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Labradorite occurs as clear, white to gray, blocky to lath shaped grains. It shows an iridescence or play of colors. Labradorite is also known as spectrolite.
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Lampwork beads are handmade by manipulating slender glass rods in front of a gas burner.


A cord worn around the neck for carrying something, such as a knife or whistle.


An open-ended, long strand necklace. Sometimes looped into a knot or used with a slide so that the two ends hang free.


The art of cutting, shaping, polishing and creating jewelry from stones.

Lapis Lazuli

A gemstone of a deep-blue color but sometimes with mottling of white.
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An open ended necklace that is held together by a flexible element such as a drop or ring. Length is 48" or longer.


Larimar is an opaque sky blue gemstone with white streaks, found only in a single place in the Dominican Republic.


A pendant with one stone, suspended from a necklace.


Lavastone is a volcanic stone, usually of black, dark-gray, or dark-brown color.
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Lentil Bead

Lentil Beads are shaped like a lens with a dome top on both sides of the bead with thinner edges surrounding the circumference of the bead.

Lever Back

An earring with a unique back that delicately bends and latches behind the ear.


Bead decorative process, when beads are coated inside the perforation with paint or silver.


A loop, or other object, which is linked together in a series to make a chain.


A hinged case, usually in the shape of an oval or heart, which can be opened or closed and usually contains a photograph or memento.


A loom is a machine or device for weaving, in our case for bead weaving.


Bead weaving using seed beads doing on a loom.


Colorless transparent, opal or opaque coating that give a very high gloss to the underlying surface of the bead. This finish that may be white, colored or even gold.


Bead decorative process, when translucent beads passed through a chamber with metallic vapor that settles on surface.
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