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Happy New 2012 Year!

We are happy to meet you in 2012! Stay with us! In the 2012 first issue of MyLovelyBeads.com newsletter:

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Stone of January: GARNET

Stone of January:

Garnet is known as the stone of health - ridding the body of negative energies and transmuting them to a beneficial state. Also know in the past as a stone of commitment - to purpose, to others, to oneself. Zodiac signs: Capricorn (Seagoat), Leo (Lion), Aquarius (Water Bearer), Virgo (Virgin).

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White Sea gemstone

Winter as well as the other seasons tirelessly inspire all artists, no matter how they create their artworks whether with a brush and paint or using a needle and beads. The severe northern land where winter reigns for a long time also gives scope for creativity to poets, writers, artists and even scientists. In honor of the icy waters of the White Sea the Soviet academician A. Fersman named the gem found in this area. Belomorite is a variety and the trade name for adularia (moonstone) from the White Sea (Beloe More) area, in the Northern Karelia in northern Russia. Belomorite is milky white pearl color, sometimes with blue and purple tints.

It is believed that belomorite has a calming effect on the nervous system, helps to cope with insomnia, nightmares, and drives off improves the cardiovascular system. It's said that belomorite has the ability to amplify man's connection with the past and help predict the future, increasing the gift of clairvoyance. Belomorite can take a negative energy and negative emotions from a person, but it must be periodically cleaned from the negative in the usual way by keeping it in running water for some time.

The indigenous people of the Northern Karelia where belomorite was discovered found this gem a talisman, able to guard its wearer from evil forces trying to capture the soul of man. Belief of this gem magical property was so strong in Northern Russia, that unmarried girls very often put a piece of gem under the pillow before going to bed to dream of their future husband.

Belomorite belongs to inexpensive semiprecious stones. Because of its rarity it is used in jewelry much less than usual moonstone though jewelry items with belomorite are beautiful. This gem is often cut as balls, pyramids, drop-shaped beads and cabochons; the collectors like it. The lovers of beads can successfully use belomorite in their works: if you take a closer look into "gem heart" you will feel discreet beauty of the gem, so reminiscent of brilliance severe beauty of the White Sea cold waters.

Happy birthday, MyLovelyBeads.com!

It seems like it was yesterday - we mean our website launch, but MyLovelyBeads.com is 5 years old! For the last year we have worked hard to serve our customers and provide all interested in beadowork people different information. We have featured and you could meet the bead artists from many countries: Nancy Dale, Eva Maria Keiser, Douglas Johnson and Marsha Wiest-Hines from the USA, Tamuna Lezhava from Georgia, Ibolya Barkoczi from Hungary, Orna Voloh from Israel, Corra Liew from Malaysia, Olga Orlova, Julia Turova, Alexandra Matveenko and Elizaveta Fedorenko from Russia, Irina Slobodyanik from Ukraine, Olga Arsentieva from Belorussia.

Our second international Fashion Colorworks Beading Contest made another success: 99 participants from 25 countries submitted 149 entries, and we published interviews with the contest winners: Fumiko Sekine (Japan); Angelika Motzkin and Svetlana Dubinsky (Israel); Svetlana Karimova (Poland); Aleksey Soloviev (Ukraine); Evgeniya Semina, Julia Turova, Margarita Kruchinina and Ulyana Moldovyan (Russia). Fashion Colorworks 2012 is already announced and we believe it is going to be more interesting and we will discover new bead artist names. Good luck to all participants! If you want to be a contest sponsor please email us at MyLovelyBeads.com.

We send out our newsletter to about 7,300 subscribers from all over the world. The number of MyLovelyBeads.com monthly visitors is more than 60,000! Of course, the website under permanent improvement to make you feel better when you come to us to buy a piece of Zoya Gutina's jewelry or to relax reading interesting information! We love any visitors; if you have any suggestions or feedbacks feel free to email us at MyLovelyBeads.com. Your opinion is very important to us!

Our Fashion Colorworks Beading Contest is free, our newsletter is also free, but... If you want to support our efforts to promote bead art, you can use our PayPal account email address info@mylovelybeads.com.

Welcome to MyLovelyBeads.com!

Visual caffeine - Suzanne Golden

Jewelry designer Suzanne Golden (New York City, USA) is well known not only in the United States, but in Europe and many other places as one of the most creative contemporary bead artists. A maverick fashionista, her unique, instantly recognizable jewelry designs incorporate stark graphic patterns, bright colors, and a bold scale. Suzanne was so kind that she agreed to answer our questions. Thank you, Suzanne!

1. Dear Suzanne, tell us please a couple of words about you.

I am retired after having worked at the corporate offices of Estee Lauder for 22 years. I am single and live in a small apartment overrun with beads, clothing and shoes.

2. When and how did you begin beading? Who or what introduced you to beading?

About 17 years ago I discovered beading after taking a workshop with David Chatt (http://www.davidchatt.com) in New York City.

3. What was your first beaded item? Do you know where it is now?

When I felt I had enough knowledge of all the stitches, I beaded over small glass bottles and made a series using various stitches. They were then published in Bead and Button in the Reader's Gallery. They currently reside in a box in the bottom of my bead closet.

4. How do you describe your beadwork? Why did you choose this type of art?

Beading was the perfect medium for me to express my artistic ability with the use of primary colors and bold, playful styles.

5. They say, your bead art is pop-art style. Do you agree with them and why?

I don't mind being referred to as "pop art." I leave it to others to describe or analyze my work.

6. What are the sources of your design inspiration?

My inspiration might come from a picture, clothing or something colorful and then I try to interpret that into a beaded piece of wearable art. Color is my biggest influence. I see everything in the world, from people to nature, in terms of color and it inspires me to create.

7. How much time does a new piece of bead art take you?

It can take anywhere from 12 hours to over a month.

8. Could you tell us please about your favorite materials and techniques?

I am currently using peyote, netting and right angle weave stitches. My choice of materials varies from seed beads to crystals to acrylic and plastic beads.

Full interview with Suzanne Golden
Bead artwork by Suzanne Golden
Email: suzannegolden26@gmail.com
Website: www.suzannegolden.com

Be published and noticed!

Be published and noticed, show off your design abilities! Below is a list of bead magazine and website links where you can submit your projects and photographs of your beadworks to be placed in readers'/subscribers' galleries or even tell your story to be published online:

Featured artist - Marina Nosova

Last year we received from a Siberian bead artist (Tyumen, Russia) four entries for Fashion Colorworks 2011; and all of them deserved to win the contest. Three beadworks were juried into the final, but no one won the prize! What a disappointment for the artist, could you imagine that?! The name of artist is Marina Nosova. Marina is an optimist and she says that to participate in Fashion Colorworks was more important for her than to win. In two months she won Silver in IBA 2011 for After The First Frost Necklace! Marina is our second feature today; we hope you'll be glad to know her and her fantastic beadworks.

Marina says, "As my father was a military man, our family did not have our own permanent residence and we often had to move to my dad's next service assignment point, but every time we've done our best to make a new place like a real home. We've been far from wealth and liked crafting, so my father has made the furniture himself, and clothes has been sewed and altered after over and over again. Clothes decoration was an essential part of it! My grandmother was a master of decoration, the flowers made of small fabric pieces blossomed in her hands, the cute beads and tiny buttons turned into the brooches.

I created my first "jewelry item" when I was nine years old, it was a heart-shaped pendant made of piece of lead: I put in a shard of red glass from a broken car's headlight in a little hole, which I drilled by myself. I also made a chain: I also made a chain: I took a copper wire and wound it around the nail, then cut it and so got the little rings that I assembled into a long chain.

Here I should notice that my dad had a whole storeroom full of tools of any kind (his pride and joy!), so from time to time disassembled clocks and household appliances "appeared" here and there at home. And every time my dad calmly and in silence fixed them asking after that just for one thing - to put tools back to their places.

Then I've made several "beaded" necklaces using apple and date seeds... Since all the military stations where my father served were far away from the big cities, I created jewelry of every available material I had at my hands. Thanks to my aunt who was a seamstress, I had a chance to get to know the Czech round and bugle beads. Nobody knows where she managed to get all that luxury stuff when living in a small village!

I graduated from high school in Kazakhstan and had to choose a college to continue my education. As I was an excellent student, it was easy for me to enter any university I wanted. So being of short height but with great ambitions, I decided to study math to become a computer programmer. And after my graduations from the university and after I had been teaching math in the school for 6 years, I finally found a programmer position..."

Full article by Marina Nosova
Beadwork gallery by Marina Nosova
Email: chukchaj@yandex.ru
Gallery: marnos.gallery.ru

Step by step - bracelet embroidery

How to make bracelet embroidery

Knowledge of beadwork basic stitches and techniques very often is not enough to design beautiful jewelry and here is very important to take ideas from other designers. The goal of Marina Nosova's short tutorial is to work for that. Marina shares her ideas how to weave and embellish a spring looking bracelet. Marina refers to three other tutorials; she aims to show off how someone can implement them to create a bracelet base and use found objects and leftover from other projects.

How to make: Bracelet Embroidery

Happy Valentine's Day! Many people throughout the world celebrate this holiday on February 14. It is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. The rise of Internet popularity at the turn of the millennium is creating new traditions. Millions of people use, every year, digital means of creating and sending Valentine's Day greeting messages such as e-cards, love coupons or printable greeting cards. We would suggest beadweavers to give a handmade gift to their loved ones: Beaded Heart.

Tutorial by V.Katamashvili. How to make: Beaded Heart

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