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Ice Pick Bail

Similar to a prong bail, it will create a loop to attach a chain to when the prongs are closed into a cross-drilled pendant.


A naturally occurring flaw, (feather, fracture, fissure, carbon spot, or cloud), within a diamond or other stone. The test for clarity looks for these flaws.


To set pieces of wood or ivory, for example, into a surface, usually at the same level, to form a design.

Inside Color

The surface layer is clear while the color adhered to the inside shows through the clear layer.


Decoration made by carving or engraving a design into a gem or other hard material. Intaglio is the opposite of cameo.


Iolite is a violet-blue transparent gemstone, but can be deep blue, light blue-gray, and yellow-white.


Transparent, opal or opaque coating with a durable, multicolored shiny finish applied by fuming metal salts onto the hot glass to form a permanent bond.


An iridescent coating with multiple hues, usually on dark, opaque beads.


Bead decorative process, when beads put in vat of lacquer with tiny metallic particles. Firing burns off the lacquer, leaving metallic coat.


A hard, smooth yellowish-white substance made from the tusks of elephants and walruses.
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