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Bead artist Sabine Lippert
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My name is Sabine Lippert; I live in Bonn, Germany. When I stepped into the new bead shop "Das Perlament" in Bonn about 7 years ago, I would have never thought how much this would change my life. At that time I was a medical doctor, working in a private office, quite stressed out by the daily routine of my work. Crafting has always been a part of my free time (I cannot remember me sitting in front of the TV NOT having something in my hands). However, beads were not part of it so far, because the choice we could get here was not very interesting. So this little bead shop was like a strange universe for me.

Learning to handle the Internet, I met many people, first at more local meetings, then Germany wide meetings; and the more I learned, the more I got addicted to the beads. The first designs were made, and I've taught my first workshops in this store. One day I got in contact with Claudia Schumann, who is the only serious publisher of beading books in Germany, and she wanted to make "Das Perlenkochbuch" ("Bead Cookbook") with me, and we've done it!

Beadwork by Sabine Lippert
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I was proud with my first serious publication and felt like a queen! In 2012 it was followed by "Beaded Fantasies" which was published in the Master Class series by Lark Crafts. And as a little sneak peek, there will be a new book in November, working title is "Beadwork Evolution". In 2012 and 2013 I've had the great opportunities to collaborate with a Czech wholesaler and together we created two bead shapes, the O-Beads and Rizo beads.

Both types of beads are based on my idea and I love the way they came out. Especially the O-Beads seem to be attractive to many beaders and it is great to see what other designers can do with them. Things started getting more and more, and also more demanding so two years ago I decided to reduce my work as a doctor to one day a week.

Beadwork by Sabine Lippert
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I can admit, in two month I quit my job completely. This was a very big step for me, but I think it was a good decision. Hopefully, the beader's luck is still with me. This year I will be teaching at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee (WI, USA) and I'm very proud that they chose four my workshops.

Technically, you will find almost every technique in my most design oriented beadwork. Any technique that brings me closer to the result is fine for me. In my instructions you will find mostly peyote, RAW and netting stitch. People often ask me, where my inspiration comes from; others say, "I have no idea where to wear jewelry like this," and I have to admit, I've never ever seriously thought about that.

Beadwork by Sabine Lippert
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When I create a piece of jewelry, it is always a journey in the world of books I read, movies I see, and ideas that come to my head. I'm actually never planning when I bead, I just let it go. Of course, when there is a prototype, I start considering if that would be suitable for a pattern or workshop and of course, therefore things have to be changed.

I make a difference here. If a pattern needs some more support than an instruction can deliver, I choose it for a workshop. If something has too many free style components, it will end up as a one-of-a-kind piece. Maybe, I'm a bit more "Germanish" in this than necessary, but I cannot escape my "skin" as we say here.

Beadwork by Sabine Lippert
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When I was a child, my father made a little paper doll for me, and I've created dresses for her in accordance with drawings on paper, with little folds on the shoulders to secure them. I remember that my doll never got any looking live clothes but the biggest garments and robes you can imagine.

Also I had about four Barbie dolls that I got from my elder cousins, but unfortunately no clothes for them. I remember making dresses for Barbies from lace handkerchiefs that I've "stolen" from mom's drawers. In my memory, these were the most beautiful dresses in the world!

When beading, I'm somewhere in my own private fairytale that took place in my head, and I'm making jewelry for the little princess from my child dreams. And to answer the question, "Where do you wear this?" I can only say... "In the supermarket - because the cashier loves my stuff and she enjoys seeing it!"

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Sabine Lippert, Bonn, Germany

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