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Bead artist Isabella Lam
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My name is Isabella Lam, I live in the city of Haifa, Israel. I discovered the world of beads in 2004 and I fell in love with them. I've learned hard for several months and soon got familiar with main beading techniques, and then started designing original beaded jewelry. Six months later my husband and I started our first bead store.

Unusual beads and shapes challenge me to create "a new story", each piece is original jewelry. I design some of them using new patterns that I develop by myself (like "Duo Kate" and "Duo lace"), and some of the items combine familiar ones in interesting way. Most of my pieces are created spontaneously as the beads, my imagination and inspiration lead me to each design.

Beaded jewelry by Isabella Lam
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I start beading a new piece according to an image of a future jewelry which I see in my dreams. Picking up and combining matching beads is challenge that can last until I get the desired jewel that I love. Sometimes a result is pretty far from what I imagined, and the other time it is exactly what I kept in my mind.

I believe that the beauty of our world will never stop giving me inspiration to create beaded jewelry. Sense of tranquility leads me to create a new piece, and the results amaze me every time. Women love beauty and my jewelry help to join it. I believe in the healing abilities of working with beads, it's also good to me.

My exposure to the world of beads was very sudden, and jewelry making is the field I'm most interested and focused on. I learned that occupational therapy uses different means including bead weaving. I believe, the design of one of my necklaces named "Reve" was really created in my sleep.

Beaded jewelry by Isabella Lam
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The Internet is my window to the world of fashion, creations, trends, and top colors, and I'm getting influence to my work from that information. Other designers' beadworks often help me decide if my jewelry is enough interesting and original, or it needs my special touch. I get inspired from beautiful creations of different designers; I also receive creative ideas from paintings and sewn items which I have no idea who created them, though I respect all artists regardless of who they are.

I use variety of beading techniques. Each beadwork design requires one or more particular techniques and appropriate beads. I don't plan them in advance, I just follow my inspiration and let the beads connect to me. Hopefully, it adds perfection to a piece of jewelry and of course to a person who wears it.

Beaded jewelry by Isabella Lam
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I found myself using a lot of Swarovski crystal and Miyuki glass seed beads; the highlight of this year for me is Czech SuperDuo beads. I'm fascinated with the endless options of this small two-hole beads, SuperDuo intrigued me, and I've got many ideas for designs with them. Who knows what will inspire me in the future? Today my main focus in beadwork is jewelry and I do have a dream to try anything else. I'm sure that one day I will make it come true.

Making attractive beaded jewelry is my contribution to those who is hooked on beadwork like me. I hope that women purchasing my items love the look and the feeling of the jewelry they own, and I feel I take part in creating of attractive image of my clients. Nevertheless, a person plays a main role in the image, not jewelry!

Beaded jewelry by Isabella Lam
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Some of my jewelry pieces I design for teaching and creating tutorials. I give beading classes to hundreds of students in Israel and sell the instructions for over the Internet. My step-by-step tutorials are very detailed, with lots of photos. I try to make the instructions enjoyable. English is not my native language and it's challenge to teach and write tutorials, but I love the struggle.

I like to share and teach my beadworks. I have published a few designs in Bead&Button Magazine in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and am going to continue that this year, I hope to publish a book of my own soon. You can find over 100 different DIY beading kits and tutorials in different levels from beginner to advance in my Etsy shop. This year you can join to one of my workshops at the Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee, WI, USA, or at the Bead Art Fair hosted by Perlen Poesie Magazine in Hamburg, Germany. And I'm not going to stop beading!

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Isabella Lam, Haifa, Israel

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