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Nacre is a usually whitish crystalline substance which oysters, mussels, snails, and other mollusks secrete around a foreign object (like a tiny stone) that has made its way into their shell. As layers of nacre coat the intruder, a pearl is formed over a period of many years.

Natural Pearl

A natural pearl, or a genuine pearl, is a pearl that was produced in an oyster, freshwater mussel or other mollusk as a reaction to a tiny invading object that happened to be caught inside its shell.


A necklace is an article of clothing or jewelry; which is worn around the neck. Necklaces are frequently formed from a metal chain; often attached to a locket or pendant. Types of necklaces:
  • Choker (collar): a choker is 12" to 16" long. It sits on the base of the neck or wraps tightly around the throat
  • Princess necklace: a princess necklace is 17" to 19" long. It is between choker and matinee length
  • Matinee necklace: a matinee necklace is 20" to 25" long. It should sit at the top of cleavage
  • Opera necklace: an opera necklace is 26" to 36" long and should sit at the breastbone
  • Rope (sautoir) necklace: a rope necklace is over 36" long

Needle Point

Stones shaped to a fine point at both ends.


Nephrite is an ornamental stone, one of two jade rocks. It can be found in a creamy white form as well as in a variety of green colors. Nephrite is widely called jade.
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Bead netting is lacy, soft, often undulating and has open areas between the beading. Bead netting can be used to make jewelry, embellish clothing and other wearables. Generically netting has been called lattice netting, lattice work, needle weaving and lace filet. Many types of fiber and bead netting have identifying names in addition to netting.

Night Emerald

Night emerald is a misleading term for a semi-precious stone peridot (olivine, chrysolite) - it is not a true emerald.

Noble Metals

The noble metals are gold, platinum, and silver. These are metals that are relatively impervious to chemical action.


The term used for a lump, or irregularly shaped mass
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