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Bead artist Tatiana Zhuravlevich

I'm Tatiana Zhuravlevich, I live in Belorussia. Since my childhood I like art. As far as I remember, I was always crafting and even writing rhymes. Once upon the time beads came in to my life...

In 2005 I was lucky to become a teacher giving art classes to kids. We scrapbooked, quilted, made toys. Little by little, we added beads to our artworks to embellish toy clothes, it was the only beadwork at that time, and I didn't know beading as much as I know it now. Most likely, I would say "bye-bye" to beads, if I haven't found bead forums in Internet.

Beadwork by Tatiana Zhuravlevich
галерея работ

When I saw beadworks of their members my first impression was, "If is it all beads???" Next day I already started shopping beads trying to imagine my creative process. The new world opened to me!

I think today my creative work is just my first step on the way to success; I'm trying to find my own way in the world of beading. I know that I've got a lot to learn and to strive for. Sometimes looking at my first works I want to hide them from my friends. Techniques and designs that know now I used to consider the peak of beadwork.

Beadwork by Tatiana Zhuravlevich
галерея работ

Even now I like beading not complicated jewelry. Maybe, the reason of that is my permanent lack of spare time or patience. Nevertheless, I plan to create more intricate beadworks. I like looking at the beads, holding them in my hands, pouring and mixing them. Very often during such a meditation new ideas come to me. Sometimes inspiration comes from the usual things that seem not to be important and unworthy to be reflected in jewelry.

I noticed glowing cat's eyes in the dark, and created Predator necklace. A draw of a pike in a book inspired me to design Pike On The Hook necklace. I believe everything can be a source of inspiration: from a drop of dew to a planet, both of them are like a bead in shape!

Beadwork by Tatiana Zhuravlevich
галерея работ

As a rule, I start designing a new piece from a draw, and then I think about materials and techniques. I prefer bead embroidery for the big beadwork; I think that's a sort of technique that allows not to limit yourself in shape and to create exactly what you want. Anyway, I believe the most important is not to follow your sketch but to reflect your feelings in a piece of beadwork.

I consider contests and exhibitions as a great boost for development. I had a chance to participate only in two such Belorussian events, and Fashion Colorworks was my first serious beading contest. The rules of the contest were very attractive to me and I decided to enter it to see how my work would look against beadworks of the others.

Beadwork by Tatiana Zhuravlevich
галерея работ

After reading the contest rules I immediately made up in my mind the image of my future Rendezvous necklace. When I finished beadworking I was in doubt whether to submit my work or not, it seemed to me very simple without complicated techniques and elements, without expensive materials.

All of sudden I made my decision and send my submission. I was wondering when the list of juried finalists was announced and I discover that my necklace made the final! Being happy I was about to jump and dance!

I think the past Fashion Colorworks was a great inspiration and would like to thank all people who helped and supported that beautiful contest. I'm sure next year I will design and create a better entry and I will be again among the participants seeking for the win!

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Tatiana Zhuravlevich, Belorussia
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