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Stone of April: CLEAR QUARTZ

April Stone:

Clear quartz is the universal stone. Everyone should have one! It is a pure and powerful energy source. It receives, activates, stores, transmits, and amplifies energy. Stimulates brain functions and activates all levels of consciousness. Excellent for meditation. Brings harmony to the soul. Zodiac signs: all of them.

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Coral - gem from the ocean

Corals are marine animals typically living in compact colonies of many identical individual polyps. The group includes the important reef builders that inhabit tropical oceans and secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton. Precious coral or red coral is the common name given to Corallium rubrum and several related species of marine coral. The distinguishing characteristic of precious corals is their durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is used for making jewelry.

The hard skeleton of red coral branches is naturally matte, but can be polished to a glassy shine. It exhibits a range of warm reddish pink colors from pale pink to deep red; the word coral is also used to name such colors. Owing to its intense and permanent coloration and glossiness, precious coral skeletons have been harvested since antiquity for decorative use. Coral jewelry has been found in ancient Egyptian and prehistoric European burials, and continues to be made to the present day.

At the beginning of the Christian era, there was a great trade carried on in coral between the Mediterranean and India, where it was highly esteemed as a substance endowed with mysterious sacred properties. It is remarked by Pliny that, previous to the existence of the Indian demand, the Gauls were in the habit of using it for the ornamentation of their weapons of war and helmets.

The origin of coral is explained in Greek mythology by the story of Perseus. Having petrified Cetus, the sea monster threatening Andromeda, Perseus placed Medusa's head on the riverbank while he washed his hands. When he recovered her head, he saw that her blood had turned the seaweed (in some variants the reeds) into red coral. Thus, the Greek word for coral is "Gorgeia", as Medusa was one of the three Gorgons. Poseidon resided in a palace made of coral and gems, and Hephaestus first crafted his work from coral. The Romans believed coral could protect children from harm, as well as cure wounds made by snakes and scorpions and diagnose diseases by changing color.

Various coral types and colors are found in different parts of the world. The best quality red sea corals are found in Italy around the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and the sea around Japan. Pink coral is found in a limited quantity in the Mediterranean region, Japan, China and India. The pink Hawaiian coral is also fairly famous. Blue coral is found in the coral reefs in the sea around Philippines. The black coral gem is gathered near the Hawaiian island, Australia, Red Sea, West coast of Africa and other parts of the Mediterranean region.

Fashion Colorworks 2012

Entry   Entry   Entry   Entry

On the pictures above you can see fragments of some first entries we received. The contest continues, you can submit your entries for the Fashion Colorworks 2012 Beading Contest in three categories until June 15. We are looking forward to seeing your amazing bead items in the contest! Read all the details of the contest including how to enter the contest, in the rules.

Fashion Colorworks 2012 Rules
Submit your entries to Fashion Colorworks!

Goal to keep the crafts alive

Bead artist Mikki Ferrugiaro

The dream and goal of Mikki Ferrugiaro, an American bead artist from St. George (Utah, USA) is to create beauty and inspire others to create beauty and to keep the crafts alive. Mikki is an internationally known beading teacher who not only designs amazing beadworks but also creates tutorials for all level beaders. We are happy to introduce Mikki to you today!

Mikki says, "It is said by my family that I came out of the womb as an artist, which was a surprise because no one else in my family is artistic. Born in England, I grew up around the art of local greats David Hockney, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

However, when it came to drawing and painting my influences were not the modernists but the classical masters, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and I sought out a classical art training at a local college. I didn't reserve all my artistic abilities for painting and drawing, I have taken my artistic eye to many crafts.

Northern England, where I was growing up, had a heavy fiber industry which stimulated me into the crafts of knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving. I did inherit the sewing skills of a great aunt and a love of jewelry from my paternal grandmother which are probably contributing factors to my being a bead artist today.

Though I had used beads to make jewelry for myself for years it wasn't until I started creating knitwear that I discovered seed beads. At that point I knitted them into garments and used them for embroidered embellishments. It was while designing knitwear that someone brought me a couple of antique Victorian beaded lace collars to repair and I began to really learn about beading.

Almost five years ago I found myself needing to create a new career for myself and after a few false starts I began making and teaching jewelry making beginning with the basics and chain maille which I had taught myself a few years previously..."

Full article by Mikki Ferrugiaro
Bead artwork by Mikki Ferrugiaro
Email: mikkiferrugiaro@gmail.com
Blog: thebeadedcarpet.blogspot.com
Online Store: mikkiferrugiaroDesigns.artfire.com

Bloodless Battle of the BeadSmith

Battle of the BeadSmith

Have you heard about the "Battle of the BeadSmith" tournament on Facebook yet? Steven Weiss at BeadSmith company says, "In an effort to create more awareness of some of the incredible bead artistry being executed by bead masters worldwide, I thought it would be fun to set up a beading 'tournament' where original works can be viewed, shared, and celebrated both by the participants, and the beading public alike."

80 seed bead artists have been invited to participate in an elimination "tournament" to determine which piece of their original beadwork best captures the imagination of 119 of their fellow designers, specialty bead shop owners, and members of various beading magazine editorial staffs.

Artists will then have seven weeks from the announcement of the first round pairings to create, a single piece of original beadwork, and submit four photos best highlighting the works most important elements. The 78 competitors not involved in a particular round one "contest", plus 41 invited judges, will vote for the piece that best captures their imagination. A majority of at least 85 of the possible 119 total voters will be enough to determine a winner. All necklaces, bracelets, earring, brooches, headpieces, belts, handbags, or any other wearable adornments are acceptable for submission. The deadline for all of the submissions, by the artists, is July 10th.

The 40 winners of round one will be randomly paired again in one of 20 new "contests" in round 2 and the voting process will begin again. The 10 winners of round three are again randomly paired in 5 new round 3 "contests" which after judging takes place will leave 5 remaining artists in the competition.

The public will then have a chance to vote for their favorite piece from the remaining 5 artists. The selected artist will receive a pass straight through to the final round of competition. Round 4 will be two "contests" to determine which two artists will compete in round 5 for the right to move to the championship round against the public's favorite piece. The winner of the competition will be decided on by the 119 eligible voters. Stay tuned on Facebook for updates and check out the amazing beadworks of the Battle of the BeadSmith participants!

Battle of the BeadSmith
Battle of the BeadSmith. Participants
Battle of the BeadSmith. Jurors

Creativity, free from any limits

Bead artist Marina Nasyrova

Our second feature today is Marina Nasyrova from the city of Bugulma, Russia. She is a hobbyist in making beaded jewelry, but her designs make many people amazed with Marina's sense of colors, creativity and craftsmanship. We hope you'll find her story interesting and jewelry beautiful!

Marina writes, "When I get home in the evening and when the entire house goes to sleep then the magic begins! Irresistible force draws me to where the boxes and jars are full of my jewels - beads, gemstones, crystals, bronze elements, pearls, bohemian glass beads and so on. It seems to me that my stuff lives its own life and do not want to be inanimate objects. They jingle and rustle, make friends and quarrel and already in boxes agree who with whom goes into one ornament.

I often repeat the phase, "I'm just a humble servant of stones and beads. I'm just weaving and embroidering, they all come up by themselves!" Beads and stones are my everything: my hobby, my nirvana, my song, my story, and my love!

As I came to the beads - or how they came to me - it's hard to say. They have always been in my life, at first were kept in a small box (the baubles I have created were given to my friends on their birthdays), and then they were scattered on the floor of my college apartment (at that time I surprised my parents with beaded Easter eggs), were carried in parcels from the post office in my kid's stroller (relatives' apartments were adorned by beaded dolls and amulets created then).

One day, coming to work from my maternity leave, I picked up a pair of beaded dolls to show to my colleagues, and they asked me, "Marina, why do not you make any jewelry?" Then I discovered bead art of Sherry Serafini and the entire universe of woven and embroidered beauty and splendor! Opportunities of beading hit me - they were endless!

Contrary to all the "laws" stated by beadweaving gurus, I never draw sketches. In the realm of my gemstones, I like a predictor of the future: I look at each one of them and immediately see the "image" of a piece of jewelry where this gem will live. Exactly like that all my jewelry is created: first somewhere in an online shop the Star, Prima appears and immediately a picture in my head is formed: shape, color, length, width; and I know all further transformations and buy this gem...."

Full article by Marina Nasyrova
Beadwork gallery by Marina Nasyrova
Email: bestya78@mail.ru
Website (in Russian): biser.info/albom/28843

Beaders Best Fair and IBA 2012

Beaders Best Bead Art Fair and the second International Bead Award (IBA) 2012 will come together soon since the IBA winners are going to be announced at the show. Now the contest voting for People's Choice is in process, and you can cast you vote!

International Bead Award (IBA) 2012. Cast your vote!

Grape Leaf Necklace   Pink Rose Brooch   Poppy Flower Necklace

Beaders Best Bead Art Fair will take place in Hamburg, Germany in August 18-19 and the workshops will begin on August 17. International artists, manufacturers, retailers and beading friends from all over Europe and Overseas will meet at this unmatched event for the second time. The show schedule includes intensive jewelry making program, the classes will be taught by internationally recognized bead artists: Zoya Gutina (USA), Ute Kluwe (Germany), Heather Kingsley-Heath (UK), Svetlana Sametis (Latvia), Anja Schlotman (USA), Sabine Lippert (Germany), Elke Leonhardt-Rath (Germany), Daniela Donzelli (Germany), Huib Petersen (USA), Birgit Bergemann (Germany), Petra Tismer (Germany), Melissa Grakowsky (USA), Laura Andrews (USA), Jutta Tolzmann (Germany) and other artists.

The workshop price includes the kit, and the kit includes all materials and findings needed for the workshop, and tutorial (patterns with instructions). Anybody who doesn't finish his work on site will be able to finish it at home.

Workshop "Grape Leaf Necklace"
Workshop "Poppy Flower Necklace"
Workshop "Pink Rose Brooch"

Learning jewelry design

Having some knowledge about composition and design will give you a better understanding of why people are either attracted or not attracted to a piece of jewelry. You can be a style leader who sets new trends when you become a jewelry designer, especially if your jewelry is sold in popular retail stores or worn by celebrities.

You might be a jewelry artist who earns a lucrative income selling hand-made jewelry to buyers who appreciate your work and are willing to pay more for unique pieces. If you start your own jewelry design business you will enjoy the flexibility and freedom of being your own boss, plus your earning potential is almost unlimited. And perhaps most importantly your jewelry design "work" will be fun, interesting, and personally rewarding.

No need to re-invent the wheel, you can find in the Internet enough information on designing jewelry, but we would like to share with you the link to very useful website that can perfectly help you:

Learning jewelry design

Upcoming events

International Gem & Jewelry Show International Gem & Jewelry Show

Chicago, IL, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, May 4-6
Columbus, OH, Veterans Memorial, May 11-13
Chantilly, VA, Dulles Expo Center, May 18-20
Santa Monica, CA (Bead Show), May 18-20
Milwaukee, WI, Wisconsin State Fair Park, May 27-27

The International Gem & Jewelry Shows represent every segment of the country that includes a loyal group of exhibitors and customers. Last year over 1 million customers walked The International Gem & Jewelry Shows floors. Jewelry is always a mainstay of the fashion world and buying jewelry is a truly exhilarating experience!


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