in very minute quantities in nature, usually formed by lightening charges. How they came to be present in the shungite mineral remains a mystery. Realizing their full potential of fulleren discovery will be one of the great sensations of the 21st century.

Shungite is thought to be full of healing properties. It has been used for hundreds of years and in 1714 its health benefits were utilized by Russian Tsar Peter The Great who has based in the location shungite was found the well known first Russian resort named Marsial Waters. Many sick and wounded soldiers came there to be treated. Resort water gets curative properties, passing through thickness of shungite crust layers. Shungite water helps to struggle with various illnesses: the general condition improves, nervous pressure is removed, and the inflow of energy is sensed. It is easier to obtain a steady remission of some chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and metabolic processes. Shungite absorbs and eliminates everything that imposes a hazard to life, but concentrates and restores all that is beneficial. Scientists who have investigated this phenomenon have unanimously declared it a miracle.

Shungite is not often used in jewelry, but shungite necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings are not just ornaments, they are also your protective amulets. Shungite stone by giving its electromagnetic energy and Mother Earth healing power to you, virtually "feed" the person, relaxes that will bring balance and alleviate chronic and acute problems. It improves work of lymphatic and immune systems, normalizes blood pressure and body functions, and assists your body in self healing. It also affects the sensory system which stimulates production of neuro-chemicals that brings sense of well-being.

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