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Bead artist Irina Chikineva
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My name is Irina Chikineva; I live and create my jewelry in Moscow, Russia. My hobby is a little over 5 years, and it started when at one point I realized that there are not too many adornments that I would love to put on and wear. Seeing the great works created by the hands of bead artists, I decided to try to create my own jewelry.

The hard path of experiments and error (initially I've reworked most of my items, and even cut some ruthlessly), and success led me to understanding of techniques and "sense of materials", the ability to choose elements and compose harmonious, well-balanced pieces. I'm very kind and gentle to my beadworks, I've been thinking about every element for hours. I really love working with gemstones and beads, mixing different materials, creating different textures and experimenting with shapes.

Beaded jewelry by Irina Chikineva
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Generally, working with materials is my greatest passion. I've got a good collection of gemstones and I fill it all the time; I think it is very convenient when everything is at hand. Sometimes such interesting ideas are born that I want to sit down immediately and start making them live without losing courage and wasting any time running in search of the right materials.

Therefore, at every opportunity I buy all that I can come in handy in the future. I like gem shows and exhibitions where I can communicate with other collectors and geologists who can tell a lot about gems. Stones for me are indispensable elements of my jewelry and the rest is just optional to put all elements together.

Beaded jewelry by Irina Chikineva
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My husband and I have three children and I believe that life is beautiful, and jewelry design is my way to express my positive emotions. I very much appreciate the gift to put my ideas in cute heart gizmos. It gives me the opportunity to travel back in time, creating a replica of the past, to participate in the formation of the present fashion trends and attempts to look into the future, assuming what jewelry will look tomorrow.

I draw inspiration from all over. In nature - I just, for example, can't pass by the butterflies calm, I'm studying art and culture of other peoples and countries, and I like visiting art galleries. My inexhaustible source of inspiration is travels, and now I'm working on a series of jewelry "Greek Holiday". Lately I've been involved in various photo projects; photographers taught me to see woman's beauty.

Some ideas of my jewelry have born spontaneously, but sometimes a fleeting detail is enough - and I already imagine holistic adornment. It happens that I've set myself some specific purpose, for example, want to try a new technique, elements or materials; and my beadwork is here already born based on the specified parameters.

Beaded jewelry by Irina Chikineva
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I do not create so-called "jewelry collections." There are some themes that I like and I've come back from time to time to them, but even in this case, my works are rather diverse. Moving forward and to try something new is always more interesting and challenging!

I love to learn unusual and unknown to me and I'm always ready to learn. I sincerely believe: beadwork has a very wide horizons and endless possibilities, so that I can learn forever. As a result, I do not want to be limited by only bead embroidery and trying to master other areas of creating jewelry, for example, soutache bead embroidery.

I'm beading daily and spend lot of time. Mostly, I make jewelry. You can ask, why? The answer is simple: because I can't without that! It is my love, my passion. I'm always happy when I create beadworks that find their lovely owners, and I let them away with a light heart! What could be nicer when jewelry you made is worn and loved!

Beaded jewelry by Irina Chikineva
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I consider making jewelry is my hobby, not my job, although I've got publications in some magazines "Fashion", "STYLE", "WD magazine", "VOGUE" (Italy), as well as I'm teaching. I'm a finalist and prize winner of numerous exhibitions and competitions: "Bead Design. New Wave" (2010, Moscow), "Jewelry with Cabochons" (2011, Moscow), "Bead Exclusive" (2011 and 2013, Kiev), "Magic Casket" (2011, Moscow), "Beads: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow" (2012, Kiev), "Colors of the Soul" (2012, Minsk), "Bead Placer" (2012, Moscow), "Formula of Craft" (2011 and 2013, Moscow), "Swarovski Crystal World" (2013, Moscow), and many others.

I'm a very happy person and yet because my family supports me in my hobby. It's wonderful when you can discuss topics of concern to me with relatives, get advice from them and feel their understanding. Making jewelry, I feel a little to be a fairy. Isn't it wonderful to experiment with colors, shape and texture following your ideas, and eventually get a small miracle in the form of jewelry, knowing that it is unique in the world? I make people happier, helping their dreams come true, I give them the opportunity to implement their ideas, as well as "to touch" my dreams!

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Irina Chikineva, Moscow, Russia

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