Floral Necklace Bead Contest. Rules

Floral Necklace Bead Contest
The necklace made by Veronique Lechevalier is shown as illustration.

We propose you to weave a floral necklace with flowers and leaves on a netting base. The necklace must be your original
work. Its photographs should not be published anywhere before the official contest results announcement. The contest is
free. The contest is international, worldwide beaders may participate. Photos make the judgment by the panel of four
independent jurors.
Applied techniques
1. The base of the necklace must be woven in simple netting technique. Embroidery and bead insertion into the netting base
    is not permitted.
2. The netting base should be no more than 70% embellished with different elements.
3. The elements include:
      - bead woven flowers and leaves as main decoration, use following stitches only: peyote stitch, square stitch, brick stitch,
         St. Petersburg chain stitch, herringbone stitch;
      - coral branches, loops, fringes and other simple beaded elements are allowed as secondary decoration elements.
4. The finished piece is entirely needle woven, sticking of elements is not allowed.
1. You can select any color palette you want.
1. Seed beads of any size (Miyuki round or Delica, Toho round or Treasure, or other seed bead brands) must be a minimum
    of 80% of the necklace.
2. Other bead types must be no more than 20% of the necklace.
3. Cabochons and materials other than beads are not allowed.
1. Jurors will score each entry upon three criteria:
      - creative capacity;
      - technical quality;
      - compliance with the theme of the contest.
Photo requirements:
1. The participant sends one photo showcasing the entire necklace.
2. The size of the photo is 800 x 600 pixels maximum.
3. Save images in JPG file format with resolution 72 dots per inch (dpi) or more, a file size should not exceed 1 Mb.
4. The entry must be photographed against white background.
5. Avoid using props or models. No text or other identifiers in the image (to accommodate anonymity during judging).
    The entrant's name will be revealed after results announcement.
1. Entry photo is to be sent until Midnight May 17, 2013, at following email address: perlesetdentelles(at)yahoo.fr.
2. The sending of your photo will validate your registration.
3. Please indicate in the email:
      - your full name;
      - your nickname (if exists);
      - the link of your site, blog or album if you have one (it's not necessary to have it to participate in the contest);
      - your country of residence.
4. Languages to be used in your correspondence are: English, French or Russian.
1. The contest awards are:
      - First, Second and Third prizes awarded by the contest sponsors;
      - special prize "Encouragement For Creation" awarded by the Perles et Dent'Elles Blog team.
1. Publication of photos in the Perles et Dent'Elles Blog: June 3, 2013, and in My Lovely Beads e-Newsletter.
2. Three first place winners are published first.
3. The special prize winner is published fourth.
4. Other entries will be published in order of arrival.
      - www.perlesandco.com
      - www.bricolart.com
      - www.greenbird.ru
      - www.newperle.fr
      - www.totalrocailles.com
      - www.lesfeescreatives.com
      - www.lesperlesdepaline.fr
This contest is held by the team of the blog Perles et Dent'Elles Blog:
      - Coco-Labijoutisse
      - Nouchka
      - Veronik
      - Zaza
Happy beading!!!