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What jewelry do you like?

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1. What is your favorite type of jewelry?
Gemstones    Beadwork   
Silver jewelry    Gold jewelry   
Platinum jewelry     
2. What type of jewelry would you prefer as a gift?
Necklace    Bracelet   
Brooch    Earrings   
Ring    Matching set   
3. What jewelry tones do you prefer?
Cool tones (blues and greens)    Warm tones (yellows and reds)   
Earth tones (gray and beige)     
4. What length necklace do you prefer?
Choker    Mid length   
Full or oversize length     
5. What sort of necklaces do you like?
Thin    Thick   
Invisible with pendant     
6. How often do you wear jewelry?
Every day    Occasionally   
Rarely    Never   


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