International Bead Award Bead Contest Winners

International Bead Award
Lampwork Category
1 Place: "Citylife" by Andrea Schwarz, Germany
2 Place: "Pop Tart" by Martina Romer, Germany
3 Place: "Ei - Spiegelei Fusing" by Nadja Schmid-Muller, Germany
Loomwork Category
1 Place: "Death of a Purse" by Rebecca Blackwell, USA
2 Place: "The Wave" by Antje Knoche, Germany
3 Place: "Mohrendieb" by Catrin Maier, Germany
Off-Loom Category
1 Place: "Sweet Little Grasshopper!" by Ilka Weinreich, Germany
2 Place: "Grosstadtleben" by Luz Dr. Rodriguez Gonzalez, Spain
3 Place: "Perlen Poesie" by Victoria Katamashvili, Russia
Bead Crochet, Bead Knitting Category
1 Place: "Painting a Rainbow" by Svetlana Karimova, Poland
2 Place: "Summer" by Olga Romanenko, Israel
3 Place: "Kugelschreiber Stilblute" by Karin Kumpfel, Germany
Embroidery Category
1 Place: "Spaghetti with Tomato and Basil" by Anna Denisova, Italy
2 Place: "Promotion" by Svetlana Sametis, Latvia
3 Place: "Paradise Garden" by Tatjana Andre, USA
Paper, Textile Category
1 Place: "Patchwork Armband" by Olga Haserodt, Germany
2 Place: "Theatrical" by Svetlana Sametis, Latvia
3 Place: "Deckel mit Fahrrad" by Nadja Schmid-Muller, Germany
Polymer Clay, Ceramic, Porcelain Category
1 Place: "Vitamin" by Yuliya Galuschak, Ukraine
2 Place: "Mascot" by Lieselotte-Maria Felkel, Germany
3 Place: "Tropical Fairies" by Natalia Leytman, Germany
Wirewok Category
1 Place: "Carnival" by Natalya Bulba, Ukraine
2 Place: "Pop! Goes the Circle" by Dianne Karg Baron, Canada
3 Place: "Oktoberfest" by Babiy Elena, Germany
Mixed Media Category
1 Place: "Once Upon a Frog" by Andrea Landau, Italy
2 Place: "Dawn of the East" by Natalya Bulba, Ukraine
3 Place: "Crimson gift" by Natalia Leytman, Russia
Public voting: "Die Sonnenblumen" by Galina Baer, Austria