IBA 2012 - Pop Art. Rules

International Bead Award
Have fun and join!
Beaders Best announces the second contest of the International Bead Award (IBA) 2012 to support the art of beadwork. The theme of this contest is POP ART. "Pop" stands for the English word "popular". The suitability of mass consume can be or turn to Art. Strong colors and shapes, two or three dimensional, a certain simplicity, a reference to everyday objects or free abstraction, all is possible at the same time as well as a smooth succession of objects. Trivial things become original and refreshing. Humor is very important!
An international jury manned by five carefully selected people will judge in 9 categories and assign first, second and third prizes. All entries will be shown on the Perlen Poesie website after the jury finish voting. Website visitors will be able to vote among all these entries for the public award.
Classes: everyone who works with beads can submit. You should judge yourself which class you belong to:
1. Hobbyist: everyone who works with beads, jewelry or other objects. You decide between "beginner" or "advanced".
2. Professional: jewelry maker having a business, business owner or a selected representative (for example: employee), gallery owner, etc.
3. Master Class: this class is open for hobbyists and professionals who work at the highest level of bead art.

Contest Categories:
1. Lampwork Beads. Handmade beads or single designer beads, finished jewelry or sculpture piece made of them.
2. Loomwork. Manufactured on a loom.
3. Off-Loom. All techniques and types of off-loom design.
4. Bead Crochet/Bead Knitting. All techniques of bead crochet, macrame, knitting, etc.
5. Embroidery. All techniques and beads stitched on a textile base, suede, leather, etc.
6. Paper or Textile Beads. Jewelry or designs which use paper or textile beads, such as felt or other textile material; at least 85% of the finished piece must be made from the described materials.
7. Polymer/Ceramic/Porcelain. Jewelry or designs which use polymer, ceramic or porcelain beads; at least 85% of the finished piece must be made from the described materials.
8. Metal/Wirework. Jewelry or designs which use metal, wire, metal beads or are made in techniques of wirework; at least 85% of the finished piece must be made from the described materials.
9. Mixed Media/Experimental. Pieces or jewelry made of material out of at least two different main categories and/or any other mixed/experimental materials. Pieces which are made of wood, seeds, bone, etc. will also be placed in this category.

Submission Documents:
The submission documents are available for download (PDF) on the Perlen Poesie website. Also they can be copied out from the current issue of Perlen Poesie magazine.
Digital Submissions and Photos:
Submissions can include the following pieces: jewelry, sculptures, vessels, representation of animals, bead pictures, two- and three-dimensional pieces. All techniques are allowed.
You can include two photos per submission. You can submit as many pieces as you like, but only one in each category can receive a prize. We suggest a detail photo and another one showing the complete piece. You should submit a sharp, clear photo excluding any accessories using a plain background. The jury will judge by photos only.
The size of a photo submitted via online application should not exceed 5 MB with a resolution of 350 dpi as JPG or TIFF. If the pictures are blurry or out of focus and therefore cannot be judged properly, Beaders Best Publishing (Beaders Best Verlag) will reserve the right to exclude the submission.
In case of an incorrect category selection we will move the submission to the correct category.
The photos pass into ownership of Beaders Best Publishing and will not be returned. Beaders Best Publishing is allowed to use a photo suitable to any article in any issue of Perlen Poesie magazine with a beadwork artist credit.
Registration deadline is December 31, 2011. Entries who reach us after this date will be rejected.
Our tips:
Photos are not allowed to be signed or marked in any way. It is not allowed to show a person on your photo or any logo or trademark. If so, your submission will be rejected.
All participants whose submissions are selected by the jury will consent to send in their pieces (for presentation only) to the Beaders Best Bead Art Fair by July 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. These show pieces will be returned after the Bead Art Fair, August 18-19, 2012.
The Jury:
Jean Campbell (USA) - Bead and jewelry artist, author
Sabine Lippert (Germany) - Bead and jewelry artist, author
Mike Poole (UK) - Lampwork and jewelry artist
Prof. Theo Smeets (Germany) - Jewelry designer, Professor of jewelry design at the "Fachhochschule Trier", precious stone and jewelry design in Idar-Oberstein
Ayako Ushirodani (Japan) - Jewelry and accessory designer for MIYUKI

There will be 5 nominations in each category after the jury has voted. They will be showcased on the Perlen Poesie website and as well in the Perlen Poesie magazine in June 2012. All the other entries will also be displayed on the website, and the visitors will vote for the public award among all entries. The winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be announced during the Second Beaders Best Bead Art Fair, August 18-19, 2012 at the Buergerhaus Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, Germany. Our sponsors offer generous prizes. The winners will be published in the Perlen Poesie magazine, September 2012 issue and also on the website. Participation is free of cost.

Submission Documents