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Stone of July: CARNELIAN

Stone of July:

A stone of ambition and drive, carnelian is a power stone. Excellent career stone, it is very helpful in making choices and decisions. Carnelian is the most powerful action stone for focusing, realization and self-actualization. Increases physical energy. Protection against the emotions of fear and anger. Zodiac signs: Taurus (Bull), Cancer (Crab), Leo (Lion).

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Shungite - natural wonder

Mother Nature created the gem which is the only one that makes scientists wonder even now, it is called shungite. Shungite is found at the only place in the world - near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia. This leads many to believe that shungite will someday cost more than gold.

It is thought that it was formed around two billion years ago and the fact that this mineral is composed of nearly every element of the Periodic Table is quite unusual. Although it is widely known that not every one of these elements is good for your health, only the health beneficial components in shungite are absorbed by water. Not only that but the natural structures and complexes of the water found in shungite deposits are thought by many experts to be on a par with that of a living cell.

There are a few theories as to where shungite actually came from. Some believe that it is part of a huge meteorite which fell to earth, bringing with it part of a planet called Phaeton which had decomposed. Many scientists believe that Phaeton actually had life forms which were carbon based. Another theory says that sea scurf rich in organic remains of primitive microscopic organisms existed in shallow bays of the ancient sea formed a material that produced shungite.

Some researchers assert that shungite came from volcanic deposits which were expelled. The volcanic ejection of the shungite substance would have played the same role as the hypothetical Phaeton fragment. Whichever of these theories may hold the truth, it cannot be disputed that shungite with its unique healing qualities and abundance of remarkable characteristics, is a mineral like nothing else on earth.

Full article on shungite

Fashion Colorworks 2011 became history

Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest

Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest became history. This year we had 99 participants from countries, and 149 entries! We would like to say THANK YOU to all entrants, jurors, and sponsors who helped us make the contest successful. Our sponsors say,

Artbeads.com: We at Artbeads want to say how much we enjoyed seeing all the beautiful and inspiring entries in this year's Fashion Colorworks 2011. We were awed by the breathtaking beauty and creativity of all of the entrants' designs. We want to extend our gratitude to the lovely and talented Zoya Gutina who put this wonderful international beading competition together and to everyone who participated. We look forward to 2012!

BeadsUnlimited.co.uk: Beads Unlimited were very proud to sponsor the Fashion Colorworks 2011 competition in the Beaded Objects And Accessories Category. The competition has fast become a "must do" for serious beaders around the world and the standard was astounding. Seed beads are a big favorite for us and it's always exciting to see what people do with them. We were blown away by the winning entry from Evgeniya Semina. The attention to detail and quality of work on her wedding dress, entitled "Falling In Love With Life All The More" was exemplary. Angelika Motzkin's statement piece, Magnolia Handbag, with its myriad of stitches and ideas, was a very worthy second. Aleksey Soloviev's Dream Of Flight Tie combined humor with technical prowess. We just can't wait to see what fantastic designs next year's competition brings!

Fashion Colorworks Contest Entry   Fashion Colorworks Contest Entry   Fashion Colorworks Contest Entry

Beaded Jewelry
Margarita Kruchinina, Rostov-on-Don, Russia for Original Rus Set
Finished Jewelry
Julia Turova, Krasnoyarsk, Russia for Harlequin Beetle Necklace
Beaded Objects And Accessories
Evgeniya Semina, Orenburg, Russia for Falling In Love With Life All The More Wedding Dress
Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest - Winners

Fashion Colorworks 2011. First Place Winners

Today we begin featuring Fashion Colorworks 2011 winners. Of course we start with the First Place Winners. You had already a chance to know Evgeniya Semina (she was the Second Place Winner last year), and Julia Turova was our feature in March. This year we decided to change the usual format of our articles about winners, and we are glad to suggest you the interview with all First Place Winners together, from left to right: Margarita Kruchinina, Julia Turova, Evgeniya Semina.

Bead artist Margarita Kruchinina   Bead artist Julia Turova   Bead artist Evgeniya Semina

1. When and under what circumstances did you hear about your victory in the contest?

On July 1, in the forest at the sea shore, after a hard trip and setting up our camp I called Celia - my friend and student. After learning that my work has won first place, I didn't believe my ears and repeated my question about the contest result. My friends were very happy for me and congratulated. We invited our friends who played guitar, built a big bonfire and sang songs until dawn.

I knew the result on July 1, 2011, at 4:17 am my local time. It was good that I was lying in my bed when I read about the victory on the screen of my smartphone, otherwise I would fell into a swoon. For me, being juried into the final of this prestigious competition was a surprise, and winning - the more!

It so happened that on the day summing up, my "chief adviser and critic", my mother and I had to leave my city for two days. Getting up a bit earlier, I turned on my computer and saw my name in the list of winners, but I didn't realized what it meant, we embarked on the road. Only after returning home, tired from the long-distance road, I learned that I not only made the First Place in my category, but I also won People's Choice Award!

2. What were your feelings when you realized that you won?

Great joy, of course! Frankly, even now I can hardly believe that. I take this victory as a miracle, a gift of destiny and advance in the future.

I still don't quite understand what happened. It seems to me, some other beadweavers' works were much better than mine, more complex, richer in materials and more labor-intensive. When heart drops finally affected, inexplicable joy entirely replaced my first shock!

At first, looking at the winners page, I could not believe my eyes. Then... Then, shouting "Hurrah!" - rushed to kiss and hug my mother, my double win was her merit, too.

3. What place in the competition did you expect to win to win, when submitted your application?

I have never thought about that.

I confess, I counted to reach the final. This was my most daring dream because it was first time I participated in the contest of such a high level. I didn't believe I could win - ever. Especially, my friends and colleagues very skeptical of my chances.

I hoped to win because I put too much hard work into my submission. I hoped of any sort of prize - the first, second, third, but perhaps each participant hopes to win! The day before the results were announced I was all shaking: this year the judges were very strict and all works submitted for the contest were worthy of victory.

Full interview with First Place Winners
Beadwork by Margarita Kruchinina
Beadwork by Julia Turova
Beadwork by Evgeniya Semina

Jewelry and Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau is an international philosophy and style of art, architecture and applied art - especially the decorative arts - that were most popular during the late 1800s - beginning 20th-century, when many European artists, graphic designers, and architects rebelled against formal, classical approaches to design of the 19th century. They believed that the greatest beauty could be found in nature.

The style was influenced strongly by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha, when Mucha produced a lithographed poster, which appeared on 1 January 1895 in the streets of Paris as an advertisement for the play Gismonda by Victorien Sardou, featuring Sarah Bernhardt. It popularized the new artistic style and its creator to the citizens of Paris. Initially named Style Mucha, (Mucha Style), the style was popularized by the famous Maison de l'Art Nouveau, a Paris art gallery for interior decoration opened and operated by Samuel Bing in 1896.

The fame of Bing's gallery was increased at the 1900 Exposition Universelle, where he presented coordinated - in design and color - installations of modern furniture, tapestries and "objets d'art". These decorative displays became so strongly associated with the style that the name of his gallery subsequently provided a commonly used term for the entire style.

Art Nouveau art and architecture flourished in major European cities between 1890 and 1914. As it moved through Europe, Art Nouveau went through several phases and took on a variety of names: Style Moderne and Style Nouille in France, Jugendstil in Germany, Sezession in Austria, Stile Liberty and Italy Floreale in Italy, Arte Noven in Spain, etc. Art Nouveau was a concerted attempt to create an international style based on decoration.

It was developed by a brilliant and energetic generation of artists and designers, who sought to fashion an art form appropriate to the modern age. During this extraordinary time old customs, habits, and artistic styles sat alongside new, combining a wide range of contradictory images and ideas. Many artists, designers, and architects were excited by new technologies and lifestyles, while others retreated into the past, embracing the spirit world, fantasy, and myth.

Art Nouveau jewelry is characterized by soft, curved shapes and sinuous, free-flowing lines, and usually featured natural designs, such as poppies, orchids, irises, water lilies, birds, dragonflies, lizards, butterflies, snakes. Organic motifs were not rendered realistically, but rather in a more stylized manner characteristic of the Asian arts. The world had become more familiar with Asian design from the international exhibitions of the latter nineteenth century. The representation of a female head with long flowing hair is prevalent in Art Nouveau jewelry as well as dancers, nymphs, mermaids. It was also an important motif of the concurrent Symbolist movement in literature and painting, which used images to present ideas.

Read the full article on Jewelry and Art Nouveau style

Fashion Colorworks. Meet the sponsor

Soft Flex Company leads the beading industry with simply the best products and services. They celebrate their innovative ideas and proudly inspire creativity with their passion to educate. Soft Flex Company manufactures beading and craft wire. They also sell tools, findings, crimps, beads and jewelry-making supplies. On their website, you can learn beading tips, get inspired with free beading project ideas and do your bead shopping all in one place! In the School of Design, browse useful charts and interesting beading articles, book reviews, fashion trends and more. Soft Flex Company is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of their customers.

Soft Flex Company's expert beader Sara Hardin answers your beading questions. Do you have a beading question or comment about their website? Ask Sara! You can also find Sara on the SoftFlexGirl blog, which she updates daily.

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Beads Direct...delivering your creative inspiration. Beads Direct has been established in the UK since 2004, providing a fantastic range of beads and jewelry making products to the UK, Europe and Worldwide. This family run business has always built their reputation on providing the best service they can, and as a result they have recently been recognized for providing excellent customer service by the website verygoodservice.com.

Beads Direct have a strong community of beaders and jewelry makers, with a huge, active following of over 7,500+ on Facebook. Why not join in the beady chat? You can also follow Beads Direct on Twitter and don't forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel, Beads Direct TV for FREE jewelry making tutorials! We hope to see you there!

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Bead Art Fair, Hamburg, Germany, August 20-21, 2011

The friends of bead art in Europe have waited for a long time for such an event - finally in 2011 it will take place! Perlen Poesie Magazine is proud to invite you to the First Bead Art and Jewelry Accessory Show in Europe! International artists, manufacturers, retailers and beading friends from all over Europe and Overseas will meet at this unmatched event.

The program includes different jewelry making classes that will be taught by internationally recognized bead artists: Laura Andrews, Jutta Tolzmann, Petra Tismer, Ute Kluwe, Sabine Lippert, Zoya Gutina, Kerrie Slade, Katharina Dietrich, Anja Schlotmann, Birgit Bergemann, Elke Leonhardt-Rath, Martina Nagele and other artists.

Perlen Poesie magazine is published in Germany by Beaders Best Verlag Company, you can subscribe it. If you live in the USA, you can directly or via Internet buy single issues of the magazine at the Beads by Blanche bead shop.

Beaders Best Bead Art Fair 2011
Jewelry Making Classes at the Bead Art Fair
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Upcoming events

Bead Fest Philadelphia Bead Fest Philadelphia

August 19 - 21, 2011
The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
100 Station Avenue
Oaks, PA 19456

The 10th annual Bead Fest Philadelphia festival is the largest bead & jewelry show on the East Coast. Special events include Meet the Teachers Reception - come and meet the world famous instructors. Learn more about what they are teaching and sign up for workshops. Instructors will also be selling their kits and jewelry.


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