January, 2010

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Happy New 2010 Year!

We are happy to meet you in 2010! Stay with us! In the 2010 first issue of MyLovelyBeads.com newsletter:

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Stone of January: GARNET

Stone of January:

Garnet is known as the stone of health - ridding the body of negative energies and transmuting them to a beneficial state. Also know in the past as a stone of commitment - to purpose, to others, to oneself. Zodiac signs: Capricorn (Seagoat), Leo (Lion), Aquarius (Water Bearer), Virgo (Virgin).

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Legends on ruby

ruby as a month birthstone is mentioned twice: for July and along with garnet as a gem for January. There are many legends about the ruby. It was believed that the wearer of the ruby was blessed with health, wealth, wisdom and outstanding success in the affairs of the heart. The wearer also acquired the magic ability to live in peace with his enemies, as long as the ruby was worn on the left hand or as a brooch on the left side. According to ancient verse of uncertain origin,

The gleaming ruby should adorn,
All those who in July are born.
For thus they'll be exempt and free.
From lover's doubts and anxiety.

Biblical references to ruby call it the most precious of stones, and similar reference are found in Sanskrit. Hindus believed that the color was due to an inextinguishable fire that burned in the stone - would even cause water to boil. The Native Americans believed that offerings of a fine ruby would result in rebirth as a powerful emperor, and the ruby's color like blood led to belief that ruby would protect wearer from injury.

Mining for rubies started some 2,500 years ago, and to this date, ruby mining is still being undertaken in some parts of Asia such as Thailand and Burma, Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the United States. But Burma, now known as Myanmar, is the most well known source of fine rubies. Studies have shown that ruby mining in Burma could be traced way back into the Stone Age and Bronze Age, as proven by tools found in the Mogok mining area. Thailand, on the other hand, is considered today as the most important trading center in the world when it comes to ruby trading. There have also been discoveries of rubies in some areas in Vietnam and most recently in Madagascar.

Sovereigns or crowned heads often turned to rubies for help in prediction and consequently preventing impending danger. Royalties kept rubies in their possession to protect them against vulnerability. They also believed that the stone turns dark in color when imminent danger is at hand and returns to its original shade when the threat is gone.

Ruby inherent eternal flame, its brilliance, the way the shade of red is refracted on each facet of the stone, giving a different red every time you turn it towards the sun, and the rich legend surrounding it; these are only some of the finest qualities of ruby that make it precious and rare. This is why some true-blue romantics prefer it to diamonds. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, and yes, they may spell forever, but forever does not cross over to eternity. A ruby's eternal flame does.

3rd anniversary of MyLovelyBeads.com!

January is our birth month, this year we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of MyLovelyBeads.com! We already left behind us three years, it was the time for us to grow, and there is no limit! We have showcased artworks by many recognized bead artists, published a lot of new articles and interesting facts on jewelry, jewelry making articles and tutorials, and beadwork galleries of many artists.

We have already sent out our monthly illustrated newsletter the last issue you're reading now to more than 6,500 subscribers from all over the world; and we are still developing the site to make you feel better when you come to us! We love our customers and visitors! Stay with us!

Welcome to MyLovelyBeads.com!

Featured artist

Bead artist Tina Hauer

Our featured artist this month is Tina Hauer. Seed bead artist Tina Hauer had lived in San Diego, California, ever since she left Moreno Valley and joined the U.S. Navy at 20 years of age.

She learned the craft from numerous classes taught by the Shepherdess from 2000-2007. She first saw an amulet necklace that a friend at work showed her, and when Tina found out her friend had made it; she immediately became obsessed about the craft, thinking and hoping she would also be able to make beaded jewelry. So off she went to the Shepherdess in San Diego.

Her favorite instructors teaching those classes were owner (at that time) Marcie Stone, Maria Martinez, Ana Garcia, Laura McCabe, Leslee Frumin, Diane Fitzgerald, Christen Brown, Margo Field, Maggie Meister, and Leslie Frazier. She has also learned a lot from assisting Marcia DeCoster with her own beading business and considers Marcia a mentor for her.

Tina says, she is attracted to any objects/art work made from glass, and having a Virgo Moon (organized and analytical, she just calls it being anal, and that anal is good) is where the tedious process of controlling those teeny tiny glass beads comes from. "I love organic freeform pieces and peyote stitch," Tina says. She also loves adding silk ribbon flowers to freeform beaded neckpieces.

Tina is patiently waiting for retiring from civil service in 2012 where she will be able to spend more than 1-2 hours a night beading. She also hopes to then have more time to work on her small business website and sell jewelry pieces, beaded jewelry kits, and offer to teach beading classes.

Tina says, "I incorporate things I've learned into my pieces, which I develop mostly magazine pictures of fine jewelry. I love the idea of making pieces out of seed beads that look like fine gold and silver jewelry." The first two items she submitted in two different contests were both finalists:

- 2009 Bead & Button's Bead Dreams Competition, Bollywood Jewels Necklace;
- Fire Mountain Gems 2009 Beading Contest which she came in 2nd place for
   the category Freeform Expression, Silver Reef Necklace.

Keep going, dear Tina, we wish you success!

Beadwork by Tina Hauer on MyLovelyBeads.com
Email: tnahowru@cox.net
Website: www.ib-beading.com
Blog: tnahowru.wordpress.com
Beadwork gallery: www.picturetrail.com/tnahowru

Fashion Colorworks 2010

In March we will launch our first beading online contest - Fashion Colorworks 2010. In September 2009 Pantone Color Institute, the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems announced its top 10 colors for spring 2010, and we decided to open a beading contest where beadworkers will implement to their 50% seed bead objects one of the three color combinations made up from fashion colors, a very interesting mix of bright and neutral tones!


First color combination: Amparo Blue, Turquoise, Pink Champagne;
Second color combination: Tomato Puree, Fusion Coral, Violet;
Third color combination: Dried Herb, Eucalyptus, Aurora.

The official Fashion Colorworks 2010 rules will be published in the next issue, now we work with our sponsors and jurors to provide an interesting competition for all goal-seeking beadworkers! Stay tuned! Contact us with any questions and suggestions at info@mylovelybeads.com.

Siberian bead artist

Bead artist Natalia Pechenkina

Don't think that Siberia is a complete wilderness! That's the country of brave and talented people; one of them is our guest today. Natalia Pechenkina lives in a small town of Ust-Kut, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia. She was introduced to seed beads when she was over 40, and her first beadwork was the bead embroidery on canvas featuring a bunch of violets. As Natalia says, she has worked on that bead painting for a few months! She liked the result, since then beading came to her life. Natalia continued her attempts creating mostly flowers using beads and wire; and gifted her items to her friends.

Soon Natalia understood that she need to learn beading, and bought Beadweaving Book by M.I. Anufrieva, also know as the "White Russian" book - stuffed full of Russian beading techniques; and a lot of other books. "That is not enough," Natalia decided, and started looking for live beading classes. The best ones she found out were in Moscow, and Natalia went to the Russia capital city, where she took classes taught by E. Naimish, and later by Olga Romm. Natasha says, that it was pleasure to visit Moscow, to make new friends, and to learn new techniques.

Natalia has been beading for 4 years and she says, "It's a pity, that I knew beading so late!" Her favorite techniques are embroidery on a netted beaded base, and bead embroidery in general. She likes free-form style best of all, and she says, that creating beaded jewelry of that type allows her to combine a few techniques in one item, and make her artistic dreams live.

Natalia likes gemstones, especially gem cabochons and likes incorporating them into a beaded piece. She says, that sometimes she draws sketches and then picks up appropriate gems, but very often a combination of gems leads her to a design. Both ways are productive! Natalia is not afraid of redoing almost finished piece, the main goal she tries to reach is a piece that will be liked by the others.

Since 2008 Natalia has participated in many local and national exhibitions, and entered many beading contests where she won a few prizes. Natalia believes that such events allows her to compare her skills with others, and help her improve craftsmanship.

Best of luck, Natalia!

Beadwork gallery by Natalia Pechenkina
Email: river@bk.ru

Step by step - beaded dragonfly

How to make: Dragonfly from beads and wire

We have already given you tutorials on making little beaded critters, mouse and crocodile. Today we suggest you to try another one. Natalia Bulba from Kharkov, Ukraine publishes her picture tutorial "How to make dragonfly from beads and wire". It's very descriptive and understandable; and that work will not require any special materials except beads and wire. We hope, you will like it!

How to make: Dragonfly from beads and wire

For the St. Valentine's Day - tutorial by V.Katamashvili:
How to make beaded "Heart"

Upcoming events

J.O.G.S. Gem & Jewelry Show J.O.G.S. Gem & Jewelry Show

January 29 - February 09, 10, 2010
Tucson Expo Center, Tucson, Arizona

J.O.G.S. Gem and Jewelry Show is the largest and most popular independent jewelry trade show in the Tucson, Arizona area. Wholesale jewelry manufacturers, miners and international dealers gather in Tucson every winter.

Each J.O.G.S. show is held in the state of the art Tucson Expo Center, one of Tucson's largest professional convention centers. The whole show takes place under one roof and on the same floor, ensuring that buyers visit every booth and no vendor gets left out. Great promotion, a complimentary lunch buffet for the buyers, top security and a red carpet atmosphere has been responsible for the success of the J.O.G.S. show. This year specials:

• more than 146 classes include wire wrapping and beading classes, fine macrame, PMC classes
• exhibition of unique jewelry made by internationally recognized jewelry designers
• presentation of the new Mixed Media. Jewelry Techniques Book

A few pictures from J.O.G.S. Gem & Jewelry Show 2009
Jewelry and beading classes at J.O.G.S


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