November, 2013

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Thanksgiving is behind us; we're looking forward to Holiday Season! Read in our November's issue:

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Stone of November: AMBER

Stone of November:

Helps remove energy blockages, strengthens physical body. Excellent for enhancing altered states of consciousness. Zodiac signs: Gemini (Twins), Leo (Lion), Aquarius (Water Bearer).

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Variscite - turquoise substitution

Variscite is a relatively rare phosphate mineral. The material is usually veined with other minerals such as millisite or wardite. Colors of variscite vary only slightly between yellow green to slightly darker greens. The material is sometimes confused with turquoise; however, variscite is usually greener in color.

It was first described in 1837 and named for the locality of Variscia, the historical name of the Vogtland, in Germany, where the mineral was first discovered. At one time, variscite was called "utahlite" by the name of the state in the USA where variscite is widely mined. At times, materials which may be turquoise or may be variscite have been marketed as "variquoise".

Variscite is actually quite rare, it is inexpensive because it is not a well known, therefore there is little demand for it. Appreciation of the color ranges typically found in variscite have made it a popular gem in recent years, it is popular for carvings and ornamental use. Variscite is cut en cabochon (with a round, convex, polished surface) for brooches, earrings, and beads and is frequently substituted for turquoise. It also is carved into bowls or other decorative objects. Because of its porosity, it tends to absorb grease and oil, which discolor it.

Notable localities are Lucin, Utah and Fairfield, Utah in the United States. It is also found in Germany, Australia, Poland, Spain and Brazil. Variscite from Nevada typically contains black spiderwebbing in the matrix and is often confused with green turquoise. Most of the Nevada variscite recovered in recent decades has come from mines located in Lander County.

Fashion Colorworks 2014 Awards

Fashion Colorworks 2014 Beading Contest

Main contest awards are:

• Best in Contest Winner and Runner-up Awards;
• 1, 2 and 3 Place Awards in each category;
• People's Choice Award;
• Best Use of Color Award. is sponsoring Best in Contest Winner and Runner-up Awards (The Best in Contest Winner and Runner-up are chosen from the first-prize winners):
• Best in Contest Winner - gift certificate by $200;
• Runner-up Best in Contest - gift certificate by $100.
MIYUKI Co.,Ltd. is sponsoring Seed Bead Jewelry category:
• 1 Place Winner - a prize worth $150;
• 2 Place Winner - a prize worth $100;
• 3 Place Winner - a prize worth $50.
Preciosa Ornela is sponsoring Finished Jewelry category:
• 1 Place Winner - a prize worth $150;
• 2 Place Winner - a prize worth $100;
• 3 Place Winner - a prize worth $50.
Preciosa Ornela is sponsoring Seed Bead Objects category:
• 1 Place Winner - a prize worth $150;
• 2 Place Winner - a prize worth $100;
• 3 Place Winner - a prize worth $50.
People's Choice Award Winner receives $100 in cash from York Novelty Company. All 30 beadwork finalists are open for online voting for People's Choice Award Winner.

Best Use of Color Award Winner receives Beads Direct UK prize "Mystery Bead Hamper" worth £70. Best Use of Color Award Winner will be determined among all 30 beadwork finalists. Nominees for all special prizes are selected out from entries not selected for the main contest awards; the winners are selected by award sponsors.

MIYUKI Co.,Ltd. is sponsoring Best Use of MIYUKI Tila Beads prize worth $150. Nominees for Best Use of MIYUKI Tila Beads prize must be not less than 25-30 percent MIYUKI Tila Beads (Miyuki Tila Beads).

Preciosa Ornela is sponsoring Best Use of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads prize. Nominees for Best Use of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads prize must be not less than 50 percent PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads (Traditional Czech Beads).

Preciosa Ornela is sponsoring Best Use of PRECIOSA Twin Pressed Beads and PRECIOSA Twin Seed Beads prize. Nominees for Best Use of PRECIOSA Twin Pressed Beads and PRECIOSA Twin Seed Beads prize must be not less than 25-30 percent PRECIOSA Twin Pressed Beads and/or PRECIOSA Twin Seed Beads (Preciosa Twin Beads).

Preciosa Ornela is sponsoring special prizes:

• Best Newbie;
• Best Mini;
• Most Original.
Perlen Poesie Magazine is sponsoring two "Perlen Poesie Pick" prizes - free annual subscriptions to Perlen Poesie Magazine.

All category winners, People's Choice and Best Use of Color will be featured in the monthly e-Newsletter. The winners of special prizes may also be featured in the newsletter.

Fashion Colorworks 2014 rules
Questions? Contact us at
We invite sponsors for the Fashion Colorworks 2014 contest!

Inheriting from Crow people

Many of the beadwork fans know the name of Betty Stephan, a bead artist from the state of New York. She is a very creative person and over time explored many different venues of artistic expressions, but only beadwork turned from her passion into a fulltime business. We're glad to see Betty in our newsletter!

Betty says, "I was born and grew up in a very "artsy" family. Living on a farm in rural western New York state, my seamstress mother taught me and my four sisters to sew at a very early age. Crafts of all kinds were encouraged in the household and helped to occupy the girls during long winters. Learning the solid basics of hand stitching and how to follow sewing patterns were early skills that could build a foundation for what would later become my passion for beading and bead embroidery.

As a young wife and mother, I continued to experiment with various arts and crafts. Crochet, knitting, macrame, painting and working with polymer clay were some of my early ventures. In my early 30's I taught myself calligraphy, then taught it to others. Eventually, I started a small home business creating hand lettered wedding invitations, etc. I combined it with paper quilling (paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs) and created many quilled borders for my calligraphy works.

But sewing was not forgotten. I've sewn most of the clothes for my two growing sons, as well as backpacks and tents. I even made a red three-piece polyester suit for my husband! It wasn't until I was in my 50's when I combined this skill with the art of beadwork in the form of bead embroidery. After my husband and I retired from our "real jobs" (I worked as an aide in a Preschool for special needs children), we bought an RV (Recreational Vehicle) and spend several months a year traveling around the US.

Once we attended the Crow Fair - a Pow-wow in Montana. It was here that my passion for bead embroidery was born. Inspired by the intricate beadwork of the Crow tribe, I bought beads and books that very day and began to learn the beading techniques that so intrigued me at the Pow-wow. I'm basically self-taught, and this past year was the first time I has ever taken a real beading class.

These days I have turned my passion into a fulltime business. Still traveling in the RV throughout the US, I participate in about 14 Art and Fine Craft Shows a year exhibiting my beaded pieces. It keeps me busy producing enough beadwork to sell at these shows, as well as participating in several competitions each year, writing tutorials, and teaching..."

Full article by Betty Stephan
Bead artwork by Betty Stephan

Perlen Poesie Magazine. Issue 19

December 10th, 2013 - PERLEN POESIE 19 is coming out!

• Beauty and the Beads
Olga Haserodt: She makes enchanting, very feminine jewelry using a wide range of beading techniques, with which she experiments integrating other materials.
• 16 Projects
There is something for everyone: the information about degree of difficulty, time involved and costs will help you find what's right for you.
• No Cliffhanger
Course: Beautiful pendants want to be beautifully attached - we show you how to do that.
• 4th BEADERS BEST Exhibition Game
Catch the creative bug? Bead an experiment! Maybe your work will be put on display.
• Brothers Grimm
Legendary: Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published the first volume of their collection of Children's and Household Tales in 1812. Perlen Poesie has taken the opportunity to ask several artists to give their jewelry a "fairy tale touch".
• It was great!
Retrospect: If you weren't able to attend, you can get impressions of the 3rd BEADERS BEST Bead Art Fair here. Those of you who were there will want to reminisce with us.

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Harmony of geometry

Born in a small town on the Volga river in the heart of Russia and being an electrical engineer by education, Natalia Zolotova find herself as a crafter working with beads. She doesn't design monstrous items, she tries to reach harmony of geometry in all her beadworks, and Natalia makes success. Happy to have you, Natalia, on our pages! We hope you'll like the style of her designs.

Natalia says, "I inherited love to crafting from my grandmother, also Natalia. She was a simple village woman and knew everything: she could sew a dress for any occasion and a coat, knit a sweater or lace napkin, embroider a firebird. It was she who taught me how to handle a needle and hook, and other craft tools.

As I can remember, my hands were always busy. As a child I sewed and knitted for my dolls, and after getting married I've done so for my entire family. And then the kids have grown up and I had a lot of spare time that I was trying to fill in with origami, scrapbooking, cross-stitching, and other activities. Once on the Internet I came across a website by Albina Polyanskaya about beading, and fell in love with that craft. So, beads came into my life.

Since I didn't have any beading experience, I had to learn. Beading school by Valentina Pomeschikova and classes by Galina Pchelkina gave me a lot and I am grateful to my teachers that they generously share their knowledge, experience and skills with others.

Who inspires me in my creativity? There are many excellent bead artists whose work I don't get tired to admire. Simply impossible to list all whose work touches my soul. And no matter that they are working in different techniques and create not only jewelry, but also accessories and objects, each artist has its own peculiarity. I try not to imitate recognized masters, and learn from them - learn to work with color, texture and form.

Generally, when I create a piece of jewelry I have no single algorithm. For me, the main thing is to "see" the image of a future beadwork. Often it takes a lot of time. Sometimes a form of stone becomes the starting point, as it was with my necklace "Frosted Ornaments." I bought a triangular cabochon of moss agate and immediately understood how the necklace would look like..."

Full article by Natalia Zolotova
Beadwork by Natalia Zolotova
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Upcoming events

Holiday Open House at the Torpedo Factory Art Center Holiday Open House at the Torpedo Factory Art Center

December 6, 2013 from 6:30 pm to 9 pm
Torpedo Factory Art Center
105 N.Union St., Alexandria, Virginia

You're invited to a starry night at the Torpedo Factory Art Center! Mingle with artists and fellow art enthusiasts. Enjoy food, refreshments and festive music. The first 500 guests to arrive can win over $2,000 in door prizes: shopping dollars for the night, original artwork from Torpedo Factory Artists and discounts on artwork. We're from will be glad to see you in Studio 318!

Bead Society of Greater NY Holiday Craft Fair Bead Society of Greater NY Holiday Craft Fair

Saturday, Dec. 15, 2013, 10am - 5pm
The Great Hall
The Fashion Institute of Technology
West 28 St. (between 7th & 8th Ave)
New York City, NY

Bead Society of Greater New York is sponsoring Holiday Craft Fair. Jewelry, accessories & much more; 50+ exhibitors. Free admission. For more information visit, email at or call at 212-591-1127.

Life as a Journey Photo Exhibition Life as a Journey Photo Exhibition

November 22 - December 15, 2013
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
2nd Bryansk Lane, 2
Moscow, Russia

The international photo exhibition "Life as a Journey" presents more than 140 works by artists from Russia, USA, Australia, Georgia, Israel, Canada, Ukraine and South Korea. Photoworks are diverse in genre, there are landscapes, architectural and street photography, portraits. You'll see the most different corners of the world: the desert and eternal snow, skyscrapers and winding European streets, and the beauty and uniqueness of moments of life.


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