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A cabochon is a gemstone which has been shaped and polished as opposed to facetted. The resulting form is usually a convex top with a flat bottom.


Carved gem or shell, in which the carved design stands out against a background of a different color. Cameo is the opposite of intaglio.

Cane Glass

Solid lengths of glass formed by drawing, then cut into the desired length particularly for decorative purposes. They can be different colors and patterns, displayed either on the side or in cross section.

Cape Amethyst

A form of amethyst layered or striped with milky quartz.


The unit of weight used for precious stones; one carat equals 1/5 of a gram or 3 and 1/16 grains. The diamond carat is subdivided into 100 parts or points; thus, a fifty-point diamond is equal to 1/2 of a carat. The carat is not related to the term karat that is a unit of the fineness or purity of gold.


Carnelian is an orange to red or reddish-brown variant of chalcedony.
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Cat's Eye

Glass that reflects light in a way reminiscent of a cat's eye.

Cat's eye

Translucent yellowish chatoyant chrysoberyl is called cymophane or cat's eye. This variety of chrysoberyl exhibits pleasing chatoyant or opalescence that reminds one of an eye of a cat. Some people call cat's eye any of a variety of gems, such as some forms of chalcedony, that are chatoyant when cut in a rounded shape.


A pearl luster finish. Sometimes the color of this bead fades when exposed to strong sunlight.

Ceylon Pearl Bead

Bead made of alabaster glass, either lined or dyed, then lustered.


A strand of linked loops, rings, or beads used for bracelets or necklaces. Popular types of chain include:
  • Book chain
  • Box
  • Butterfly
  • Byzantine
  • Cable
  • Cuban
  • Curb
  • Figaro
  • Figogucci
  • Foxtail
  • Herringbone
  • Marina
  • Mariner
  • Mesh
  • Omega
  • Panther link
  • Rolo
  • Rope
  • San Marco
  • Serpentine
  • Singapore
  • Snake

Chain Tab

Metal tab stamped with metal content designation.


Chalcedony is a family of various types of colored quartz, often with a milky appearance: agate, jasper, carnelian, chrysoprase, onyx, bloodstone, aventurine, etc. The name chalcedony usually refers to semitransparent or translucent chalcedony with a solid color, commonly white to pale blue to gray to purple, sometimes nearly brown or black. Other shades have been given different names: sard (carnelian) is a clear red chalcedony, prase is a dull green variety, plasma is bright to emerald-green, sometimes with yellow spots of jasper, and so on.

Chandelier Earring

An earring with a drop suspended like a chandelier. Also called a drop earring or a dangle earring.

Charlotte Bead

Charlotte Bead is a rocaille bead with ground facet(s).


Small ornament worn as pendants or on bracelets.


Charoite is a rare mineral, found only in Siberia, Russia. Charoite is a gemstone of translucent intense lavender to purple color. It has an unusual swirling, fibrous appearance, sometimes chatoyant, and pearly luster.


An ornamental chain, pin or clasp, usually worn at a womans waist, to which trinkets, keys, a purse, or other articles are attached. Also used to refer to pins with two figures linked together by a chain.


A stone having a changeable luster due to the way it reflects light, such as the cat's eye or tigereye gemstones.

Chevron Bead

Chevrons Bead are made of multiple layers of different colored glass in corrugated layers so as to form a starburst pattern when viewed on end. They are next ground at the ends to display the patterns.


Chlorastrolite is a green or bluish green stone, usually with finely radiated or stellate masses, also known as greenstone.


A tight-fitting necklace that is worn close to the base of the neck or wraps tightly around the throat. May be plain or with pendants or ornamentation. Measures 12" to 16".


A rare, hard, yellow-green mineral in crystal form. It is popular as a gemstone for its chatoyant qualities. There are three main varieties of chrysoberyl: ordinary yellow chrysoberyl, cat's eye or cymophane, and alexandrite.


Chryscolla usually occurs as a bright green or bluish crust. Crystals intergrown with quartz or with opal.


A mineral used as a gemstone. Chrysolite ranges in color from a light green to a deep olive green and an oily shine. Also called night emerald, olivine, and peridot.


An apple-green colored variety of chalcedony.


Citrine, also called citrine quartz or citrine topaz, is an amber-colored gemstone.
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A clasp is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together, including:
  • Barrel Clasp
  • C-Clasp
  • Donut Clasp
  • Fish-hook Clasp
  • Floating Clasp
  • Fold-over Clasp
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Locking Clasp
  • Parrot Clasp
  • Snap Clasp
  • Spring Clasp
  • Toggle Clasp
  • Trigger Clasp
  • Tube Clasp

Clear Rock Crystal

Clear Rock Crystal - clear, colorless quartz. Also called clear quartz.
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Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz - clear, colorless quartz. Also called clear rock crystal.
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Clip-back Earring

A hinged ring with a pad, called a comfort back, at one end to secure the earring to the earlobe without requiring that the ear be pierced.

Cluster Earring

A decorative earring made up of a cluster of glass and/or metal beads and stones.

Cluster Ring

A ring featuring a central gemstone surrounded by a number of smaller stones.


The technique of decoration by enameling in which a design is outlined on a metal plate with bent wire or metal strips of rectangular-section wire that are affixed edgewise to the metal base and the spaces filled in with the colored enamel that are then fused.


A necklace worn close around the neck. Also called choker.


Necklace terminator or beading finding used to bring multiple strands together at one point to attach a clasp or be part of the design.


Corals are marine animals and exist as small sea anemone-like polyps, typically in colonies of many individuals. They are major contributors to the physical structure of coral reefs.
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A gem mineral of crystallized aluminum and oxygen. Ruby and sapphire are the most valuable corundum.

Crimp Bead

Small soft metal beads that are squeezed shut to secure clasps onto the ends of cords or chains.


In our case the term "crystal" refers to solid objects that exhibit well-defined and often pleasing geometric shapes.

Cubic Zirconia

Synthetic gemstone developed in 1977 to simulate a diamond.

Cultured Pearl

It is not a natural pearl. A tiny irritant like a bead, grain of sand, or a piece of mother of pearl from another mollusk can be inserted into the opening of an oyster or mollusk. It can take five to seven years to secrete enough nacre to cover this irritant to produce a jewelry quality pearl.

Cut Glass

Any glass whose surface has been cut into facets, grooves and depressions by a large, rotating wheel.
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