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Dangle Earring

An earring that dangles below the earlobe. Also called a drop earring or chandalier earring.

"Dead" Stone

A "dead" stone is a foil-backed rhinestone that has lost its original shininess, usually after water has damaged the foil. For example, a "dead" clear rhinestone will appear dull and off-white, greenish or yellowish.

Delica Bead

Most uniform seed beads, short cylinders. Delica seed bead is the most well known brand name of seed beads made by Miyuki of Japan.


A small, rare, bright and glittering green variety of garnet of the andradite family.

Demi Hoop

A bangle, bracelet, or ring in which only half of the circumference of the piece is set with stones.

Demi Parure

A set of two or three matching pieces of jewelry, usually consisting of a necklace, pin, bracelet, or earring.


A faceted, glittery glass bead like a rhinestone or strass.


A diamond is a transparent crystal, it is the hardest natural material known to humans. Diamonds can occur in nearly any color, though yellow and brown are by far the most common.


The property possessed by some crystals of exhibiting two different colors when viewed from different angles. See Alexandrite, Opal.


A mineral which ranges in color from white, deep green, to almost black.

Disc Earring

A round flat stud attached to the earlobe with a post and clutch.

Dog Collar

Broad, choker like necklace, often consisting of numerous parallel strands of beads, pearls or stones. Known as a plaque de cou when attached by a front clasp.


A piece of jewelry with a convex shape, thicker in the center and tapering at the edges.

Door Knocker Earring

An earring with a hinged bottom that hangs below the earlobe.

Drawn Bead

Drawn beads are cut from a long, straw-like tube of glass. The sharp-edged cut beads are often tumbled and reheated to give them rounded edges. Some examples of drawn beads are: seed beads, bugle beads, pony beads.


A small, usually teardrop shaped, ornament which dangles from a piece of jewelry.

Drop Cut

A drop cut, or briolette, is a pear-shaped cut gemstone with triangular facets on top.

Drop Earring

Any earring which hangs below the earlobe. Also called a chandalier earring or dangle earring.

Dulling (Sanitizing)

Brushing a metal surface, sometimes with a matting punch or powder, to give it a duller (matte) finish.


Druze is a layer of crystals that form within a mineral crust, like the inner cavity of a geode.

Dyed Bead

Alabaster or opal glass bead with dye applied to surface.
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