November, 2010

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Stone of November: AMBER

Stone of November:

Helps remove energy blockages, strengthens physical body. Excellent for enhancing altered states of consciousness. Zodiac signs: Gemini (Twins), Leo (Lion), Aquarius (Water Bearer).

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Cat's eye fact sheet

The traditional November gemstones are yellow topaz, citrine and amber. India people add to that list cat's eye. Several gemstones that, when cut and polished, display a luminous band reminiscent of the eye of a cat; this particular quality is termed chatoyancy. The chatoyant effect is due to minute parallel cavities. The most common quartz cat's-eye owes its chatoyancy and grayish-green or greenish color to parallel fibres of asbestos in the quartz.

Although other minerals such as tourmaline, scapolite, corundum, spinel and quartz can form "cat's eye" stones similar in appearance to cymophane, the jewelry industry designates these stones as "quartz cat's eyes", or "ruby cat's eyes" and only chrysoberyl can be referred to as "cat's eye" with no other designation. Precious, or oriental, cat's-eye, the rarest and most highly prized, is a yellow-greenish chatoyant variety of chrysoberyl called cymophane.

An alexandrite cat's eye is a chrysoberyl cat's eye that changes color. "Milk and honey" is a term commonly used to describe the color of the best cat's eyes. The effect refers to the sharp milky ray of white light normally crossing the cabochon as a center line along its length and overlying the honey colored background. The honey color is considered to be top-grade by many gemologists but the lemon yellow colors are also popular and attractive. Cat's eye material is found as a small percentage of the overall chrysoberyl production wherever chrysoberyl is found.

Cat's eye really became popular by the end of the 19th century when the Duke of Connaught gave a ring with a cat's eye as an engagement token, this was sufficient to make the stone more popular and increase its value greatly. Until that time, cat's eye had predominantly been present in gem and mineral collections. The increased demand in turn created an intensified search for it in Ceylon. Early 20th century prices could go up as high as $8000 for a cut stone.

Fashion Colorworks 2011 is starting!

The second International Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest is on its way! This year beadworkers will be able to submit their works in three categories: Seed Bead Jewelry, Finished Jewelry, and Beaded Objects and Accessories. Entries in each category should be made in one of the three color combinations made up from Pantone Color Institute fashion colors for spring 2011:


First color combination:
Russet (CMYK: 44-67-76-9; RGB: 92614C)
Coral Rose (CMYK: 0-63-86-0; RGB: F47D39)
Blue Curacao (CMYK: 63-0-22-0; RGB: 4AC3CC)

Second color combination:
Lavender (CMYK: 33-32-0-0; RGB: A9A6D2)
Peapod (CMYK: 56-0-51-0; RGB: 71C59B)
Silver Cloud (CMYK: 25-19-23-0; RGB: C0C0BB)

Third color combination:
Regatta (CMYK: 73-28-0-0; RGB: 3397D3)
Silver Peony (CMYK: 3-13-15-0; RGB: F4DDD0)
Beewax (CMYK: 0-30-78-0; RGB: FDBA51)

The official Fashion Colorworks 2011 rules will be published on in a couple of days. Contact us with any questions and suggestions at We still invite sponsors for the Fashion Colorworks 2011 contest!

Fashion Colorworks 2010. Finalist

Bead artist Tatiana Kobets

Finalist - Spring Aroma Necklace
Tatiana Kobets, Odessa, Ukraine

Tatiana Kobets' amazing sping-looking beadwork was also juried into the final of Fashion Colorworks 2010 Beading Contest. Tatiana lives in Odessa, Ukraine; and counts off her beading experience since she was 5-10 years old.

In her childhood Tatiana has played with her mom's old beaded jewelry pieces, tearing threads and making up new beads by her own. In the beginning of 80s she bought a book Fairy Ornaments by Engelisa Litvinets, and started as she says her real beadwork.

It was difficult to buy nice beads at that time, and Tatiana has used what she saved from past. She has learned basic beading techniques and crafted simple necklaces. The next return to beading occurred in about 1998, when her daughter, Asya, was 6 years old. The trivial story: Asya tore her small beaded bracelet; and Tatiana repaired it.

Tatiana's daughter got interested in the beading process, and mom started teaching her. Then Asya's friends joined her, and Tatiana has given classes to all of them. Soon Tatiana was suggested to teach beadwork to kids at the youth art center.

At first, Tatiana refused being afraid of working with kids, but then agreed. As she says, now she cannot imagine her life without her new children, even on vacation she invites them to home to discuss new designs and techniques.

Tatiana has never participated in any beading contests; Fashion Colorworks was her first one. She says that her young students persuaded her to enter, and she didn't regret: her opening became success. We believe, Tatiana shared with her students the happiness of the win!

We wish you success, Tatiana!

Gallery of beadwork by Tatiana Kobets
Blog (in Russian):

Fashion Colorworks 2010. Finalist

Bead artist Tatiana Zhuravlevich

Finalist - Rendezvous Necklace
Tatiana Zhuravlevich, Minsk, Belorussia

The last winner of the Fashion Colorworks 2010 we feature is Tatiana Zhuravlevich from Belorussia, another young beadworker. Her Rendezvous necklace attracted the common attention just after it was submitted, and in a couple of months it won the final. Our sincere congratulations to Tatiana!

Tatiana says, "Since my childhood I like art. As far as I remember, I was always crafting and even writing rhymes. Once upon the time beads came in to my life... In 2005 I was lucky to become a teacher giving art classes to kids. We scrapbooked, quilted, made toys. Little by little, we added beads to our artworks to embellish toy clothes, it was the only beadwork at that time, and I didn't know beading as much as I know it now. Most likely, I would say "bye-bye" to beads, if I haven't found bead forums in Internet.

When I saw beadworks of their members my first impression was, "If is it all beads???" Next day I already started s hopping beads trying to imagine my creative process. The new world opened to me!

I think today my creative work is just my first step on the way to success; I'm trying to find my own way in the world of beading. I know that I've got a lot to learn and to strive for. Sometimes looking at my first works I want to hide them from my friends. Techniques and designs that know now I used to consider the peak of beadwork.

Even now I like beading not complicated jewelry. Maybe, the reason of that is my permanent lack of spare time or patience. Nevertheless, I plan to create more intricate beadworks. I like looking at the beads, holding them in my hands, pouring and mixing them. Very often during such a meditation new ideas come to me. Sometimes inspiration comes from the usual things that seem not to be important and unworthy to be reflected in jewelry.

I noticed glowing cat's eyes in the dark, and created Predator necklace. A draw of a pike in a book inspired me to design Pike On The Hook necklace. I believe everything can be a source of inspiration: from a drop of dew to a planet, both of them are like a bead in shape!"

Full article by Tatiana Zhuravlevich
Gallery of beadwork by Tatiana Zhuravlevich
Blog (in Russian):

Perlen Poesie Magazine. Issue 7

On December 10, 2010, the new issue of Perlen Poesie will be out! In that issue:

• Anna E. Draeger: A portrait of the popular artist and Swarovski Ambassador;
• Perlen Poesie visited seven bead artists from France;
• The workshops of the First Bead Art Fair on 20-21 August, 2011, in Hamburg, Germany;
• 16 wonderful projects from well known bead designers: Anna Draeger, Zoya Gutina, Claudia Steens, Melissa Grakowsky, Sabine Lippert, Carol Dean Sharpe, Claudia Cattaneo, Birgit Bergemann and some more (yes, I'm in it, too!);
• And more, and more, and more!

The magazine is published in Germany by Beaders Best Verlag Company, but everybody can subscribe it. If you live in the USA, you can directly or via Internet buy single issues of the magazine at the Beads by Blanche bead shop. Just a reminder: deadline for submissions for the International Bead Award beading contest held by Perlen Poesie magazine is December 15, 2010!

International Bead Award beading contest
Subscribe to Perlen Poesie magazine
Buy Perlen Poesie magazine in the USA

Step by step - netted rope stitch

Netted rope stitch

Viktoria Katamashvili continues tutorials on rope stitches. Today we publish another one, which will teach you how to weave netted rope. This kind of rope has different texture than other rope stitches. We hope you'll find all rope techniques useful! Viktoria Katamashvili also provided a few samples of using netted rope stitch in jewelry making.

           Tutorial: Netted rope stitch

           Victoriya Katamashvili. Netted rope stitch in jewelry

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