February, 2011

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Is winter over?

It's hard to believe that a very long winter is coming to the end! In the February issue of MyLovelyBeads.com newsletter:

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Stone of February: AMETHYST

February Stone:

Physical representative of the Violet Ray. Cuts through illusion. Enhances psychic abilities. Excellent for meditation. Aids channeling abilities. Sedative, protective. Enhances feeling of contentment, and a connection to one's spirituality. Stone of peace and strength. Zodiac signs: Capricorn (Seagoat), Aquarius (Water Bearer), Pisces (Fish), Virgo (Virgin).

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Prehnite - gem for spring

Though amethyst is a gem for February, it's time to think about spring stones, and one of them is prehnite with its mostly green color. Prehnite color varies from light green to yellow, but also colorless, blue or white. In April 2000, a rare orange prehnite was discovered at the famous Kalahari Manganese Fields in South Africa. It is mostly translucent, and rarely transparent.

Prehnite is the first mineral to be named after someone, and was first described in 1789 for an occurrence in Haslach, Harzburg and Oberstein, Germany, and named for Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn (1733-1785), commander of the military forces of the Dutch colony at the Cape of Good Hope from 1768 to 1780. Extensive deposits of gem quality prehnite occur in the basalt tableland surrounding Wave Hill Station in the central Northern Territory, of Australia.

Notable occurrences include the type locality of Cape of Good Hope, South Africa as well as Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia, USA; Bombay, India; Harz Mountains, Germany; Austria; Scotland; Copper Valley, Namibia; Jeffery Quarry, Asbestos, Canada; China; New South Wales, Australia and France.

Prehnite is a serene stone of unconditional love. It's thought that it brings new friends, enhances the ability to make contact with unseen entities, multiplies and increases energy and strengthens ones protective fields. Prehnite is considered the stone for dreaming and remembering, it enhances precognition and shows you the way forward in your spiritual growth. Prehnite can be associated with many beautiful minerals and can make a fine specimen on its own. Its color, luster, associations and crystal habits make it a joy to own.

Happy International Women's Day!

On March 8 we celebrate International Working Woman's Day, a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. Started as a political event, the holiday blended in the culture of many countries.

Today many events are held by women's groups around the world (some that even close off libraries to men). The global women's organization Aurora hosts a free worldwide register of IWD local events so that women and the media can locate local activity. Many governments and organizations around the world support IWD. For example, HSBC hosts a range of IWD activity including co-hosting of the United Kingdom's flagship IWD event with women's group Aurora. Global interest in IWD shows a steady increase.

Happy holiday, dear friends!

Bead therapy

Our featured artist in February is Nancy Dale, a seed bead artist from Vermont, USA. We have known Nancy for a long time; her rich in color and texture beadwork is a great source of inspiration for many artists!

Nancy says, "I am a self-taught bead artist, I started beading over 19 years ago, and have been working with beads for almost 20 years; I also do scrapbooking sometimes, and make cards. I focus on seed beads, semiprecious stones, and precious metals in my work, and use handmade lampwork glass beads, cabochons and findings most of the time. My inspiration lies in many different places and eras, from Medieval to Victorian to Modern and from nature. I love trees, and they are liberally represented in my work.

Beading is not just what I do, but who I am. I originally started beadweaving as a form of therapy; my therapist inspired me to begin. The first stitch I learned was brick stitch, my absolute favorite beads are seed beads, I adore how they can be combined and stitched into limitless objects and jewelry designs.

My favorite colors to work with - wow, what a hard question to answer! I love all colors, with the exceptions of pastel shades, which just don't normally speak to me. I base most of my colorways on what my focal piece is; so I go with the colors in my cabochon or lampwork bead.

My favorite colors to work with - wow, what a hard question to answer! I love all colors, with the exceptions of pastel shades, which just don't normally speak to me. I base most of my colorways on what my focal piece is; so I go with the colors in my cabochon or lampwork bead..."

Full article by Nancy Dale
Beadwork by Nancy Dale
Email: nedale67@aol.com
Blog: nedbeads.blogspot.com
Artfire Shop: artfire.com/users/NEDbeads
Etsy Shop: etsy.com/shop/NEDbeads

Fashion Colorworks 2011 is waiting for you!

One more month to go, and we'll start getting entries for the second International Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest. As to us, we're excited! We're expecting more success than last year, we hope, so you are. This year beadworkers will be able to submit their works in three categories: Seed Bead Jewelry, Finished Jewelry, and Beaded Objects and Accessories, and the color combinations are:


First color combination:
Russet (CMYK: 44-67-76-9; RGB: 92614C)
Coral Rose (CMYK: 0-63-86-0; RGB: F47D39)
Blue Curacao (CMYK: 63-0-22-0; RGB: 4AC3CC)

Second color combination:
Lavender (CMYK: 33-32-0-0; RGB: A9A6D2)
Peapod (CMYK: 56-0-51-0; RGB: 71C59B)
Silver Cloud (CMYK: 25-19-23-0; RGB: C0C0BB)

Third color combination:
Regatta (CMYK: 73-28-0-0; RGB: 3397D3)
Silver Peony (CMYK: 3-13-15-0; RGB: F4DDD0)
Beewax (CMYK: 0-30-78-0; RGB: FDBA51)

Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest Rules

Lacy style in beading

Bead artist Irina Slobodyanik

We're glad to feature another amazing beadworker, Irina Slobodyanik, from Kiev, Ukraine. Irina's stunning works are really eye-catching and truly one-of-a-kind. Having just of few years of experience she made a great success!

Irina says, "Fascination with beads came to me in 2009, quite by accident. Once I went to the craft store and saw how one customer has opted for a frame for a picture, which she created using cross-stitch. I loved this picture; I immediately chose the scheme of embroidery and set to work.

The second picture made me want to embroider with beads, as a small cross from a distance look like small beads. Then I wanted to make the volume picture, and I decided to learn beading, because I did not even know how to attach beads to one another, and to hide the ends of threads - it's all been a complete mystery! In the search engine, I typed the word "beads, courses" and saw the unreal beauty items, created with seed beads!

I must confess that for me it was a great revelation. I could not imagine that the beads can create such beauty! My idea of the beads was short on knowledge about what is Baubles, and on the Internet I saw a magnificent three-dimensional braided work by Albina Polyanskaya, wonderful "terry" fabulous jewelry by Irina Belinskaya, embroidery by Sherri Serafini and still a huge amount of absolutely fantastic beaded items!

And from that moment my whole life has taken a different course. All this I immediately wanted to learn. I chose the six-month course and signed up for the next lesson. The courses I was completely captivated, I learned the basic techniques of weaving, to understand how to combine them, learned to weave on elastic and thread. In parallel, I sought more information on how to weave, as well as buying interest magazines and books..."

Full article by Irina Slobodyanik
Beadwork gallery by Irina Slobodyanik
Email: irika-art@mail.ru
Blog (in Russian): irika-art.livejournal.com
Beadwork Gallery: irika-art.gallery.ru

Fashion Colorworks. Meet the sponsor

Rings & Things - Beads and Findings

Rings & Things provides professional craftspeople with wholesale beads and jewelry supplies for turning craft into wearable art jewelry. The company works to offer quality parts at reasonable prices, and is happy to explain uses for findings and suggest ways to combine particular products. With over 18,000 beads, jewelry findings and supplies, plus free how-to information and design inspirations, their goal is to be your jewelry-component source for decades, not just one or two orders!

Rings & Things offers wholesale quantity pricing for those who need it, and smaller-quantity options for those just starting out, and those who want to try a few things first ($50 minimum order; $25 with a $4 fee). Shopping Rings & Things is easy, because you have so many options:

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In addition to regular stock available in their print catalog and online store, Rings & Things' Spokane showroom and traveling bead shows offer unique, limited-quantity gemstone strands, African trade beads and more!

Rings-Things.com Rings-Things.com Rings-Things.com Rings-Things.com

Rings & Things is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and a Certified Spokane Sustainable Business. Co-owner Russ Nobbs started his jewelry career in the 1960's, selling handmade pins and earrings at state fairs. In 1972, he opened a small retail jewelry store in Spokane, WA, and Rings & Things was born. Now primarily a wholesale mail-order business, the company continues to grow, thanks to fellow craftspeople like you. Rings & Things looks forward to serving you!

Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest Rules

Perlen Poesie Magazine. Issue 8

This month the new issue of Perlen Poesie, Number 8, will be out! In that issue:

• Bead-Pop-Art. Suzanne Golden: Large beads in bold colors - Suzanne creates pure eye-catchers. Read about this artist and admire her fabulous designs;
• Weben mit Rahmen. Gisela Hoffmann: One of the few German artists who is very successful in her range but not well known. Meet this outstanding loom and off-loom bead artist and create her loomwork bag "Hana-Bi";
• New outfits for beads. Refinements & Finishes: Beads do not only convince because of shape and color but also because of further finishes. Selected beads and their special definitions;
• Beadwork-Engineer. Martina Nagele: She plans everything precisely before she starts working; this is the way she works. The results speak for themselves!
• And of course 14 new incredible instructions!

The magazine is published in Germany by Beaders Best Verlag Company, you can subscribe it. If you live in the USA, you can directly or via Internet buy single issues of the magazine at the Beads by Blanche bead shop.

Subscribe to Perlen Poesie magazine
Buy Perlen Poesie magazine in the USA
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