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Bridge jewelry artist Luis Vallejo
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Destiny and chance. The rain was pouring down and I took refuge in a small shop called "Life ups and downs" in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires (Argentina). On that very day and at that very hour there was a four hour workshop on Bijouterie. I had always wanted to study jewelry, it was raining hard, and I had some time...

It all started there and then.

My name is Luis Vallejo (Clovis to my friends); I'm a qualified teacher of French as a Foreign Language by my first education (I graduated from the Lengua Vivas Teacher Training College, Buenos Aires). In 2001 I won a scholarship by the French Embassy in Buenos Aires to attend a post-graduate course at Caen University, Normandy, France. In 2004 I was awarded the Palmes Academiques by the French Government.

Bridge jewelry by Luis Vallejo
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The day after I attended the workshop I went to "Once" neighborhood to buy materials and haven't stopped since then! I finished my training in jewelry making at the Complejo Educativo de Joyeria (Jewelry Educational Center) in Buenos Aires and then with private teachers; I specialized in Bridge Jewelry with the well known designer Carla Bronzini.

I don't follow trends in my works. I do what I feel at the moment and there's always somebody who is impressed by my pieces, beyond any trend. My pieces are for those who admire beauty beyond any criticism. I draw inspiration from designers I greatly admire like Alexander McQueen, Jean-Paul Gaultier and John Galliano. Among the Argentine ones, I would like to mention Maria Pryor in fashion and Rodrigo Otazu in jewelry.

Bridge jewelry by Luis Vallejo
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My mind is constantly creating new things. I transmute my inner world into beauty. The idea may spring from a color, a texture, a shape. The process starts like this and if I don't like the piece, I begin all over again. My creative process goes through three stages: Chaos - Genesis - Apocalypses. Almost Hegelian dialectics, isn't it?!

I'm very keen on esoteric and metaphysical explorations. I am a voracious reader of these topics and I also greatly enjoy literature and music, you know: jazz, opera, and English and Japanese novelists. I'm currently reading some old Victorian fairy tales. Gripping stuff that tomorrow may materialize in new pieces! I tend to integrate in my creations the influences of Transpersonal Art through my studies in Astrology, Mandalas and Symbology.

Bridge jewelry by Luis Vallejo
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My preferences are:

Color: Purple
Material: Pearls
Moment: Night
Style: Pre-Raphaelite / English Victorian
Designer: Alexander McQueen
Dream: to design for somebody I admire like: Bjork, Anni Lennox or Tilda Swinton.

Since 20007 when I started designing bridge bijouterie and contemporary jewelry, I have being created an exclusive collection which combines metals, pearls, crystals and semiprecious stones. I was chosen by fashion designer Maria Pryor to create the accessories in chainmail (Medieval Ring Mesh) for her Pret-a-Porter Spring Collection to represent Argentina at the New York Fashion Week in September 2010, at the Paris Fashion Week in March 2012 and at the Milan Fashion Week in September 2012.

I have also participated together with designer Maria Pryor at the BAF (Buenos Aires Fashion Week) in March 2011 and at the BAAM (Buenos Aires Alta Moda) in September 2011, March 2012 and August 2012.

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Luis Vallejo (CLOVIS), Buenos Aires, Argentina
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