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Bead artist Agnes Nyisztor

My name is Agnes Nyisztor, I live with my husband Laszlo in Hungary, in a small town called Bekescsaba. I have two daughters and two granddaughters, I am retired and I spend most of my time doing household work which is very boring.

I started working with beads about five years ago, when I made a few critters for my granddaughter. Soon I created several simple necklaces and bracelets, and I noticed that I fell in love with beadwork. As time has passed, I gotten involved more and more and I started learning the beading techniques from newsletters, magazines and books. I went along step by step, it was not an easy process, sometimes I struggled, but never gave up! I was getting more captured by the world of beads and became interested in all the great opportunities beading offers.

Beaded boxes by Agnes Nyisztor
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With the help of the Internet, a whole world of beading has opened up to me. I was enchanted by the beadwork of world known jewelers and I thought that I would never be able to make the wonderful things they do. I got so much help from senior jewelry makers and I want to take the opportunity now to thank all of them for that. Now, basically, I've got no day without beads!

I like using all techniques I have learned, but my favorite is the peyote stitch. When I saw, on the website of Julia Pretls, the boxes made by this famous bead artist, I fell in love with them. It was love at first sight. My friend Eva Fisher presented me Julia's book called Little Bead Boxes, and this book meant a lot to me. I was able to learn special techniques and how to make beaded boxes. I made nearly all the boxes from the book, while designing my own new ones. In total, I have created 24 beaded boxes using a huge amount of Delica beads!

Beaded boxes by Agnes Nyisztor
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I've already got new ideas about boxes and I want to make all them a reality. I don't have favorite colors. I like to work with any color palettes, however, I prefer happy colors you can find around. Of course, I use pastel colors also.

When I sit down and start to create, the whole world around me ceases to exist. Every piece of work I make fills me with joy, especially if other people also like my beadwork. My best partners are my granddaughters, they are just as happy as I am whenever I make something. A housewife, like me, really needs some feelings of success!

Beaded boxes by Agnes Nyisztor
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I never thought I would get this far! I cannot even imagine a day without beads. It is such a great cure, it is leisure and relaxation. I like challenge and don't give up easily. I still have a lot to learn, for example new techniques, but I'm really keen to do so. I wish everyone could find happiness like I have found working with beads.

I like visiting websites dedicated to crafts and beading from all over the world even though I don't know the particular site language. I can understand the beading language, that is often enough! I've got two blogs where I can track all news in the beading world and see what is going on there.

Beaded boxes by Agnes Nyisztor
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Everyday I enjoy watching many wonderful works being created, giving me great ideas! It is also a pleasure for me to share my own ideas with the others! I have plenty of visitors on my blog, and that gives me a immense joy. Thanks to everyone for their comments! And my favorite websites are:

My gallery of beaded boxes on

About author:

Agnes Nyisztor, Bekescsaba, Hungary

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