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Fashion designer and art embroiderer Paul Phillip Evans

My name is Paul Phillip Evans, I was born in Lima, Peru. My grandparents were Australian and Spanish and moved to Peru in the early twenties. Since I was very little I was attracted to art and design. I remember drawing spaceships and diamonds at the age of seven.

After I had finished high school, my mother supported my taste for arts, so I started attending an art school where I learned the basics of fine arts. Some time later I moved to another art school looking for something new and was there to learn to draw the human body which definitely led me to design clothes. At that time, when fashion design was actually new in my country, I started fashion studies at the very first fashion school in Peru.

Fashion design and art embroidery by Paul Phillip Evans
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In my quest for style, I decided it was time to leave for a new more fashionable destination. So, in the early nineties I traveled to France where I discovered the richness and fabulosity of Haute Couture. I worked for a while in a fashion trend house in Paris but a little time later I discovered embroidery.

A new world appeared in front of my eyes; a world of crystal beads, silk ribbons and gold threads. This encounter once more changed my path in fashion, taking me to Lesage Art Embroidery School; a light gray and cream white velveted "ambiance" where I spent much of my time for almost a year.

Fashion design and art embroidery by Paul Phillip Evans
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Not being satisfied, I started attending a professional school devoted to several artisanal disciplines where I continued learning even more techniques and rudiments of this ancestral and noble art.

While in this school and after, I had the great opportunity to restore ancient tapestry and to make embroideries for several Haute Couture houses like Christian Dior, Valentino, and Christian Lacroix - for whom once I had to learn to hand knit for over night to make a sumptuous black chenille winter Couture coat - in just one night!

Fashion design and art embroidery by Paul Phillip Evans
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After a decade in Paris, I decided it was time to come back and share this art treasure with local designers and to teach, as well as launch my own brand. Now I continue to search for new ways to express myself through fashion and embroidery; mixing thread embroidery techniques with beads, sequins, quarts and innovative materials.

I'm mostly inspired by baroque style but as a concept, this is mostly influenced by the neo-baroque style of Christian Lacroix. The opulence of mixing traditional with non-traditional materials and findings is what makes the richness of a creation to me and my sole goal, luxury.

If you don't see the video please click here: Paul Phillip Evans - Madrid

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Paul Phillip Evans, Lima, Peru

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