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Watermelon Bead

Watermelon bead is a form of a chevron bead, that just happens to have a strikingly similar color pattern as a watermelon.

Wedding Cake Bead

Wedding cake beads are lampworked glass beads that are decorated with intricate, colorful glass overlays, often of roses and decorative swirls and dots.

White Heart

White Heart is a bead made of two layers; the inside layer being white, and the outside usually red, orange, or pink. Despite the name, the shapes are usually torus or cylindrical, and most are antique. The light bouncing off the white center makes the bead look brighter and seems to sparkle.

White Metal

Alloys with heavy tin or lead content, such as pewter. Also called Britannia metal or tin plate. One of the most commonly used metals in costume jewelry.


A wire is a single, usually cylindrical, elongated strand of drawn metal.
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