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Feel the hot sun turning your skin red, hear the insects fill the night with noise, smell the rain of a summer storm, relive summer family vacations! In July's issue:

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Stone of July: CARNELIAN

Stone of July:

A stone of ambition and drive, carnelian is a power stone. Excellent career stone, it is very helpful in making choices and decisions. Carnelian is the most powerful action stone for focusing, realization and self-actualization. Increases physical energy. Protection against the emotions of fear and anger. Zodiac signs: Taurus (Bull), Cancer (Crab), Leo (Lion).

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Abalone shell - ocean rainbow

As you probably know, the earliest known pieces of jewelry made by modern humans and identified by scientists are three shell beads between 90,000 and 100,000 years old; two of the ancient beads come from Skhul Cave on the slopes of Mount Carmel in Israel, and the other comes from the site of Oued Djebbana in Algeria (source: http://news.bbc.co.uk). Since then shells are in jewelry makers' use, and one of the best is abalone shell.

The abalone shell has been coveted for centuries for its iridescent glimmer and natural decorative patterns. Early civilizations all around the globe showcased the shell for its ornamental beauty - from the Native Americans of the United States to the Maori of New Zealand.

The one-piece abalone shell, which is round or oval, sometimes resembles a flat ear shape, leading to abalone's nickname "ear-shell." There are about one hundred different abalone varieties, including the exquisite paua shell. Abalone is a member of the same mollusk family that includes clams, oysters and mussels.

Prized across all continents, abalone shell shimmers in a palette of soothing sea shades, including blue and green. No two pieces of abalone shell are exactly alike, giving each piece of jewelry a unique beauty that can't be duplicated. A true treasure of the sea, abalone shell adds a mystical beauty to jewelry designs. It is believed that abalone shell aids in creativity and strengthens the heart by cleansing fear, sorrow and negative energies.

Abalone is ordinarily found in the cold ocean waters of several regions, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and parts of the Western United States. Farming and harvesting of abalone began in Japan and China in the late 1950's and early 1960s. The practice has grown and spread worldwide, including to the United States, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland and Iceland.

Fashion Colorworks 2012. Results

Tangerine Tango, Solar Power, Margarita, Cabaret, Starfish, Cockatoo, Bellflower, Lilac, Sodalite, what do these words say to you? Almost nothing particular, but since September 2011 they have been names of the Spring/Summer 2012 fashion colors as it was reported by Pantone Color Institute, the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems. And once again Pantone colors became inspiration for the Fashion Colorworks Bead Contest hosted by MyLovelyBeads.com. This year the contest was organized for the third time, made another success and proved its high level!

2012 contest was a real challenge for 125 designers from 28 countries who work with beads. Rainbow of materials of 191 submitted beadworks included seed beads and firepolished beads, soutache and fabric, ribbons and crystals, gemstones and found objects, lampwork beads and metal wire, and you can hardly count the techniques used by designers in their beadworks!

The panel of five international jurors from the USA, Germany, Israel, Japan and Ukraine scored the contest entries by high resolution photographs. Here is what some of the jurors said. Eva Maria Keiser (USA) writes, "Entries were abundant in number and design originality. They were a feast for the eyes! Overall categories were well represented and offered colorway and technique combination surprises." Marcia Jestaedt (USA) said, "A defining aspect of this contest is that it sets the color parameters that can be used. I think this is a very positive thing and is not as restrictive as it might seem. It requires creative thinking on the part of the artist and pushes them to a different level. Overall the entries were impressive, with the usual handful of pieces that stand above all others because of their excellence in all aspects of execution."

Entry   Entry   Entry

The contest was free, and the prizes were kindly provided by the contest generous sponsors: Artbeads.com, BeadsUnlimited.co.uk, SoftFlex Company, Perlen Poesie Magazine and the others. In order to encourage not only advanced beadworkers but also beginners, this year we created five more nominations: Best Newbie, Best Mini Beadwork, Most Original Beadwork, and two Perlen Poesie Picks. The winners of the contest were announced on July 10. Though the prize fund was about $1,500, many participants even the winners confessed that the main contest award for them was challenge and participation. This year First Place winners of the Fashion Colorworks are (read the interviews with them below):

Beaded Jewelry category:
Luba Dragun, Petah Tikva, Israel, for Whisper Of Perennial Flowers Necklace;

Finished Jewelry category:
Julia Turova, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, for June, July, August... Set;

Beaded Objects and Accessories category:
Varvara Efimova, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, for Golden Life Top Hat.

Except all winners we would also like to mention amazing beadworks by other artsts: Irina Wilson (USA), Marina Nosova (Russia), Svetlana Dubinsky (Israel), Alla Maslennikova (Russia), Anett Pulai-Morvai (Hungary), Olga Shelyag (Ukraine), Svetlana Karimova (Poland), Olesya Dimitrova (Moldavia), Natalia Venkova (Russia), Tatjana Andre (USA), Margarita Podgur (Israel), Zsuzsanna Lazar (Hungary), Lyubov Pavlova (Ukraine), Evgeniya Semina (Russia), Kathryn Bowman (USA). We named just a few, but there are so many designers who created and submitted beautiful beadworks!

Now we receive emails from beadworkers asking about 2013 contest. As a rule, the Pantone Color Institute releases its report on Spring/Summer color trends in September, and we need a month or two to work on the rules. We believe no later than in November we'll publish the official rules of Fashion Colorworks 2013. We are looking forward to providing a new challenge for emerging bead artists!

Fashion Colorworks 2012. Gallery of beadworks

Interview with Luba Dragun

Bead artist Luba Dragun

From my early childhood I have had tendencies to crafts: I was always sewing, knitting, making flowers from fabric, that were an excellent complement to a dress or a suit. Three years ago passing by the newly opened shop, I noticed there jewelry from beads and crystal elements on display, and they blinded me! And it was just beads, not diamonds!

I went in to the store and held some pieces in my hands - bead works seemed to be excellent, and the crazy idea pierced me. This luxury is affordable to everyone! Various jewelry changes the look and mood of women, emphasizes their originality in the right selection of the appropriate clothes. And I decided for myself that I surely had to learn beading!

I began to search for information on the Internet in various forums and met many dedicated and talented artists working with beads whose works delighted me. I made a lot of friends in the bead world who are pleasant to communicate and share knowledge; it was a real pleasure to travel in this wonderful world! I like the process of creating jewelry, and often inspiration and mood influence the end result. I'm constantly learning techniques - this leads to an increase in my bead skills.

Beadweaving has become an integral part of my life; I cannot imagine myself without beads! This year, I first decided to participate in a remarkable Fashion Colorworks contest, two my beadworks were among the finalists and one of them was awarded first place. The competition was great; it was a big step forward in my creativity!

Luba Dragun answers the questions of Varvara Efimova

1. Why did you decide to take part in the Fashion Colorworks?

I consider myself a beginner in beading and have always watched with curiously debates between participants. This year I decided to try my hands because competition with other craftswomen always gives an incentive for further development.

2. What was your first impression of the contest color triads?

I took quietly the first two combinations, only to find the right blue color was somewhat problematic, but now I collected a sufficient number of different shades. The third triad has caused confusion; I'd never combine these colors in my works. The competition served as a stimulus and attempt to create work in this triad, too, but my piece didn't come out in the final.

Full interview with Luba Dragun
Bead artwork by Luba Dragun
Email: dragunlu@gmail.com
Blog: lubo4ka.blogspot.com

Interview with Julia Turova

Bead artist Julia Turova

Julia Turova answers questions of Luba Dragun

1. I'm always happy to watch your beadwork; small details made with special care amaze me. How do you take the idea and what principles are your jewelry based on?

Luba, thank you for your kind words. Figuratively speaking, the ideas grow under my feet, chirp and buzz behind the window, and jump in the grass. They come from books illustrations. I've read a lot all my life imaging myself living in book world. Far from being romantic, I used to make strange things from car models to military motifs. Then, the demand began to form the offer, and my craftwork became less wild.

As to the attention to details, there are two sides. One part of the work is being made under the motto "I can do that and even better," beyond the bounds of common sense and with the risk to the health, and the other, minimalist one focuses on quality. And let it be an inexpensive thing, the quality and detailing should be seen. Otherwise, it is better not to bead.

A shape of a jewelry piece is the result of calculations. I rarely make beadworks symmetrical, and it is important to create them well balanced. Ability to sew helps me; I make patterns on my computer. And sometimes a needle leads me! I put together elements of such works on a mannequin for a perfect fit, sometimes my experiments make success. Still, the calculation is very important for quality!

2. It seems to me, bead fashion takes a higher place in Russia in comparison with other countries. What do you think, why?

Maybe it's true if it's said about capitals. Sometimes beaded jewelry glimpses on TV, but there is no culture of wearing beaded work in provinces. Our women are the two extremes, one part avoids some jewelry at all, another one likes brightness and individuality, but mostly it involves mass production jewelry brought from sales in Milan or made from precious metals and not handmade jewelry.

Factory quality - that is advertised in jewelry stores. And what could oppose glass beads with competitive price? To my taste, only a very few types of modern beadworks are suitable for everyday use and single ones during holidays. The rest has to be showcased in the museum. The majority of people doesn't want to stand out and is not willing to pay a lot for handwork, so the demand is low. But people are happy to buy a small inexpensive utilitarian items and souvenirs allowing to get rid of headache when looking for gifts.

Full interview with Julia Turova
Bead artwork by Julia Turova
Email: tjn-bead@yandex.ru
Website: tjn-bead.ucoz.ru

Interview with Varvara Efimova

Bead artist Varvara Efimova

I live and work in Calgary in Canada, which annually hosts the largest cowboy rodeo festival in our country. I am an architect by profession, and beadwork is my hobby. My fascination with beads began in childhood, when I saw baubles on my friend's wrist. My mother had a little bit of Czech beads in three colors, which in those days was an extraordinary richness. My first beadwork was a three-color Russian gerdan, and I still keep remains of it. Unfortunately, it was woven with cotton thread and broke into several pieces.

Several years ago I came across a bead shop in Calgary and I again wanted to make something from beads. I began to try different materials and techniques, often not leading to the end of work. In general, I like creating a little beaded jewelry: pendants, necklaces, and rings.

Varvara Efimova answers questions of Julia Turova

1. What is it beadwork for you, is it a hobby or art along with painting and sculpture?

I think, beadwork is a kind of decorative art, painting and sculpture are types of art. I do not think that they are in a hierarchical relationship. In my opinion, it's different style of art that exist on the same level. Also, whether this or that object is a work of art depends on the object itself and not on its affiliation with a type. There are genuine artworks among beadworks and just crafts among sculptures.

2. What place does beadwork take in the modern world with its tendency to simplify forms and functionality?

Beading takes a very unique niche in the modern world. At the time, as we are surrounded by a clear geometric design objects that perform a specific function, beadworks are those lovely things for the soul that people just want to have, to touch, to admire them.

3. I sometimes encounter mockingly dismissive attitude to the bead craft. They say that is because beadworkers don't know how to spend free time. How do people perceive around your work?

Most of the people around me are creative persons who also have all sorts of hobbies even exotic ones. In general, they consider my passion for beading friendly.

4. Fashion on beadwork: it is fiction or reality? How is it in Canada? How appropriate, in your opinion, is having beads in the wardrobe and in the interior of modern man?

This is the reality. Beads were used, is used, and will be used in clothing and in jewelry. In Canada in stores I often see clothes embroidered with beads and beaded jewelry, and this summer sandals lavishly decorated with beads are very relevant.

Full interview with Varvara Efimova
Bead artwork by Varvara Efimova
Email: varvara.efimov@gmail.com
Blog: vefdesign.blogspot.ca

Mix it! IBA 2013 contest

IBA 2013

"Mix it!" - that is the motto of the 2013 International Bead Award (IBA 2013) themed contest "Retro, Upcycling and New". Treasure the old and combine it with the fresh and new!

Do you maybe have "something old" that you really treasure, that holds special memories or has a symbolic value - and is too good to throw away? A picture, a small object, an old toy, a present, something from your childhood or even from a previous generation? Incorporate it into a newly-designed piece of jewelry. Get it out of the drawers and show it off in a fresh, modern (beaded) environment. We are excited about what you will come up with!

Enter the contest! Entries can be submitted online from September through December 2012. More information is available at www.perlen-poesie.de/iba starting September. The winning pieces will be displayed at the BEADERS BEST Bead Art Fair 2013 and in Perlen Poesie magazine. There are many material prizes and gift certificates from our generous sponsors to win!

Buy Perlen Poesie magazine in the USA:
Beads by Blanche bead shop
Bobby Bead, Inc. website

Lace beadweaving basics. Part 3

Today we publish the last, third lesson of netting beading (lace beadweaving) by Coco L'Hopital-Navarre, "How to decorate your netting with fancy beads." We hope you will find this tutorial useful, too.

As a final festive touch to netting beading tutorials we'd like to showcase four different beadworks by Coco L'Hopital-Navarre she has created for the last two years: Blue Words Necklace, Silver Netting Necklace, Pastel Pink Necklace, and Sediqa Necklace.

The last beadwork is named by Colett after a young Afghan woman who was stoned to death in Afghanistan's north after she had run away from home because her father had sold her into marriage with a wealthy relative ( read the story of Sediqa ).

Netting beadwork by Coco L'Hopital-Navarre
In English: Lace beadweaving basics. Part 3
In French: Lace beadweaving basics. Part 3

Upcoming events

Beaders Best Art Fair 2012 Beaders Best Art Fair 2012

August 18 - 19, 2012
Buergerhaus Wilhelmsburg
Mengestrasse 20, 21107 Hamburg, Germany

The 2nd BEADERS BEST Bead Art Fair is around the corner! More then 55 exhibitors will be participating - beading friends, retailers and supply companies from all over Europe and Overseas will meet at this second event. Some highlights of the fair:

- International Artists;
- Workshops;
- More than 40 different classes;
- Jewelry Shows;
- Exhibition of the IBA contest winners.
Meet your wholesalers and manufacturers at the B2B area. Make new contacts with national and international dealers! Merge the unique fair with a stimulating visit of the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Hamburg. You will find information regarding the fair on the website: perlen-poesie.de. Verena Greene-Christ will answer all your questions, email her at v.greene-christ@perlen-poesie.de.

Bead Fest Philadelphia Bead Fest Philadelphia

August 15 - 19, 2012
The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
100 Station Avenue, Oaks, PA 19456

Be a part of the largest bead and jewelry making event on the East Coast!

- Top instructors will present 170+ Workshops on every technique you want to learn;
- Shop the Bead Fest Expo - 350 booths and tables for jewelry making materials;
- Delve deep into a jewelry making topic in two-day immersion workshops;
- Enjoy meeting jewelry artists and learning something new in demonstrations and special events.


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