Battle of the BeadSmith. Rules

Battle of the BeadSmith
On April 1st 2013, 3 groups of 64 artists will be randomly selected. Random artist pairings will be created, establishing a first round of competition of 32 artists vs. artist "battles" in each group. (For example, group "A" might have the work of Californian Linda Roberts "battling" against the work of Vermont's Nancy Dale, and so on.)
Artists will then have until June 1st to create, a single piece of ORIGINAL beadwork, and submit four photos best highlighting their works most important elements. The 62 competitors in your group not involved in your round one "battle", and a group of 38 invited judges, will vote for the piece that best captures their imagination. A minimum of 70 votes will be enough to determine a winner, who will then move on to round two of the group competition.
The public will also be invited to vote for each Battle. The general public favorite will be awarded 10 "votes". This will maintain the importance of the artist votes, while giving the public a chance to be involved throughout the competition. Each round a piece moves to is an opportunity for an artist to add one new photo to his album. It is highly recommended to the artists to take 10-15 photos at one time to avoid the pressure to keep setting up photo sessions later on.
        • Round 1: 64 Artists, 32 Battles
        • Round 2: 32 Artists, 16 Battles
        • Round 3: 16 Artists, 8 Battles
        • Round 4: 8 Artists, 4 Battles
        • Round 5: 4 Artists, 2 Battles
        • Round 6: 2 Artists, 1 Battle
        • Winner of Group!!!
The winners of the groups A, B & C will be joined by one of the 3 artists who make the last round of the 3 group competitions. This artist will be chosen by a public vote. The winners of the groups A, B, C, and D (the public's choice) will Battle in the Champions Round.
          Champions Round 1:
          Artist winner from group "A" vs. Artist winner group "B"
          Artist winner from group "C" vs. Artist winner public choice "D"
          Champions Round Final:
          We have a Winner!!!!
All necklaces, bracelets, earring, brooches, headpieces, belts, handbags, or any other wearable adornments are acceptable for submission. Competitors can use almost any beads or materials, so long as the piece falls under the umbrella of beadweaving, bead embroidery or soutache work. Japanese seed beads***, Metal seed beads, Preciosa Czech seed beads, semiprecious stones, Swarovski and Preciosa Crystal, fire polished glass, and individually created art glass and ceramic beads etc. are all perfectly acceptable.
***As the BeadSmith has a relationship with the Miyuki Company of Japan, we have requested that competitors preferably use Miyuki Seed beads when using Japanese beads for this competition.