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Karat is the measurement of the fineness or purity of gold. The pure (fine) gold is 24 karat. 18K is 75% fine gold, 14K is 58.4%, and 10K is 41.7%. 14K and 10K are not manufactured or sold outside of the USA. The karat is not related to the term carat, a unit of weight, whose origins come from the carob seed.


Kyanite is a shimmery deep blue stone of the same family as andalusite and sillimanite. It also appears in green and black, and more rarely, yellow, white or gray; the crystals are transparent to translucent, and are found in long blades or columns.

Knife Wire

An extremely thin wire holding a gemstone making it appear to float.


Kunzite is a hard gemstone, it is colorless to yellowish, pink, purplish or lilac variety of the mineral spodumene (the other variety, hiddenite, is green) and occurs as prismatic crystals, often of great size.





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