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Bead artist Lyubov Pavlova
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I'm Lyubov Pavlova. I was born, grew up and have lived in Chernovtsy, in the historic region of Bukovina in western Ukraine. This is the land of original folk art, people on holidays dress up bright and colorful: cross-stitched and bead embroidered men's, women's and children's shirts, dresses, woven clothing and accessories both in national and in a contemporary style. And, of course, jewelry can be seen made of different materials and in different techniques, mostly beaded items.

So, about six years ago I began to try myself in beads. It happened when once a beading book came into my hands, which interested me. I'm a librarian by profession and I love books, both about arts and crafts. It is because of the books I used to master the different types of creative work, magazines also helped me a lot.

Micro-macrame jewelry by Lyubov Pavlova
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Once I bought a new issue of the Exquisite Handcraft Magazine and saw photos of the unique Russian icons by Vladimir Dentschikov, made in micro-macrame technique. I was just fascinated by the true skill of a great artist! His works are made from plain yarn and he used only a few types of knots, but these masterpieces are simply impossible to replicate. The technique of weaving macrame has long been known as craft, but it has become a means for creating true works of art in hands of Vladimir.

Deeply impressed by Dentschikov's work, I decided to go back to the past and remember macrame that once I used to work with pleasure. In my works, I began to combine macrame, beading and other crafts: knitting, embroidery with silk ribbons and so on.

Micro-macrame jewelry by Lyubov Pavlova
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I love to weave macrame. First, the weight of an item is significantly reduced, and it also gets a particular strength; such a base may, for example, be used to sew many bead elements on it. I think, macrame makes jewelry more democratic; if you add to a piece of jewelry made in this technique some Swarovski crystals, it can be worn not only in everyday life but also on holidays.

I noticed that women who basically do not wear beads are willing to buy this jewelry - not all love shiny jewelry while at the same time, like many, admire the beaded works.

Micro-macrame jewelry by Lyubov Pavlova
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I have participated in almost all events that are associated with exhibitions of decorative and applied arts in my city and in regional exhibitions. I love these events, they are a great opportunity to meet other artists as well as admirers of my work and many other very interesting people and, of course, they create a celebratory mood.

I make my jewelry not very bulky, so they can be worn every day. I find it very nice when I happen to see a woman wearing jewelry of my made, bought a few years ago; so they have taken to heart, and it is very pleasing.

Micro-macrame jewelry by Lyubov Pavlova
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Before, I did not take part in contests since I had no interest. But when I found out about the Fashion Colorworks I was interested in it for some reason. Probably, there was intrigue to try some new color combinations as well as to have complete freedom to use different techniques and materials.

Through participation in the Fashion Colorworks I got a desire to diversify the styles of my jewelry, and I'll probably try and make the evening pieces, more extensive and elegant adornments. In addition, I also love to do household interior accessories. Maybe I would create something for this category in the next contest. To continue to talk about my plans, I want to create something more interesting and unusual in the future.

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Lyubov Pavlova, Chernovtsy, Ukraine

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