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What jewelry do you like?

62 respondent(s)

1. What is your favorite type of jewelry?
Gemstones       29%
Beadwork       51%
Silver jewelry       10%
Gold jewelry       7%
Platinum jewelry       3%
2. What type of jewelry would you prefer as a gift?
Necklace       32%
Bracelet       12%
Brooch       3%
Earrings       5%
Ring       13%
Matching set       35%
3. What jewelry tones do you prefer?
Cool tones (blues and greens)       47%
Warm tones (yellows and reds)       33%
Earth tones (gray and beige)       19%
4. What length necklace do you prefer?
Choker       25%
Mid length       63%
Full or oversize length       12%
5. What sort of necklaces do you like?
Thin       54%
Thick       39%
Invisible with pendant       7%
6. How often do you wear jewelry?
Every day       50%
Occasionally       37%
Rarely       12%
Never       2%

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