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Happy birthday, MyLovelyBeads.com!

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Stone of January: GARNET

Stone of January:

Garnet is known as the stone of health - ridding the body of negative energies and transmuting them to a beneficial state. Also know in the past as a stone of commitment - to purpose, to others, to oneself. Zodiac signs: Capricorn (Seagoat), Leo (Lion), Aquarius (Water Bearer), Virgo (Virgin).

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Apatite - gem or fertilizer?

Commonly known, that apatite is a group of phosphate minerals, and the primary use of apatite is in the manufacture of fertilizer as a source of phosphorus. Apatite is one of a few minerals produced and used by biological micro-environmental systems. Hydroxyapatite, also known as hydroxylapatite, is the major component of tooth enamel and bone mineral.

Name "apatite" originates from the Greek word for CHEAT. That unfair title was allegedly earned from apatite's possible confusion with andalusite, brazilianite, precious beryl, topaz or tourmaline. Seldom found in jewelry stores and unknown to the general public, apatite is just occasionally used as a gemstone and it is beloved by collectors for its many different colors and forms. The range of colors includes colorless, pink, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Transparent stones of clean color have usually been faceted. If crystals of rutile have grown in the crystal of apatite, in the right light the cut stone displays a cat's eye (chatoyant) effect. Such stones are known as cat's-eye apatite; and chatoyant specimens have been cabochon cut. Transparent green stones are known as asparagus stone, and blue stones have been called moroxite. A rare variety is a rich purple from Maine. Blue Brazilian stones are second in demand.

The recent availability of the neon blue-green variety from Madagascar has resulted in more apatite jewelry. The color of the best specimens of this type rivals the famed Paraiba tourmalines, but apatite lacks tourmaline's toughness and hardness. As for any other gems, color saturation defines the value. Major sources for gem apatite are Brazil, Burma, and Mexico. Other sources include Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Happy birthday, MyLovelyBeads.com!

So, we left another year behind us: MyLovelyBeads.com is already 6 years old. The time is flying! As usual, last year we have worked hard to serve our customers and provide beadwork lovers with interesting information. You could meet on the site the bead artists from many countries: Mexico, United States, Serbia, Austria, Canada, Japan, Bulgaria, Russia, South Africa, Israel, Ukraine, Japan, Lithuania, Argentina, France.

The third international Fashion Colorworks 2012 Beading Contest was another success: we received 191 entries from 125 participants of 28 countries! We are grateful to the entrants for their hard work, to the jurors for their fair judgment, to the sponsors for provided prizes, and to all website visitors for helping us keep the contest alive. Fashion Colorworks 2013 is already in process; and for sure, it is going to be more exciting event and we'll learn new bead artists' names. Good luck to all participants!

We send out our newsletter to more than 7,700 subscribers from all over the world and we are happy to receive notifications about new subscriptions almost daily. We love MyLovelyBeads.com visitors; if you have any suggestions or feedbacks feel free to email us at MyLovelyBeads.com. Your opinion is important to us!

Our Fashion Colorworks Beading Contest is free, our newsletter is also free, but... If you want to support our efforts to promote bead art, you can use our PayPal account email address info@mylovelybeads.com.

Welcome to MyLovelyBeads.com!

Eclectic style - Patrick Duggan

Born and still living in Sydney, Australia, Patrick Duggan is the youngest of four and the only male child in his family. His Mother and one of Patrick's sisters were very good at embroidery, knitting and sewing; and creativity was fairly prevalent in his younger years. Now we can see the results of Patrick Duggan's "handcrafty" childhood - it's brilliant!

Patrick said, "I began knitting at 10 years of age. As a teenager I remember watching a woman crochet whilst sitting on a railway station. I went home, asked my Mother if she had any crochet hooks and started to crochet. In the 1970s I taught myself macrame and tatting, I wrote my own knitting patterns - great at cable designs - and I sold some of my work. In my mid 30's I eventually moved away from thread work as I found I wasn't completing anything and I had lost interest.

During my mid 30's to early 40's there was very little expression of my creativity and in hindsight; I can say it was a very unhappy time in my life - perhaps a midlife crisis?

In my mid 40's I went in search of other creative pursuits. I did some leadlight work, did bonsai plantings, began drawing and painting and then went into sculpting in clay - successfully exhibiting and selling my art. I also studied and had a career change, started my own business, working part time as a Remedial Massage Therapist, which I did successfully for 15 years, retiring from that in 2010.

In 2006 a friend returned from Bangkok with some braided men's beaded wristbands. I really liked them and since I worked very close to a bead shop I decided to make one for myself. Well they proved popular with my friends and so my love of beading was born. I did macrame with beads and progressed to stringing gemstones. A friend, one day, showed me how to make a seed bead spiral rope. That was it, I was hooked and I knew I had found my passion in beadweaving.

Since I could read knitting patterns it was easy for me to read beading patterns. I learnt every beading stitch, thinking if I have the skills I can create my own ideas. I loved being able to create from 'bits and pieces' finding it absolutely fascinating that from all these shiny little things and with ideas and skills something really beautiful could be created.

I found it even more satisfying when another person wanted to pay money for my creations. I remember thinking "Wow-wee! Beading may be able to subsidize my income when I retire" and I set out to make it happen. I currently have my work in a gallery and a women's clothing store. I love designing and am very lazy at selling my pieces however I do run several sites (listed at the end).

Once a year I display and sell my pieces at the King's School Art Show - a very respected and prestigious Art Show in western Sydney. I enjoy the connection with the ladies and seeing my designs being enjoyed. I get to share my passion with others. In mid-2009 I began teaching beadweaving by running workshops in my home. I had a regular group of ladies attend my classes and started to make a name for myself..."

Full article by Patrick Duggan
Bead artwork by Patrick Duggan
Email: wristybiz@hotmail.com
Website: www.patrickduggandesigns.com
Blog: patrickduggandesigns.blogspot.com
Etsy: etsy.com/people/patrickduggan

Fashion Colorworks. Meet the sponsor

Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest

Company OKTAbeads.com is a Czech Republic based company specializing in international shipments of beads and related products. We offer to our customers the beads from four the most well known manufacturers, Preciosa, Miyuki, TOHO and Matsuno. We also have in stock a large collection of Swarovski rivoli of different colors and sizes including rare ones - for crystal beads fans.

OKTAbeads.com OKTAbeads.com OKTAbeads.com

OKTAbeads.com OKTAbeads.com OKTAbeads.com

Our main goal is to keep acceptable price for customers, so we are constantly looking for new suppliers and buy products directly from manufacturers or their authorized representatives. Direct relationships allow us to guarantee the conformity of the brands. The use of discounts for large orders and individual items, holiday sales, and deliveries outside the EU without value-added taxes (VAT) increase the attractiveness of our shop for buyers.

An important part of our work is to participate in charity activities and beadart promotion. In addition to conducting and sponsoring a variety of bead contests, we are supporting a number of charitable projects, such as the Association to Help People with Autism (APLA).

OKTAbeads.com online bead shop
RokajlFest 2013 Festival hosted by OKTAbeads
Bead contest OKTAbeads 2013. Entries
Fashion Colorworks 2013 Beading Contest Rules

Featured artist - Ann Braginsky

Ann Braginsky from Israel is another talent we want to feature today. Her beading experience counts about 7 years, and now Ann is one of the leading beadweavers in her country. Thanks to her wins in prestigious bead contests like Bead Dreams, Ann became well known to many artists and bead lovers.

Ann said, "I grew up in a family of handmade lovers. My mother and grandmother always sewed, knitted and embroidered, and from my childhood I gradually have taken over their knowledge. To tell the truth, I've never thought that one of the craft types would become my profession.

In 2006 I was fascinated by beading. Prior to that, even using beads in embroidery or knitting, I thought of beads only as of things, which can be applied when decorating other handmade works and didn't dare to start learning beadweaving techniques. Once a friend of mine who has long been involved in this craft area helped me saying, "Just give it a try and you'll like it!"

Many bead artists say that beads look like small bricks. A large number of techniques, different methods and variations make it possible to create something new each time. The flexibility of beads as material with its variety of colors and the ability to create different textures helps me to embody the diversity of my creative ideas.

Except different types of crafts, I always loved to draw, was interested in the history and culture of the peoples of the world. These hobbies help me get inspiration and ideas for my designs; you will find their influence in many of my beadworks.

Since 2007 I've been working in a store for handicrafts, now as a teacher and designer, I design and create collections for the classes held in the store. 2012 was a milestone for me: my necklace "Stormy Petrel" won the Second Place in the Bead Dreams contest in the Seed Bead Jewelry Category and my necklace "New Age Valkyrie" won the Second Place in the international Battle of the BeadSmith tournament..."

Full article by Ann Braginsky
Beadwork gallery by Ann Braginsky
Email: annbraginsky@gmail.com
Website: www.annbraginsky.com
Blog (in Russian): annbraginsky.com/blog
Shop (in Russian): livemaster.ru/annbraginsky

Floral Necklace bead contest

Floral Necklace bead contest

Another year - another challenge hosted by the Perles et Dent'Elles Blog team (Coco-Labijoutisse, Nouchka, Veronik, Zaza)! Now they propose to bead artists to design and weave a floral necklace with flowers and leaves on a netting base. The necklace must be an original work of the participant. Its photographs should not be published anywhere before the official contest results announcement.

The contest is free. The contest is international, worldwide beaders may participate. Photos make the judgment by the panel of four independent jurors. Deadline is Midnight May 17, 2013. Generous sponsors provide four awards. The entry photos will be published in the Perles et Dent'Elles Blog and photos of winners in our newsletter. Give it a try!

Floral Necklace bead contest rules

Workshops by Zoya Gutina

Poppy Flower Necklace

Burke Gems and Beads is a recently opened bead shop in historical Burke, Virginia. The buyers can find there unique crystals, interesting natural gemstones, shimmering pearls and more to spark their creativity. The shop also carries an extensive variety of seed beads in an array of colors and sizes. All gems and beads are available for either retail or wholesale purchase. If you don't see what you're looking for, the generous shop owners will order the items for you from the shop network of suppliers.

Burke Gems and Beads offers classes on everything from basic beading to wire wrapping to refashioning an old piece of jewelry. Among instructors are Zoya Gutina, Amy Katz, Roselyn Archambault, Marilu De Carpio and other well known jewelry artists.

Workshops by Zoya Gutina

Upcoming events

New Waves 2013 at MOCA New Waves 2013 at MOCA

January 25 - April 28, 2013
Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art
2200 Parks Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

MOCA presents its annual juried exhibition, New Waves 2013 for the 18th year. Over 180 artists from across Virginia submitted work and proved, yet again, that the Commonwealth contains a rich and vast array of artistic talent. This exciting exhibition demonstrates the diversity of materials and approaches that are used in contemporary art today.

International Gem & Jewelry Show

February 15 - 17, 2013
Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, Virginia

The International Gem & Jewelry Show offers the greatest selection and lowest prices on diamonds, gold, silver, beads, and more. Choose either costume or fine jewelry from more than 350 exhibitors from around the world.


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