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Mabe pearl

Mabe pearls are large, hemispherical cultured pearls that grow attached to the inside shells of oysters. Mabe pearls are used in earrings, pins, and rings.

Macca (Cut Bugle) Bead

Bugle bead with hexagonal section, usually black.
See also BUGLE BEAD...

Macrame Jewelry

Macrame jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, and sometimes earrings) is a type of jewelry made mostly using knotting cords.


A Japanese term for half-sphere cultured pearls, which are cultured against the shell so that only half a cultured pearl is formed.

Magnifica Bead

Magnifica beads are cylindrical beads with large holes and thin walls. They are very uniform in size and shape. Most commonly used in bead weaving.


Malachite is an opaque semi-precious stone with alternate irregular bands of light and dark green.
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Manchette Bracelet

A broad bracelet in the form of a cuff.


Marcasite is a gray, lustrous mineral, crystallized iron pyrites ("fool's gold") mounted in groups, cut or uncut, in pins and other pieces of jewelry.


A single row necklace ranging form 20 inches to 25 inches length.


A finish that has a dulled or less shiny, perhaps frosty appearance. It provides a very low-luster, velvety or frosted, smooth surface. Matte iridescent beads are both iridescent and matte.

Memory Wire

Memory wire is a tough, stiff wire that retains its shape. It is often used for necklaces and bracelets.

Metallic (Galvanized)

A shiny, very reflective coating that gives the bead a look of metal. Metallic or galvanized beads are glass with a shiny metal like surface coating that is usually a baked-on product.


A unit of length equivalent to 0.001 mm, used for measuring the thickness of electroplating.

Millefiori Bead

Decoration created by fusion of several glass rods arranged so that the cross-section creates a flower or pattern with a mosaic-like appearance.


Any inorganic substance; i.e. anything that is not a plant or an animal.


Moldavite is a rare, glassy, translucent, dark green gemstone, only found in Bohemia (the Czech Republic).


Moonstone is a pearly and opalescent type of gemstone. It can be colored white, gray, yellow, pink, or red; rarely green.
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Morganite is a transparent to translucent pink variety of beryl.

Mother Of Pearl

Mother of pearl, also known as nacre, is a naturally-occurring organic-inorganic composite with the iridescent appearance. Sometimes it is called just shell.
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Moukaite is a semi-precious gemstone, a variety of jasper from Australia. The color of moukaite varies from red-browns to pinks, with gold and white bands.


A piece of metal that holds a gem in place.


1.5mm satin cord.
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