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Stone of June: PEARL

Stone of June:

The pearl has been known as a stone of sincerity, bring truth to situations and loyalty to a cause. It has been used to inhibit boisterous behavior, and to provide a reflection of the self such that one may see the manner in which one appears to others. Zodiac signs: Gemini (Twins), Cancer (Crab).

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We are 5 !!! - and glad to present you:

Articles - some articles and stories about jewelry and jewelry making, gemstones,
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Glossary - explains common words and basic definitions for the frequently-used
   beadwork and jewelry terms, that you may encounter as you shop beaded jewelry
Jewelry Making - there are not only free jewelry making tutorials on beading techniques
   and projects, but also bead artists' interviews and their stories about making jewelry
Jewelry Facts - some interesting facts about jewelry, beads, gemstones and birthstones,
   zodiac sings, etc.
Beadwork Galleries - the best examples of beads and beadwork made by our friends
   (more than 130 galleries - get inspired!)

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Eva Maria Keiser: "MLBN" delivers educational, inspirational, and picture rich content showcasing bead artisans and industry news from around the globe.

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Charoite - Siberian jewel

Charoite is a very rare translucent mineral of intense lavender to purple color. It has an unusual swirling, fibrous appearance, sometimes chatoyant, and pearly luster. The only deposit of charoite in the world is located in Siberia, in Russia, on the border of Sakha Republic (Yakutsk region) and Irkutsk region, in the Chara River valley. This area was completely uninhabited and very difficult of access because of rocks, mountains and wild Siberian forests. The boulders with inclusions of unknown violet mineral were found in 1948 by the Soviet geologist V.G.Ditmar, he called them conditionally "kumganit slanets".

The first deposit of charoite was discovered in 1960 by the Soviet geologists Yuriy Gavrilovich Rogov and his wife V.P.Rogova. In the early 1970's, thorough research of this area and it's mineral deposits (including charoite) started because of the Baikal-Amur railroad project. In 1977 charoite was officially recognized as a new mineral.

The charoite deposit covers about 20 square kilometers, and the age of rocks is about 125 to 145 million years old. The limit of charoite mining is set at 100,000 kilograms a year by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation and by the Sakha Republic law. 1 kilogram of rough charoite costs $30-150, depending on the mineral color, inclusions and so on.

English Wikipedia states: "Russia has fairly strict prohibitions on the exportation of charoite. Generally, charoite is permitted to be exported only after the stone has been worked, for example, into figurines or other type ornaments. It is therefore difficult to procure "unworked" or "rough" charoite in a form suitable for further working into jewelry such as cabochons."

Tales, legends and stories on charoite

1. Russian Wikipedia says nothing about the name "charoite", but it does indeed come from the Chara river. English Wikipedia says, that the mineral is named for the Chara River, though this etymology is disputed by some.

2. Here ( www.webmineral.com ) it is said that the mineral charoite is "named for the impression that it gives: "chary" in Russian means "charms" or "magic" and not for the Chara River, which is 70 km away from the locality". Most likely, that is the legend, at that times new minerals, metals and so on were usually being named after persons or geographical names.

3. The discoverer of charoite, Y.G.Rogov, was in Paris on business and stopped by the Louvre Museum of Mineralogy. They were proud to have what they thought to be a complete collection of all the minerals of the Earth. Rogov showed their experts a piece of charoite, and asked them to identify the mineral. They had to admit that they didn't know what this unusual gem was. They asked to buy the sample, but Rogov refused to sell it to them.

Vote for Fashion Colorworks People's Choice Award!

Fashion Colorworks 2012 Beading Contest

Fashion Colorworks 2012 Beading Contest is coming to the end! 10 finalists in each of three categories are already juried, and People's Choice Award voting is open! Make you choice, score finalists and help us choose the winner!

All entries are awesome, but strong jurors are doing their best scoring beautiful beadworks. The next stage has already started, when the winners will be determined, including People's Choice Award Winner. Choose your favorite, but hurry up, July 5 is the last day!

Fashion Colorworks 2012. Cast your vote for People's Choice Award!

Bead artwork by Ella Des

Bead artist Ella Des

Born and grown up in Belgrade, Serbia, Ella Des graduated from the University of Economic sciences with a master's degree in Marketing Management and PR. Crafting has been her passion for years and she liked it much more than the job she was doing, but she has never had enough time to completely devote herself to creativity. And all of a sudden...

Ella says, "After 15 years of permanent stress and working more than 10 hours a day I left my usual environment and I chose to live on a 45-feet sail boat and to sail around the world with the Man-I-Love. Making that decision wasn't so easy to me. I remember that my brother told me, "You can't change your life when you are 42." My answer was, "You can't change your life only when you are dead." And I could do that! I stepped out from the "rat race" and went to live a totally different life.

In the beginning it was very stressful. I used to live in an apartment with all facilities in the downtown of a big city. Suddenly I found myself in totally different surroundings and I had to learn a lot of new skills. New terms of life made new habits. I have never sailed before. My first serious sailing was when crossing the Atlantic Ocean with my husband. You should be crazy or at least very brave to do such a thing! I still don't know if I was brave or crazy or both?

I'm used to work hard and when we didn't sail I didn't have so much to do, and I was thinking about my needs to create more and more often. I'm a person who has to be busy, and my husband and I both had to find out how to spend the time during free days. I had some strong knowledge from all my diplomas and work, but I couldn't use them in my new circumstances; I've already lost my creative craft skills during those 15 years in the "rate race". So, I needed a niche...

Happily, soon I met a German woman in a marina on the Gran Canaria Island and when I saw her very simple peyote stitched bracelet I realized immediately - that is something what I want to do!!! I almost screamed, "You have to show me, you have to teach me this!" I spent about hours on her boat and she showed me the even peyote stitch. You can't believe how clumsy I was at the beginning! She gave me a list of materials that I needed; it included of course Miyuki Delica and round seed beads, Nymo thread, needles size 12..."

Full article by Ella Des
Bead artwork by Ella Des
Email: info@ellad2.com
Website: www.ellad2.com
Etsy Shop: www.ellad2.etsy.com

Beaders Best Art Fair 2012

The excitement is rising - the 2nd BEADERS BEST Bead Art Fair is getting closer! The 2nd BEADERS BEST Bead Art and Jewelry Accessory Fair will take place August 18th and 19th, 2012, at the Buergerhaus Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, Germany!

Beaders Best Bead Art Fair

More then 55 exhibitors will be participating - beading friends, retailers and supply companies from all over Europe and Overseas will meet at this second event. Let us already reveal some highlights of the fair:
- International Artists
- Workshops
- More than 40 different classes
- Jewelry Shows
- Exhibition of the IBA contest winners
Meet your wholesalers and manufacturers at the B2B area. Make new contacts with national and international dealers! Merge the unique fair with a stimulating visit of the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Hamburg. You will find information regarding the fair on the website: perlen-poesie.de. Verena Greene-Christ will answer all your questions, email her at v.greene-christ@perlen-poesie.de.

Grape Leaf Necklace   Pink Rose Brooch   Poppy Flower Necklace

Workshop "Grape Leaf Necklace"
Workshop "Poppy Flower Necklace"
Workshop "Pink Rose Brooch"

Late submissions

Timing is everything! We happen to know that two Russian artists were short of time on June 15 - the last Fashion Colorworks 2012 submission day. The reasons were different, but it's not important, we couldn't accept their beautiful beadworks for the contest. We decided to ask them to send us the photos to show them to our readers. Enjoy beadworks by Julia Mukhamediarova (Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia) and Irina Vorobieva (Pavlovsk, Leningrad region, Russia)!

Beadworks by Julia Mukhamediarova and Irina Vorobieva

Perlen Poesie Magazine. Issue 13

Perlen Poesie, Number 13 is on newsstands already!

Issue 13 of the popular German Magazine Perlen Poesie magazine has many fantastic projects for bead weaving. Printed in German, the projects are illustrated and easy to follow without having to understand the text although it now comes with an English supplement that helps translate all of the projects.

The magazine includes 15 beading projects from artists worldwide: from the shawl clasp to Spanish earrings and bracelet. It also covers a great assortment of beads, tips and tricks, Bead Art Fair, IBA contest and much more!

Subscribe to Perlen Poesie magazine

Perlen Poesie Magazine. Issue 13

Buy Perlen Poesie magazine in the USA:
Beads by Blanche bead shop
Bobby Bead, Inc. website

Lace beadweaving basics. Part 2

Here is the second lesson of netting beading (lace beadweaving) by Coco L'Hopital-Navarre, "How to decorate your netting with openwork". Since "openwork" can be created in sheets' embroidery you can design it in vertical nettings.

The goal of using openwork in decoration is to make more elaborate designs and create nice "breathing "adornments. One more lesson is coming - "How to decorate your netting with fancy beads".

In English: Lace beadweaving basics. Part 2
In French: Lace beadweaving basics. Part 2

Upcoming events

The Ann Arbor Art Fairs The Ann Arbor Art Fairs

July 18-21, 2012
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Established in 1960, the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is the Original of the now four award-winning Ann Arbor Art Fairs:

• The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original
• The State Street Area Art Fair
• The Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair
• Ann Arbor's South University Art Fair

Together, the fairs attract over 500,000 attendees from across the nation. The Original Fair was named the Number One Art Fair in the country by AmericanStyle magazine readers survey (October 2004) and has made the Top Ten Fairs and Festivals list every year since.

The mission is to increase public knowledge and appreciation for contemporary fine arts and fine crafts by creating opportunities that connect artists, the Ann Arbor community and the general public to their mutual benefit, culminating in a top quality juried street art fair.

The Street Art Fair is set on North University Avenue and on the University of Michigan's Central Campus, amidst elegant architecture and beautifully landscaped pedestrian walkways, including the landmark Burton Carillon Tower.


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