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Happy springtime!

Happy blossom Springtime, our dear friends! We are again with you and happy to see you! Read in the April's issue of MyLovelyBeads.com newsletter:

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Stone of April: CLEAR QUARTZ

April Stone:

Clear quartz is the universal stone. Everyone should have one! It is a pure and powerful energy source. It receives, activates, stores, transmits, and amplifies energy. Stimulates brain functions and activates all levels of consciousness. Excellent for meditation. Brings harmony to the soul. Zodiac signs: all of them.

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Gemstone from ancientry

Have you ever noticed how beautiful and attractive is jewelry with a petrified fossil, mammoth bones, petrified wood and other such venerable age of antiquities in the tens or hundreds of millions of years? Funny question, isn't it? These ancient gems excite the imagination and attract with its unusual appearance and inconceivable age. So that certainly is not only noticed, but they themselves make or buy decorations with these rarities. And have you ever heard about jewelry with dinobones, gems of dinosaurs?

Yes, it's fossilized dinosaur bones - the fossil, which arose as a result of saturation of the remains of ancient dinosaurs with minerals from aqueous solutions, which gradually filled the pores, while maintaining bone structure. Dinobone (from DINOSAUR and BONE) is a raw material for lapidary works of art, because many of the dinosaur bones found are of no value to paleontologists, as they are in poor condition, often fragmented and broken into pieces. Therefore usually finds of fossil bones in the nature are not remarkable. Decorative appearance dinobone acquires only after final polishing.

Substance of dinosaur bones is replaced by different minerals. Most often it is limestone or calcium, giving the fossil sand color, as well as quartz, filling voids of bones. There are dinobones with hematite, pyrite or marcasite. Colors and shades of dinobone vary, but most common are red, yellow and blue-gray, and one of the rarest dinobone species contain cells filled with agate in different colors.

Dinobones are the most beautiful when they are cut, so often they are treated as cabochons of different shapes, which means that they are quite fertile material for beadworkers. In the U.S., where the remains of ancient reptiles are found most often, dinobone is considered stone for men and used for the design of men's jewelry. Due to the fact that the nature of dinobone was opened relatively recently, this gem has not yet had time to acquire and legends. But dinobone, by virtue of its origin, is petrified legend itself that has come down to us through the hundreds of millions of years.

Fashion Colorworks 2011

Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest

Last year one of the contest jurors, Kerrie Slade, said, "Now, there are lots of good reasons to have a go at this contest, not only is it a great personal challenge to work in set color combinations, but it's free to enter, it's open to international entrants, judging is from photos only (so you don't have to worry about packing and posting your creation) and there are prizes to be won - how many beading contests can say all of that?"

Entry   Entry   Entry   Entry

The contest continues, you can submit your entries for the Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest in three categories until June 15. On the pictures above you can see fragments of four first entries we received. You think, "Beadworks must be amazing", and you're right! We are looking forward to seeing your stunning beaded objects at the contest!

Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest Rules

Unique beadwork and beyond

Bead artist Eva Maria Keiser

Eva Maria Keiser, an American bead artist, is well known by her amazing mostly 3-D beadworks as well as her bead tutorials. She has been beading for many years, and her beautiful jewelry is a real eye-catcher that always attracts common attention.

Eva Maria says, "From my early years in Austria, to my current home in the USA, my world travels, education, and life itself, have been further enriched by the ability to express myself artistically. It has been a long journey to the medium of beads, but well worth it. Beadwork allows me to remember, to forget, to forgive, and to have a universal voice. I am thankful for the many who live their art and who taught and shared with me their way of life; expressly to the matrons of my informative years, who were very talented and enterprising.

They taught me by example and by lesson how to be resourceful and to rely on imagination and intuition. They excelled in clothing construction (sans patterns), culinary skills and the ability to see great humor during most difficult of times. Their homes were warm, elegantly arranged and embellished with inherited and needle crafted fineries. There was always delicious food cooking and music from the great composers in the background. Fresh cut flowers on dustless furniture in beautiful crystal vases rounded the senses. There was also an abundance of fine stationery and writing instruments, which intrigued me, the most.

These wonderful teachers encouraged my curiosity, which was fortunate for me, because "how" was and still is my favorite question. How is this made, how can I do it, and sometimes how can this be?

From the age of five, needlework was a regular part of my studies. I would watch my mother and marvel as her graceful fingers moved swiftly across fabric leaving a trail of the smallest most precise stitches. And I was mesmerized by the beautiful colors. My fingers were so clumsy and the stitches uneven, but I quickly learned that persistence is a virtue. I soon performed stitches worthy of fine fabric application rather than the coarse "practice" cloth. With those sessions came stories of family, heritage, and tales of myth..."

Full article by Eva Maria Keiser
Bead artwork by Eva Maria Keiser
Email: keiserdesigns@gmail.com
Website: www.keiserdesigns.com
Blog: keiserdesigns.blogspot.com
E-Patterns and Tutorials: www.keiserdesigns.com/KDC_Learn.htm
(please keep in mind they are for personal use only)

Juicy summer jewelry

Bead artist Alexandra Matveenko

Another guest of our newsletter, Alexandra Matveenko, originally is from Yakutsk (Eastern Siberia), and now she lives in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. It is always pleasure to see her bright multicolor pieces of jewelry!

Alexandra says, "As far as I remember, crafts have always been present in my life and it was only natural that I'm crafting: all my friends addicted to embroidery and knitting. Now I cannot say exactly who taught me. Something I learned in the classroom work at school, something from friends and something out of magazines. Fortunately, I easily learn and my parents were pleased to receive gifts made by the hands of his daughter.

My mother sometimes sewed on the machine, I cannot remember anything more, my parents were focused on their work, so my craft hobbies were not a family ones. I was engaged in embroidery and cros-stitching, sewing, knitting, flame paintings on wood - I loved everything, because I was getting the pleasure of creation, when a coil of thread turns blouse, and a piece of fabric - a skirt.

Beads have always attracted me; the first memory of it is connected for me with the design of bile. Bile is a traditional ornament on the footwear of the Siberian natives. When I was little I liked to watch bright patterns, so that later I often decorated knitted or sewn clothes with beads. It is ridiculous to say, but in my works I tried to imitate the Lesage designers, although now I've learned more about that school, and my efforts seem to me very naive.

My attitude to the beads changed about three years ago, when I first saw the amazing works by Huib Peterson. It was a shock. By that time I met many wonderful beadworks, but Huib's jewelry impressed me most of all, his articles are amazing and caught me with color decisions, shapes, designs and overall look. Since then I have nothing to think of except creating beaded floral jewelry.

I am sometimes asked why I'm doing only beaded jewelry with flowers instead of creating flowers out of beads and wire. The answer is simple: I like making jewelry, hence my choice. I love the process of making ornaments from material selection until finishing with the choice of packaging. It's nice to know that you're doing something that causes joy and delight of others..."

Full article by Alexandra Matveenko
Beadwork gallery by Alexandra Matveenko
Email: iv.sasha@mail.ru
Facebook: facebook.com/alexandra.matveenko
Website (in Russian): ms-pulsatilla.livejournal.com

International Bead Award Contest

After its hard work the International jury selected the Winner-Nominations of the International Bead Award Contest supported by the Perlen Poesie Magazine. There are more than 300 submissions, and the panel of jurors has made an outstanding job! During the Beaders Best Bead Art Fair on August 20, 2011 the winners of the IBA contest will be announced, and the special public award and other prizes will be given to the winners and finalists.

From April 7 to August 7, 2011 the visitors of the Perlen Poesie Magazine website can vote for their personal favorite among all entries by pressing one of the gray stars. The most right star scores entry 10 points, and the left one - 1 point. Public voting will not change the nominations that are marked with a little star next to the entry title.

Vote now and have fun!

Finalist: Art Nouveau Restored Necklace by Zoya Gutina

Icy Flowers Necklace by Zoya Gutina

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